ardh movie review & imdb rating report


ardh movie review & imdb rating report: Here we are going to talk about Ardh Movie which has been delayed on G5. Earth Movie has been released on OTT platform G5 on 10th June 2022 where you guys get to see a lot of acting in Ardh Movie. Yes, you must have seen Rajpal Yadav somewhere, who is known for his comedy star, but here you will get to see his serial acting, if you see people, then you will definitely know that his acting is absolutely necessary. No less than anyone, they can have so much acting

That someone should be in the same way in Bollywood because the way you have been shown in this film, although the movie was released only on the OTT platform, along with G5, the Oriya movie is a much better movie, which you can find somewhere. To understand this thing that people are not for their entertainment but for one of their emotions, which is the logic, you have been told about how much effort you make to go into the film industry for that thing, that’s why you People must watch this film somewhere so that you people will also know about that black truth about the film industry and will tell here Rajpal Yadav is seen working as a eunuch and acting a lot. done by them inside this film


ardh movie review

ardh movie review
ardh movie review

Here we are going to talk about Rajpal Yadav’s movie Earth, let us tell you that Ardh movie was released on G5 OTT platform, on 10th June 2022 where you get the facility to watch. Let’s talk about this film, tell that you must have seen the life of eunuchs somewhere, but here you get to see the important role of eunuchs, in the things that have been seen in it, you can see people as Parvati. In the form and that is, 2 types are seen playing the role of Parvati in the day and man in the night.

That is, in this you tell the people that the story of going to Mumbai to become a superstar in a film shows in it, which is very difficult to see, for your information, let us tell you that in reality somewhere it is also your journey. Show here and Rajpal Yadav is there, then you will definitely get to see comedy inside it, while Rubina has also done her acting very well, after coming to Arzoo Movie G5, many people watch this movie. Would love to watch because in the trailer of the movie too many good things were found to see, but let us tell you that in the movie which came in the last, you get to see people.

That inside this film, they get a role in the last, where you will also be a little happy, but after that, somewhere you will be attached to the emotion itself, to know the whole story, you will have to watch the movie. You will definitely have to see it because the way all the things are shown in the movie, if we tell the whole story here, then you people will not stay in this film at all and you people will know the story first, so you people To see the twist and turn, the film must have been seen once somewhere, you people will know about it.

ardh movie story line

Talking about the story line of the Ardh movie, the story of the movie starts from here where you tell people that in the form of a Parvati, you are seen playing the role of a eunuch in the trains, as well as I know for your information. Will tell for you, which is the story line of the half-movie, you get to see that Rajpal Yadav wants to work in the films for which he wanders here and there in his heart and keeps blessing others and read what he gets. After going to Mumbai, after working very hard, they get a film, while the one who is Rubina also wants to work in the film and she has also worked in many films earlier which is If work has been done in TV serials, then how do you get a role and how does it happen, things are also available to see about all these things.

ardh movie imdb rating report

Ardh movie’s IMDb rating is available to watch For your information, the IMDb rating of Bata De Pyaar De movie is 8.50 out of 10 to watch, in this way you can tell people that there is a lot more IMDb rating here for this movie. For your information, let us tell you that till now the IMDb rating of the half movie has not been specified where you people do not get to see any type of IMDb rating but here let us tell you that its IMDb The rating is going to be very good to see where it is provided by the public here, when the review is prepared on the basis of that the IMDB rating is prepared, in this way you will get all the information details of half the movie here. gets to see

ardh movie details

ardh moviedetails
movie nameardh
release date10 june 2022
star castRajpal Yadav hiten tejwani rubika dilaika
ott platformZee5
directorPalash machhar
ardh movie details

The name of the movie is meaning which has been released on June 10, 2022, in its star cast, you are seen acting in Rajpal Yadav and other important and Robin’s Rubika district, for closed information, let us tell you that on OTT platform G5. Released on June 10, 2022, the movie is directed by Palash Mosquito, while its language is available to watch in Hindi language or is a type of Motivational movie where a lot more is needed to achieve its goal. So here Rajpal Yadav works hard and then whether he achieves his goal or not, you will definitely have to watch the whole film about how it happens

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