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Aswathama Full Movie (2021) New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Naga Shaurya | Mehreen pirzada

Aswathama Full Movie (2021) New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Naga Shaurya | Mehreen pirzada

Gana (Naga Shaurya) returns to India for his sister Priya’s (Sargun Kaur Luthra) marriage but is shocked to see her trying to commit suicide one night, and is shocked to learn she is pregnant but does not know who impregnated her. Gana explains this to her fiancé Ravi (Prince Cecil) who understands the situation, helps Priya get aborted, and promises to keep this a secret. Gana further convinces Priya to move on and forget about the past, which she does and happily gets married. 

After her marriage, Gana violently fights and interrogates men who troubled Priya in the past, only to learn none of them are behind her impregnation. Soon, another mysteriously impregnated woman named Sadhana commits suicide, 

and Gana reads her suicide letter explaining she didn’t know how she got pregnant without her knowledge. Gana meets her parents and discovers her hospital reports according to which she fainted 3 months ago and was admitted by someone. Realizing Priya also fainted and was admitted, Gana goes to the hospital and finds out Sadhana was admitted in an emergency by an ambulance. He then learns that more girls named Lakshmi and Monica were also admitted by a similar ambulance.

The next day, Gana’s girlfriend Neha (Mehreen Pirzada) informs him about her friend who fainted in the mall and was taken in an ambulance that hasn’t arrived at the hospital yet. Gana rushes to the hospital and with help from the technical department, chases after the ambulances equipped with trackers. He stops many ambulances but doesn’t find Neha’s friend inside. Soon, he reaches a dead end and abandons his bike. Using his parkour skills, he chases after an ambulance, only to find him looking at another one that isn’t being tracked. He ambushes the ambulance, fights off the men inside, and rescues Neha’s 

friend. On the other hand, a psychopathic pathologist named Dr. Manoj Kumar (Jisshu Sengupta) is revealed to be the mastermind behind the pregnant girls, who then eliminates the fishermen. Later, Neha questions Gana’s recent attitude towards her, forcing him to reveal his mission and what happened to Priya. Soon, a minister’s daughter named Sowmya is killed and her corpse is dropped in front of the police station. With Neha’s help, Gana manages to access Sowmya’s laptop and receives photos where he spots an old man, Manoj’s grandfather. Further, Gana manages to 

access CCTV footage of Sowmya buying a perfume from a vendor who reveals the old man told him to sell the perfumes and paid him for it. Since Sowmya was a drug addict, she wasn’t unconscious despite being subject to anesthesia and thus knew about Manoj. Despite his friend’s insistence not to do so, Manoj ended up killing her. Back to the present, the cops ask Manoj to perform an autopsy on Sowmya.

Gana then explains to Neha that all the victims, though unrelated, were admitted to hospital because of Hypoglycemia induced artificially by a banned drug called Hypomacene. Gana later visits the mall to view surveillance footage and discovers an address that leads him to Manoj’s house. Having seen him talk about the autopsy on TV, Gana asks him for help with the case while Manoj tells him to wait for coffee. Manoj explains to his friend that he’d kill Gana, but receiving a call from Neha about the old man dumping another corpse in front of the police station, Gana secretly runs away. A car chase ensues, resulting in the old man’s death after Manoj drops a cargo container on his car. Gana then goes to Manoj’s house where he discovers dead bodies in separate vessels before Manoj arrives there with his friend. Manoj’s 

friend, who turns out to be his father, removes his belt and starts beating him. It is then revealed that Manoj was psychopathic as a kid and even killed his father who since then appeared as a hallucination. Back to the present,Gana fights with Manoj and beats his head with a glass bottle. He throws him to a wardrobe and Gana drops a chandelier over him. 

Manoj is laughing, but when he sees his death weapon coming towards him , he faints. The chandelier falls over Manoj killing him. He then receives a call from his father who pranks him into believing a man is trying to harass Priya. Gana arrives home, and finds out Priya is now happily pregnant with Ravi’s child

  • Movie – Aswathama Full Movie In Hindi Dubbed – 2021 South Indian Dubbed Movie In Hindi Full Movie | Naga Shaurya
  • Starring – Naga Shaurya, Mehreen Pirzada, Jisshu Sengupta, Harish Uthaman, Prince Cecil and Jayaprakash.
  • Director – Ramana Teja

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