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Adipurush Movie Release date, Cast, Story, Budget, Poster


Adipurush Movie Release date: Here we are going to talk about the release date, cast and story and budget and poster of Adi Purush Movie Adi Purush movie is one of its own movie in which Prabhas will be seen acting in Prabhas’s Kisan and Saif Ali Khan’s or movie among you guys. On August 11, 2022, the movie will be released in India’s cinemas all over the world, where you will get to see many big big films of SS Rajamouli, with Prabhas, the movie was released almost a long time ago.

Where in Bahubali movie you were seen acting Prabhas which was directed by SS Rajamouli and that movie was successful in breaking the huge record on the cinema halls of India but at present time one more and more. Big and high budget film in which this film will also be directed by SS Rajamouli, then this movie will be released on August 11, 2022, for which many people are eagerly waiting, all the films of SS Rajamouli come, all those films are enough. She manages to break her own record on more blocks, just recently the movie rrr was released on 25 March 2022.

Adipurush Movie

Adipurush Movie Release date, Cast, Story, Budget, Poster
Adipurush Movie Release date, Cast, Story, Budget, Poster

Aadi Purush movie which is a South movie will be released virginally in Jio’s Telugu language, in which Kriti Sanon will be seen acting as Sita, while South’s superstar Prabhas will play the role of Shri Ram, while this movie Balmiki A film based on Ramayana composed by Murthy, which will be available to watch a movie based on Hindu mythology, in which the film is directed by SS Rajamouli, so this movie is obviously very big and has a lot of people on its side. will be able to attract

Bollywood actors have also been included, where Adi Purush movie is being prepared by investing 500 crores. Its cost is very high to watch. The movie is directed by SS Rajamouli whose all the films have very high budget and all the films are also known for earning very high on box office collection also. People were waiting for Adi Purush movie but its release date has been removed and now this film will be released on 11th August 2022, where SS Rajamouli’s movie RRRB has been released recently, where a lot more. Has managed to make a tremendous collection, so below we provide you information about the details of Adi Purush movie

Adipurush Movie Release date

Adi Purush Movie Teacher has been released as well as the release date of the movie has been confirmed to release on 11th August 2022. Where the film will be released in Tamil Telugu Malayalam Kannada and Hindi language in India, which is going to be available to watch the movie in all languages ​​so that this movie will be available to watch in different languages ​​all over the world. That Adi Purush movie is a much bigger movie if you guys see, then the Adi Purush movie of Hindus has been taken from Ramayana scripture of Hindus, the whole story and the generosity of Shri Ram and other things are shown in it to you. Adi Purush is going to be seen in the film, anyway Adi Purush also means God, but in that way, somewhere here you are going to be seen acting with effect.

Adipurush Movie cast

Talking about the star cast in Adi Purush movie, in this you will be seen acting as Prabhas who will eventually play Dar as Shri Ram, while Selfie Le Khan will be seen acting as Lankesh, which is quite a lot of Bollywood. He is one of the big actors and talking about Kriti Sanon, here Kriti Sanon will be seen acting as Sita, so in this way you get to see the main three characters where Self Ali Khan and Acting in the film is done by Kirti Sanon and Prabhas, tell that Adi Purush movie in itself is one of the big films in many films.

Adipurush Movie story

There is not much to see about the story line of Adi Purush movie but this movie Ramayana which is written by Valmiki and it has been translated into Hindi by Tulsidas in Ramcharitmanas, in this way you will get Adi Purush. Get to see the story of the movie, tell that Shri Ram was a very great man, who struggles in his life on the earth and attracts different types of people to lead an inspirational life, on which this movie has been based. But let us tell you here that the movie is being directed by SS Rajamouli and the producer of the movie is Bhushan Kumar, who is producing the movie through T Series Company and many other companies have jointly produced the movie. provide production

Let us tell you that here you get to see the story of Hindus and you will get to see different inspirational story though or completely based on Ramayana where Shri Ram is the son of Dasharatha and anyway you people must You will know the story of Ramayana, then SS Rajamouli is going to provide this film to you along with some climax because Lord Shri Ram is also known as Adi Purush, based on that this film is going to be available for you to see. In which you will be seen acting as Prabhu Shri Ram.

Adipurush Movie budgets

Talking about the budget of Adi Purush movie, the movie is being directed by Message Rajamouli by investing Rs 500 crore in the budget of the movie. Let us tell you that the movie will be prepared by investing 500 crores, as well as this movie can also be successful in collecting a lot more, anyway, in all the films of SS Rajamouli, more and more budget is put in the place where to watch. It can be said that a budget of 450 crores has been put in RRR movie, in the same way as many films are directed in different types of films.

By Rajamouli, the budget of all those films is available to watch more than Rs.400 to more than Rs.500 crores and the box office collection is from 12:00 hundred to 15 and 2000 crores. The movie becomes even better and better then you guys can watch the movie very high level and there will be a lot of suspense film anyway, the first date was kept for the release of this movie in advance but after that Due to the arrival of some films, the release date of the movie was removed and now the movie will be released directly on August 11, 2022, which has been fixed for this college date, so if you want to watch Adi Purush movie then for that. Somewhere you will have to wait for 5 to 6 months, after that you will get the facility to watch Adi Purush movie.

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