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[ANIME] Mining Clicker Simulator Codes (August 2022) Free Gems & Coins! working code

[ANIME] Mining Clicker Simulator Codes (August 2022) Free Gems & Coins! working code: Hi gamers, welcome to our page! Today we are going to talk about Redeem Codes of one of the most popular games within Roblox, we are talking about “  Roblox [ANIME] Mining Clicker Simulator   ”, a popular Roblox adventure game where you Let’s click on mine ores on your screen. Raise pets to earn more coins per click, upgrade your pickaxe for better ores, break doors to move to the next area, regenerate to get an ore payment multiplier, and use gems to buy upgrades .

The Spider Crew developer of this game has released several wiki codes that you can redeem to get some free gift rewards, and get yourself some great items. Here we have listed all working codes of Mining Clicker Simulator online game and given complete instructions on how to redeem them.

But, if you are one of those people who want to get started with all the power of these items or if you don’t have time to play and farm, below we leave you a list of codes that will give you a huge amount of  gems . will provide immediate access to , coins, super luck boosts, and items   so you can buy everything you need and power up your character and your team.

Roblox Mining Clicker Simulator Code for August 2022 (Working)

Here is the list of codes:

Roblox Mining Clicker Simulator Code (Activated)Prize
Update 6Redeem for 30 Minutes Super Luck Boost (NEW) – Added Aug 1
Update5Redeem for Powerful Free Boosts
Update4Redeem Luck Boost for 15 Minutes
Update 3Redeem for Gold Craft Potions
20 clicksRedeem Super Luck Boost for 30 Minutes
10KLikeRedeem Luck Boost for 30 Minutes
5 clicks Redeem for a 15-minute Super Luck Boost
1 clickRedeem for a 15-minute Super Luck Boost
releaseRedeem for FREE 1K coins
Roblox Mining Clicker Simulator Code (Finished)Prize

If in any way any of the code listed above is not working for you or has expired, please update us by commenting in the comment box below

How To Redeem [Anime] Mining Clicker Simulator Code Code 2022

Don’t know how to redeem these codes? Don’t worry, all you have to do is follow these instructions:

  1. Open the game from your phone or from your computer,
  2. Click the Twitter button on the side of the screen
  3. Press the redeem button and there
  4. Enter any code we give you, then press “Confirm” and the code is activated, it couldn’t be easier!

Now that you have all the codes, go on an adventure and lead your team to victory, we constantly check our codes to verify that none are damaged or expired, so if any codes doesn’t work for you, try restarting the game and try again, if any code fails multiple times you can report us to remove it from the list, we will update with each new code Will update too, so keep checking our page to be constantly up to date with the best codes in the game!

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