Akshay Kumar Fees For Prithviraj | Sanjay Dutt, Manusi, Sonu


Akshay Kumar Fees For Prithviraj : Who has got so much of Akshay Kumar in Prithviraj movie, here you are going to provide information to the people, tell that Prithviraj Chauhan movie which is known as Emperor Prithviraj will be released to Modi on 3 June 2022. It has been in the cinema halls of India and in the whole world, Modi is going to create panic, so the last Maya movie is made in 300 crores, then it has got more money, it has been made official, you have added people below to see it. Get to know how much Akshay Kumar has charged in the end, how much does Prithviraj charge for the movie

So in this way, you people do not go here to see all the information, we would have told you who is Akshay Kumar, you are seen working in the lead role item, which is seen playing the role of Prithviraj Chauhan. Come, will come, for your information, let us tell you who is Sanjay Dutt, you are seen working as Kaka Kanha and here you people are still added to it by many artists like Sonu Sood. So let us tell here that as much as the role is there and the way the work is done, it has also been decided by you people get to see all the information about it.


Akshay Kumar – 60 Crores
Sanjay Dutt – 5 Crores
Sonu Sood – 3 Crores
Manusi Chillar – 1 Crore
Mana Vijj – 5 Lakhs

Samrat Prithviraj is seen working in the lead role acting in the movie You will see people as Prithviraj Chauhan, Akshay Kumar who has charged ₹ 600000000 for this movie and Sanjay Dutt has charged ₹ 5000000 to work in this movie. For those who are seen playing the role of Kaka Kanha, let us tell you that Manusi Chillar has got one crore rupees for working in this movie and Sonu Sood has got 3 crore rupees for working in this film. And it is believed that ₹ 500000 has been provided to work in this film, so Prithviraj Movies is coming in the name of OK Samrat Prithviraj in the cinemas of India from the Bollywood industry to see all the information about it here. is found

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