Ante sundaraniki day 3 box office collection: 40% drop in day 3 collection


Ante sundaraniki day 3 box office collection: 40% drop in day 3 collection: Ante sundaraniki is going to talk about the third day box office collection of the movie which has got to see a decline of about 40% in the third day collection as per the previous day For your information let us tell you that the second day of the movie 6.64 crores was collected in the box office collection, so let us tell you that a box office collection of about ₹ 5000000 is being made, which you will get to see a decline somewhere, this movie was recorded. which is done through a kind of

So you can see with people friends like I told above you guys that there was a drop of 40%, so I am going to tell you about the same again that this movie is very super hit very good. There is also a decline of 40 percent in the movie, so we are going to discuss everything back and forth, which I will tell you about the box office collection, in this I will tell you that there is a 6 point 24 percent chance that this movie should go ahead. For the same thing that you are going to discuss about, then if you do not join our website, then it will be discussed that I can see you a lot of information.


Ante sundaraniki day 3 box office collection:

Ante sundaraniki day 3 box office collection:
Ante sundaraniki day 3 box office collection:
DayIndia Net CollectionChange(+/-)
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 6.25 Cr [Te: 6.2 Cr ; Mal: 0.02; Ta: 0.03]
Day 2 [1st Saturday]₹ 6.64 Cr [Te: 6.64 Cr ] * rough data6.24%
Day 3 [1st Sunday]₹ 5.00 Cr * may earn
Total₹ 17.89 Cr
Ante sundaraniki day 3 Box office collection

So friends, we are going to talk about Ante sundaraniki movie’s De Tera 3 box office collection, so I am going to give you complete information about it through my stable and I will give you more information which is in my handwriting. I am also going to give through the medium, so if you do not understand through the table, then you can definitely understand through handwriting, you will get an idea of ​​how much you earn, how much decline is seen, how much intoxication is seen. We are going to give complete information to you guys about how much profit is there, how much loss is there, so friends like I tell you that the first day box office collection in Ante sundaraniki movie 3 box office collection is what it is. Collects ₹250000000

And if we are talking about the second day, then in the second day, 6 points collects 64 crore rupees, whereas if I tell you what we are talking about again, about the third day, then the third 5 crore rupees collection. In which we get to see a patient decline of 40 percent, so if I talk to you about his total collection, tell him about the total collection, then he has collected 17 points 89 crore rupees, out of which Only 40 percent decline is seen, friends, you know

That the movie did such a good earning in two-three days and after that it has seen a decline of 3% to 40%, then the movie is very much thinking of things that after earning such a good movie, if there is a decline in it. If you get it then how bad it does not matter that in the future there may be a lot of tea tomorrow like if we talk about change then plus 24 is going to give you complete information to move the movie forward, then if from our website If you are connected then you will get complete information

40% drop in day 3 collection

We were going to talk about destination movie, I was telling you that there has been a drop of 40% in the collection, so here we are going to talk like the collection of 40 percent dress in the 3 is queen, let me tell you That how this movie was seen to drop 40%, so as you guys know that I have told you people through writing above that this movie as if earning me 6 points 64 crores on the second day When we see that on the third day, it earns 5% or 5% in the third day. It can be guessed from now that the movie will be a hit, but you can understand what is going to happen.

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