Adi Purush Movie Budget; What can be the box office collection and hit or flop predictions of the movie?

here we are going to talk about Adi Purush’s film, this film is a very good movie, which is going to come into the minds of people from about 2021 or 2019, what will be shown in this movie, tell In this you will get to see Ram story

While this film has been made on the basis of Ramayana, in which you have been acting from Hanuman ji to Shri Ram’s role by Prabhas, here you can get to see that the budget of the movie is 600 crores. This film has been prepared by spending money and the movie has been directed by Om Rawat and it can be seen that in his direction or film you are going to see the best.

Adi Purush Movie Budget

According to the budget Wikipedia of Adi Purush movie, the Adi Purush movie has been made with a budget of Rs 600 crores, based on the Ramayana, in which you get to see almost the same story of Ramayana Devi, in which Shri Ram Apart from this, Sita gets to see that Lord Hanuman ji also gets to see the role in it, but it can be seen that there are many people who are casting here for Hanuman ji or others. Many people get to see them much more annoyed then

However, let us tell you that good morning, a lot of people are waiting for this film because it has been prepared by spending 600 crores, it is a very high budget film and if seen in it, the role of Hanuman ji will be the best for you. It is not available to see because the role of Hanuman Ji here has been shown from a very small height, due to which people are not agreeing at all after watching its trailer.

What can be the box office collection and hit or flop predictions of the movie?

Adi Purush Movie will be released as Pan India where the movie will be released in Hindi Kannada Tamil Telugu and many other languages ​​where if we talk about its prediction then the box office collection of the movie will be approx. Earnings ranging from 800 to 900 crores can be seen, it is not at all that the movie will not be blocked, there may be a possibility of a flop movie, and even after seeing its hit and flop, there will be a lot of discussions. But if it is seen the way the announcement has been made here in the film that this movie is a 600 crore film, then it does not seem so.

Because tell that in this not only you people but many people get to see many different types of things where casting is not done well and also you get to see people protest. According to the report, it is known that a case was also filed against this film here, due to which an appeal was made to release it, so it is found to see that the movie is very good. It can happen but due to its not good casting people are opposing it so this movie can also be a flop nothing can be said here about whether the movie will be a hit or a flop but it can be in a box office collection that can do 800 to 900 in the beginning

Adi Purush Movie release date

Adi Purush Movie Release Date 12th January 2023 In Theaters With 3D Cinema In Hindi English Malayalam Kannada Telugu And Tamil Language This Movie Will Be Released Through Bookmyshow And Paytm Its Ticket Booking Will Be Opened Almost After the Movie Ticket booking will be started about 1 January 2022, 10 days before the release, since then you people are going to get to see this film, according to the information, tell that many films are released, then they are quite more popular of which man male movie can be

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