Anek First Day Advance Booking, occupancy


Anek First Day Advance Booking ; Hello friends, today we are going to talk about many first day advance booking tickets, we will reach the information of it, through our website, you can know through our table to know all the information and to get more information. For further read our post and get complete information that you can easily book tickets for this movie easily, so that you can easily go to the cinema hall of your city or watch it in advance ticket. If you want to book, if yes, then tell us by commenting, we will tell you with the help of this how you will be able to book tickets, we also tell you how many people have done many first day advance booking and how many people have not yet. Will tell the names of the states where the ticket booking has been done in maximum quantity.

Mumbai, May 21, 2022: Ayushmann Khurrana’s next movie Anek is releasing on 27th May 2022. The advance booking opened one week before the release. As of now, there is not much buzz about this movie, Let’s see how it will perform at the box office


Anek First Day Advance Booking

Anek First Day Advance Booking,
Anek First Day Advance Booking,
RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai5.41 Lac5%16900
DelhiNCR5.41 Lac3%17101
Pune1.90 Lac4%6300
Kolkata31.44 K3%1000
Ahmedabad76.17 K6%2700
Surat33.50 K2%2900
Jaipur16.78 K1%1300
Chandigarh12.36 K2%1000
Bhopal6.50 K3%500
Lucknow55.14 K2%3500
Nagpur50.27 K3%2100
Vadodara54.61 K3%4100
Ludhiana29.24 K3%1500
Nashik22.12 K2%1100
Jamshedpur1.10 K0%500
Prayagraj (Allahabad)1.06 K0%500
Amritsar15.81 K2%2000
Indore58.47 K6%1500
Raipur78.71 K9%1500
Bhubaneswar7.23 K2%1000
Aurangabad5.74 K2%500
Ranchi18.35 K6%500
Guwahati47.81 K5%1801
Gwalior2.20 K1%300
Jalandhar22.04 K15%500
Gandhinagar5.00 K1%1500
Jamnagar3.91 K2%50
Anek First Day Advance Booking

In this way we give information about advance booking of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 movie first day in front of you guys and want to know more about you guys like this movie in hindi language or where sevanti leaving box office collection of 1 lakh rupees Advance ticket booking has to be organized in this movie, due to which there is great enthusiasm among the people, why there is so much enthusiasm about this movie.

About Anek First Day Advance Booking, we will tell you that advance booking of Rs 5.41 lakh has been done in Mumbai and 5.41 Lac ticket booking has been done in Delhi NCR and 1.90 lakh ticket advance booking has been done in Pune, similarly Kolkata and If seen in Ahmedabad Surat Jaipur, 33.50 K other bookings have been done, from which it can be seen that this film is going to prove to be a super duper hit. Similarly, if seen in Jamnagar, a 3.91 thousand tickets have been booked i.e. Gandhinagar If seen, 5000 tickets have been booked, seen this is being seen the least inside Gandhinagar but the maximum is being seen in Mumbai and Delhi NRC, here the maximum number of tickets have been booked online, are you too If you want to book then you can also book, we will tell you the step by step formula to make you sad, read our post till further


Talking about the disclaimer of this movie, we want to tell you that all the data given in this movie for advance booking of the movie was given through the internet, if there is any error in these. So you can tell us by writing in the comment box but there will be no responsibility of [], here you yourself will be responsible.

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Anek First Day Advance Booking,

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