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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain Sep 15, 2022 Episode Written, Update Written On UttarPradeshLive.Com

Vibhu and Anu in the bedroom. Anu tells Vibhu that you are the writer of this film and you know that I am the heroine of this film, so you should ask me what I want. Ask Vibhuti what you want. Anu says that I want to make the writer of this movie my soul. Vibhuti says it’s late at night so go to sleep and I have to make some changes to the script that Tiwari asks me to do. Anu asks Vibhu to change the sequence of his role. Vibhu says I can’t do this, it’s not in my script and the creative team at Tiwari have already given me a lot of changes. Anu says I don’t know this. Vibhu says I’ll talk to the team. Anu says that I don’t care if I’m the heroine of this movie and according to me the script will change.

Ammaji tied Tiwari to the post. Ammaji giving Tiwari a shake. Tiwari says I’ll take her. Angoori says the job is done and asks Ammaji to give him one more hit to confirm. Ammaji shook him again and said that it is now confirmed.

In the hallway, David is sitting with his laptop. Vibhuti walks up to her and asks what you are doing. David says I’m doing your job. Vibhu receives a call from Tiwari. Tiwari says that from now on there will be two heroines in my film. Vibhu gets irritated and asks where she will get the other heroine from. Tiwari says that Angoori will be the second heroine. Vibhu says okay, I’ll write a new story for him and hang up the phone.

everyone in the room. Vibhu is telling everyone about his new script. Tillu and Teeka refute his story. Gupta is also included. Vibhu mocks them. Tiwari says that I am making this movie for those people who mostly drive rickshaw or sell chat or write something in such a way that they can easily understand it. Vibhu tells David that this is an insult to my script. David says wait a while, even dad will suggest you in your script. Vibhu says that our story begins in the morning. Angoori says I have a lot of work in the morning, why don’t you start in the afternoon? Gupta says that we can decide at 4 pm that it is a good time. Vibhu mocked her and said if I have a script then this is the opening scene. Tiwari says I know, but my creative team matters too. Vibhu is irritated. Anu says that we should listen to the script first and then we can give our review. Tiwari says you have to review first, you know how lazy these writers are, they’re not going to do anything. Anu says we’ll see later, I don’t even know about my character in the movie. Angoori says yes, Anu is right, we don’t know about our character. Tiwari says that we are sitting here to listen to him. David says but you’re not listening. Tiwari says let’s get started. Vibhu begins to narrate the story of him and says that an extravagant hero comes from the ocean. Rusa stopped him and said we thought he was a hot hero. Vibhu says it happens in the movie, but my movie is different, so the hero comes out of the water. Russia makes fun of him. Tiwari says why she doesn’t give the man a suit and then throws it into the sea. Vibhu says this is ridiculous. Teeka tells Tiwari that it’s a good idea for her to look elegant. Angoori says that if he gets out of the salt water, he will mess up his hair. Anu says that she is right and tells the story of his hair. Angoori says that you should have used coconut water. The Master says that his suggestion is justified. Tillu says I have a solution for this problem, why don’t we use the bald hero? Vibhu gets irritated and says that it is not possible. Tiwari says it’s possible and what the hell are you doing with my creative team. Vibhu gets angry with them. David asks why you get upset. Tiwari says do what my creative team asks you to do or I’ll have to find someone else. The Master says that I like to write. Tiwari says that Anu, Angoori and Prem are getting ready, people will be coming soon from the press.

David, Vibhu, Teeka, Tillu, Rusa, Gupta and the Master are sitting together. David tells Vibhu to listen to me, that he is not smart or they will not approve his script. Vibhu says that I brought them here, I will give them so much food that they will forget the script. Vibhu tells everyone that I ask everyone how much they want to eat, the bill is on me. Rusa says she’s too sweet for you, but I’m going fast. Teeka and Tillu say we’ll have both. The waiter asks for an order. They all order there. David taunts the Master and Gupta. The waiter brings them their food and they begin to eat. Vibhuti asks David if he thinks it will work.

Angoori, Anu, Prem and Tiwari in a press interview. Come with love bald head. Angoori asks Tiwari who she is. Tiwari says that he is our hero Prem. The interviewer introduces himself as Harnia Tsunami and says that we will know about Tiwari’s new movie. He asks Tiwari about his movie. Angoori says wait, I’ll tell you about the movie and lies. Tiwari feels that she too is becoming adept at lying. Harnia asks Anu about her character. Anu says that I am the main character. Angoori says why are you kidding, there is only one guest appearance in the movie. Anu says that she didn’t understand that you have a guest appearance and asks Tiwari to tell her about her role. Tiwari thinks I’ll tell them there’s no movie. Anu asked about the truth. Harnia says that you can’t escape this question that you have to answer because Kanpur wants to know and one important thing before, there was only one heroine and now how do you get two heroines?

Tiwari says that now my film will have two heroines. Angoori says that I am the main heroine. Anu says that you are under the illusion that I am the main heroine. They both argue a lot.
Anu tells Vibhu that you have to reduce Angoori’s role in the film and increase mine, which is final.
Pointed gun Anu in Angoori. Angoori points a gun at Anu. They both shoot up.

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