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attack movie hit or flop report


attack movie hit or flop: Here we are going to talk about Attack Movie Hit and Flop, that Attack Movie which was released on 1st April 2022, Juhi Ibrahim’s film, why this movie flopped, if seen in the industry, then Johan Ibrahim is behind this film. had worked very hard because Yo Honey Abraham had to flop many films that came in 2021 too, so here the trailer of this movie was released, it seemed that people had to see some Hollywood level. But they did not get to see anything like this and got to see the review of the movie, they got a lot of negative due to which even more box office collection of the movie was down, Odia movie also became a complete flop, tell that the movie’s The budget is being told around 50 to ₹ 55000000 where the movie needs about ₹ 65000000 to be a hit but the movie has made only 22 crores world wide collection on the total box office collection whereas it is much less.

Before the release of any movie, it is promoted properly, in the same way, there was no shortage in the promotion of Attack movie and when the trailer of the movie came, people thought that we had some different concept. Will get to see but the movie which was released in the theater, there was something else out there and as soon as the collection of the movie was very much down after the first day and within about 5 to 6 days of the movie ₹ 160000000 from India and the total world wide collection is seen, then the movie has collected 22 crores, after that the collection of the movie is not seen increasing at all.

attack movie hit or flop

attack movie hit or flop report
attack movie hit or flop report

Attack movie is a flop, where the film made the film by investing ₹ 55000000, while the movie’s earnings are 22 crores, if the total world wide collection of the film exceeds 55 crores, then the movie would have become a hit. But the collection of the movie will not increase now because the movie is very much down on the box office collection where the movie has collected only 16.2 crores from the box office collection of India and the film has collected about 22 crores in the whole world wide. is collected

So in this way you people got to see a lot more loss, whose producers many companies together had produced the movie and the film was written by John Ibrahim, so in this way you people got a chance to watch this film. So if you tell people that the biggest reason for the flop of this movie is that this movie was also released, then the movie was released in the middle of RR movie, due to which it should not be more attractive. have pie

All the films that came in 2021, John Ibrahim’s films proved to be flops and if seen, then the film flopped in 21 and all those films which were released in 2022 have also proved to be flops. John Ibrahim’s career can also be in danger because all the films that come out prove to be flops, where there is a lack of director somewhere, after that the lack of acting is too full in it. The Way You Get To Watch John Ibrahim’s Movie

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