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Aayee Milan Ki Raat bhojpuri movie download trailer & watch online

Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri Movie Download Trailer and Online Watch can also be released by the trailer of the Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri Movie, where you can watch online on YouTube, you see people in Nirahua and Amarpali Dubey. It is better that you were eagerly waiting for people, although the first look that came to the first look was also shared on Instagram where I got to see the poster of the movie on the Aayee Milan Ki Raat, talk about the concept of the movie In this movie you will get to see people

. Horror Movie As you know that most comedy films in Bhojpuri get to see but will be a type of action and horror movie that you have in Bhojpuri language It is coming out in which you get to see a movie in a new style, you will be able to see Nirhua acting in the movie, as a movie that is very good and in it, Amarapali Dubey is a city girl from where you People see the concept and game of the whole movie I can get it for the Bhojpuri movie trailer you can see and then take the job

Aayee Milan Ki Raat bhojpuri movie download
Aayee Milan Ki Raat bhojpuri movie download

Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri movie download & watch online

Aayee Milan Ki Raat  Bhojpuri Movie Download Trailer and Watch Online From here you can talk to Modi online, although the video is provided here, it is not a version of the video, although you know that people know only on the time Only the trailer of Bhojpuri Movie Nirhua has been released. Full movie will take a lot of time to come on YouTube or this video is available which has given the embedded code here and you can watch online from here. The movie is quite good though it is not a word I do not claim it at all

Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri movie trailer

Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri Movie Trailer has been given here, which has been brought here through the rise. You can also see this video and you will get to see people in the trailer and so that you understand the movie concept You will definitely see the trailer to know what is the concept of Modi, and once you can enjoy the trailer of this movie has liked a lot of people on YouTube and have been released recently on YouTube and It is also being seen by people, this trailer has been released on the Intertan Rangila from where people are talking online and are taking good enough to wait for the release date of this movie. Huh

Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri movie cast

  • Movie: Aayee Milan Ki Raat
  • Starring: Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, Amrapali Dubey, Shahbaz Khan, Ayaz Khan, Priti Maurya,    Santosh Pahlawan
  • Producer: Harish N. Sapkale, Ranjeet Bhattacharya
  • Co-Producer: Ijhar Aalam
  • Director: M.I. Raj
  • Music: Om Jha
  • Lyrics: Pyarelal Yadav, Syam Dehati, Vimal Bavra, Santosh Puri, Munna Dubey, Yadav Raj
  • Writer: Santosh Mishra
  • Editor: Pankaj Sapkale
  • Cinematography: Pramod Pandey
  • Action: Dilip Yadav
  • VFX: Prashant Mahanta
  • Post Production: Audio Lab
  • Marketing Head: Vijay Yadav
  • Art: Rambabu
  • Production: RDC Media & Durgaram Chaudhri Presents
  • Banner: Madhur Movies
  • Music On: Enterr10 Rangeela

Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri movie release date

This film can be released in the Bhojpuri Movie Release Date 2022 because the movie trailer has been released in 2021 and when the movie will come, it is not able to clear the concept because as you know, people know friends Aayee Milan Ki Raat of Bhojpuri movie and any release date in Bhojpuri films is not already fixed when the trailer is released, after some time the movie release date is fixed in the month of December 21. Will be done or again.

Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri movie download


Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri Movie Download Friends, This Bhojpuri Movie has not been released yet but can download this movie’s trailer with people, whenever a movie is released, it is mostly released in the cinemas, Bhojpuri The movie is released only in Neema houses, aayee milan ki raat Bhojpuri movie has not been released so far on the OTT platform, but if you want to see Bhojpuri movie online

, there is some Bhojpuri’s Tourist website for him, from where You will be able to play Bhojpuri movie with ease of ease of Bhojpuri Movie Aayee Milan Ki Raat , in many Torrent websites such as Bhojpuri in Bhojpuri such as Bhojpuriraas.in Net and apnabhojpuri.in Bihar fun to films and songs through all these websites Can be downloaded.


Aayee Milan Ki Raat Bhojpuri movie has not been released yet, although its Test Trailer has been sent to YouTube to see the movie now you have to wait until the movie is going to go online or offline. Can

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