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bahubali box office collection | day wise | hit or flop | budgets & more: About Bahubali Box Office Collection Report Here you will be provided information about the hit and flop and budget Bahubali Movie 2015 The film was released which is a very good movie with a huge collection all over the world. The movie had earned its name too much in India, and people liked to watch the movie a lot more, Bahubali movie itself is a big movie whose record has not been broken even in big films. So in this way Prabhas was seen acting in Bahubali movie and after the release of Bahubali 2, a collection of 12:00 hundred crores was done, which is available to see a lot more collections.

bahubali box office collection

bahubali box office collection
bahubali box office collection

The box office collection of Bahubali movie was a total collection of 180 crores from India and 560 crores was collected in the world wide collection which is considered to be a very good collection. The film was released in 2015 in the cinemas of India and All over the world, where the movie was not in India, the collection started with 5.15 crores on the very first day and the film was shown in theaters for about 8 weeks, the movie network did a collection of 180 crores from India.

DayIndia Net CollectionChange
Day 1 ₹ 5.15 Cr
Day 2₹ 7.10 Cr+37.86%
Day 3₹ 10.10 Cr+42.25%
Day 4₹ 6.10 Cr-39.60%
Day 5₹ 6.20 Cr+1.64%
Day 6₹ 6.00 Cr-3.23%
Day 7₹ 6.15 Cr+2.50%
Week 1 Collection₹ 46.80 Cr
Day 8₹ 3.25 Cr-47.15%
Day 9 ₹ 4.75 Cr+46.15%
Day 10 ₹ 5.35 Cr+12.63%
Day 11₹ 3.80 Cr-28.97%
Day 12₹ 3.22 Cr-15.26%
Day 13₹ 3.03 Cr-5.90%
Day 14₹ 2.98 Cr-1.65%
Week 2 Collection₹ 26.38 Cr-43.63%
Day 15 ₹ 3.10 Cr+4.03%
Day 16 ₹ 4.40 Cr+41.94%
Day 17₹ 5.06 Cr+15.00%
Day 18₹ 3.03 Cr-40.12%
Day 19₹ 2.62 Cr-13.53%
Day 20₹ 2.30 Cr-12.21%
Day 21 ₹ 2.10 Cr-8.70%
Week 3 Collection₹ 22.61 Cr-14.29%
Week 4 Collection₹ 11.10 Cr-49.58%
Week 5 Collection₹ 6.09 Cr-45.14%
Week 6 Collection₹ 3.19 Cr-47.62%
Week 7 Collection₹ 1.50 Cr-52.98%
Week 8 Collection₹ 0.83 Cr-44.67%
bahubali box office collection

In this way, here you get to see the data. The movie did a collection of Rs 22.6 crores in the third week and 11.10 crores in the fourth week and after collecting zero 2.09 crores in the fifth week, the film collected Rs 3.19 crores in the sixth week after that. The film collected 7th week box office collection of 8.75 crores and 8th week box office collection of 0.83 crores.

bahubali box office collection wordwide

Bahubali Box Office Collection World Wide Collection 580 crores was collected. Which is available to see a lot more elections, if you do after India’s collection, then you get to see India’s collection of 180 crores, later Bahubali 2 was released, after that Bahubali 2 broke the entire record and kept the movie. In this, you will be seen acting Prabhas, the movie was found to see the most famous in the whole world more than in India.

bahubali movie hit or flop

Bahubali movie is a hit or a flop, here you get to see the information about it, Bahubali movie was a completely superhit marriage, which is available to watch all time superhit, tell that when the budget of Bahubali movie is about 180 crores. The movie was made and there the collection of the movie is available to see the collection of 560 crores all over the world which was found to see a very good collection according to the budget of the movie and this movie is old. Apart from this, when Bahubali Part 2 was released, the movie did a box office collection of more than 16 100 crores.

bahubali movie details

Release date: 10 July 2015 (India)
Director: S. S. Rajamouli
Produced by: : Shobu Yarlagadda; Prasad Devineni;
Story by: K. V. Vijayendra Prasad
Distributed by: Arka Media Works, Dharma Productions, AA Films, Medusa Film, Studio Green, Thenandal Studio Limited

On July 10, 2015, Bahubali was released in cinemas in India, where the movie was directed by SS Rajamouli, the director of the movie and the producer’s name is Shobu Yarlagadda; Prasad Devineni; The movie was produced by K., who had entered a very good film, tell that the story was provided to the movie by Vijay Indra Prasad in the middle of the story line of the movie, where after watching the story, many people’s mind. was completely shaken and this movie was seen providing a different amazing story and people went crazy about the film

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