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bachchan pandey hit or flop: Why Pandey movie flopped


bachchan pandey hit or flop: Bachchan Pandey Movie Hits and Flops Many people have a lot of apprehension about whether the movie has been a hit or a flop because those who watch the movies are definitely obsessed with them that we have to find out that Bachchan Here we are going to talk about whether Pandey movie is hit or flopped, tell that it depends on budget and collection, so here we will tell you by comparing both budget and collection of movie that Bachchan Pandey Is the movie a hit or a flop? If the movie is a flop, why is it a flop?

And what is the total box office collection of the film, what can be the biggest reason for the existence of Bachchan Pandey movie, for information, with us you are seen acting Akshay Kumar, where his acting is very strong and very strong. Tell me, if Kumar is involved in any film well, then the ticket price of that film increases and the craze of that film increases among the people, so what happened with Bachan Pandey film?

bachchan pandey hit or flop

bachchan pandey hit or flop
bachchan pandey hit or flop

Bachchan Pandey Movie Hit or Flop Talking about it, it has also been a complete flop, where movie made the film with a budget of 160 crores and the total in the film is ₹ 47000000 from India. and has collected about 60 crores all over the world, in this way the movie has completely gone into a loss of 100 crores, now the biggest thing is that the movie is either confirmed after putting 100 crores carlos It is already night, so what could be the reason behind this movie being a flop, if seen, this film was released somewhere in the middle of big films, although as you know That The Kashmir Files movie is playing very loudly in India among others

Not only Bachchan Pandey, but even if any big film was released in front of him, still he could not stand in front of him because he is a kind of suncity movie, due to which a lot of people go to see the movie. And that film infuses so much character that people are attracted to watch that film, tell that the movie is a hit and a flop, if it is popular above the budget and collection of the movie, the movie is seen by most of the people. So the collection of the film will be seen increasing automatically and but the biggest reason is that no collection of Bachchan Pandey movie has been seen increasing here. After that the collection was found to see a lot of down.

Why bachchan Pandey movie flopped

If we talk about why Bachchan Pandey movie flopped, then Bachchan Pandey movie was released on the very right occasion, where if seen, the movie was released on the day of Holi and is also an important festival of Hindus but to be seen So somewhere the reviews of the movie which are there on the internet, they were also found to see negative, apart from this, the craze of Kashmir Files movie was made among a lot of people and The Kashmir Files movie was earning a lot of money too. In the meantime, Bachchan Pandey movie could not stand in front of that film at all, due to which no collection of Bachchan Pandey movie was found to be seen.

And after the first day’s collection ever since we got to see the negative. After that did not get to see any more collection and on the third day 50% of the collection got down from India and after that it is going down down down on down so in this way you can see people here Because of Bachchan Pandey movie and after that ever since RRR movie released on Friday, the box office collection of the movie is almost completely over from India that is the reason why Bachchan Pandey Movie got hit by all these movies faced against

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