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Banana Eats Roblox Codes Today (August 2022) Free Coins, Skins, and More

Roblox  Banana Eats Redeem Codes Released Today for Free Coins, Banana Skin and Many Legendary Free Rewards: Banana Eats Game is a horror game where players need to complete hidden puzzles, and run away when they run out of open And need to serve till the end to win and get free rewards.  The RyCitrus developer of Banana Eats releases  several wiki codes that will help you get some free rewards that you can use to customize your character and look stylish among others. On this page we have listed all working codes for Banana Eats Rycitrus online game and full instructions on how to redeem these new codes.

Roblox eats banana wiki code 2022

RyCitrus periodically releases a new update and brings new features to the game and also releases new codes on certain targets. We will update this page regularly and publish new redeem codes that will give you free coins and skins online game when you eat bananas. Below we have mentioned the overview of banana roblox wiki codes, then you can follow all working codes:

Roblox Banana Eats Codes, RyCitrus Redeem Codes, Free Coins, Skins, Banana Eats Wiki
game nameeats banana roblox
Developed byRai Citrus
redeem code statuscurrently active
monthJuly 2022
new code addedtoday
code advantageFree coins, skins, frightening bananas, neon bananas, ice cream, baby beacons and many more in-game rewards
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Roblox Banana Eats Code List (July 2022)

Here we have mentioned all the new and old codes which are currently in working state. This table is updated on a regular basis and try these codes ASAP because you will never know when these codes expire. All of the codes listed here have been tested and active at the time we updated this article.


Banana Eats Codes (Working)redeem it for
400 millionfree beacon
newmapfree beacon
pinkfree beacon
snowyFree Beacons!
happy holidaysFree bananas!
Thankfulfree 250 coins
happy B-DayFree birthday skin
300 millionFreed that skin

Care! I  somehow end up with any working code that ends up being there. Let us know in the comment section

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expired old code list

You can also try these old code which may still work for limited time

  • Quarter Billion – Redeem for beacon skin
  • 200 million – redeem for banana skin!
  • LUCKYPEEL – Redeem Code for Lucky Peel Skin!
  • LUCKYBEACON – Redeem Codes for Beacon Skins!
  • Chocolate – Redeem code for White Chocolate Skin!
  • BANALOVES – Redeem Codes for Chocolates Skins!
  • Freebeans – Redeem Codes for Free Banana Skins!
  • FreeLoot – Redeem Codes for 200 Coins!
  • BANANASPLIT150 – Redeem for a FREE Peel Beacon!
  • 15KFOLLOWERS – Redeem code for Blue Moldy Bananas!
  • MORECOINS – Redeem codes for free coins!
  • FANCYPANCAKE – Redeem codes for Waffle Beacons!
  • FreeCoins – Redeem code for 100 coins
  • NEWMAP – Redeem code for 100 coins!
  • BIGUPDATES2021 – Redeem Snow Peele Skins for FREE!
  • SNOWDAYS – Redeem for a free Snowman Banana Skin!
  • BUGOFF – Redeem Codes for FREE COINS!
  • 100 Million – Redeem a code for a free beacon!
  • SPARECHANGE – Redeem code for 50 coins!
  • BOONANAEATS – Redeem codes for the Peel-O-Lantern Trap!
  • THATEGGPLANTCOLOR – Redeem a code for a code purple beacon!
  • GLITTEREVERYWHERE – Redeem code for Sparkle Teal Beacon!
  • DIPPINGINTOINSANITY – Redeem code for a free Dipped Banana Beacon!
  • NEWMAPSOON – Redeem code for a FREE Canned Peanut Beacon Skin!

How to Redeem Banana Eats Codes

You must have a Roblox account and the game installed on your device (PC or Andriod) to redeem these codes. After doing all the things follow the easy 4 step instructions to get free rewards using any redeem code from this page:

  1. Play Banana Eats game on Roblox website or Mobile Andriod/ iOS App
  2. Click on the code button which is the current level of the game
  3. Find the “Redemption” section here
  4. Copy and paste the working code on the redeem code section and collect the redeem code reward

Also, don’t forget to collect daily exclusive rewards from your simulator Roblox game.

Banana wiki account next code update

RyCitrus  Banana Eats  game is all about puzzle and banana hunt. gets a banana. Eats banana. If you can’t invest in this game via robux currency then freebies codes are the best option that Rycitrus issue on Roblox games like goals, events, opportunities or any special achievement, below you can find the latest wiki code updates and game features You can check out what was recently added to the game:

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Use the code “NEUMAP” for free beacons!
• New Map: “Moses MedCenter” by @MsDatzky!
• Peel High School, Banana Backroom and Garbage Cemetery have been updated!
• New Beacons and Bananas!
Read the update-log here:–/835540

Hide the bananas, complete the hidden puzzles, and escape on the way out! Can you escape the killer banana?

Receive bonus coins every round with Premium!
Follow @RyCitrus on Twitter for new codes and more!

Plus, don’t forget to explore popular games, redeem codes to get free rewards

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