bhojpuri actress name

bhojpuri actress name list photo, movie, details, bhojpuri actress photo, all details

bhojpuri actress name list photo, movie, details, bhojpuri actress photo, all details 

Hello and absolutely hello friends as you know that nowadays a lot of people in Bhojpuri industry like to watch movies Bhojpuri language movie is being liked by about 40 crore people and we are going to tell you. That the songs which are in Bhojpuri, almost every month, two-four songs come, whoever is a famous actor, their songs are also very famous.

bhojpuri actress name list photo, movie, details, bhojpuri actress photo, all details

 Here in Bhojpuri, we are going to talk about Bhojpuri actress name list photo and movie and details, where you will get to see information related to Bhojpuri, here let us tell you that there are many actors and actresses in Bhojpuri. We are going to talk about this, due to which there are many dozens of actresses in the Bhojpuri film industry, some of which have become very famous and some are known to all, here including their real names and rates and photos. In this post, let us tell you that some famous actresses in Bhojpuri like Amarpali Dubey, Madhu Sharma, Rani Chatterjee, Nidhi Jha

 There are many actors who have become very famous in Bhojpuri and have become memorable for the people, so if you want to see Modi or see the film in Bhojpuri language, then it is very much for you to know the name of all these actresses. It is important because you must know about who is playing the character of what you are watching, if we talk about actors, then as you know that in Bhojpuri industry, many singers are artists. have been converted into

 So in such a situation, Khesari Lal Yadav Pawan Singh Arvind Akela Kallu, all these people have come here through songs, that means earlier these people used to be singer artists, after that they gradually came into writing and Bhojpuri industry has a lot. He has made his identity more and has made a place among many more people so that Bhojpuri industry has become a memorable one of these people, so if you want to see the complete list, then write below for it has been provided. can see the list

bhojpuri actress name liat and photo

Bhojpuri Actress Name Pictures
Madhu Sharma/मधु शर्मा
bhojpuri actress madhu sharma
bhojpuri actress monalisa
Anjana Singh/अंजना सिंह
bhojpuri actress anjana singh
Rani Chatterji/रानी चटर्जी
bhojpuri actress rani chaterji
Amarpali Dubey/अम्रपाली दुबे
bhojpuri actress amerpali duby
Akshra Singh/अक्रा सिंह
bhojpuri actress akshara singh
Kajal Raghwani/काजल राघवानी
bhojpuri actress kajal raghwani
Pakhi Hegde/पाखी हेगड़े
bhojpuri actressn pankhi hegde
Shubhi Sharma/शुभी शर्मा
bhojpuri actressn  shubhi sharma
Nidhi Jha/ निधि झा
bhojpuri actress nidhi jha
Tanushree Chaterjee/तनुश्री चटर्जी
bhojpuri actress tanu shree chaterji
Poonam Dubey/पूनम दुबे
bhojpuri actress tanu  punam duby
Smriti Sinha/स्मृति सिन्हा
bhojpuri actress tanu  smiriti sinha
Priyanka Pandit/प्रियंका पंडित
bhojpuri actress tanu  priyanka pandit
Gunjan Pant/गुंजन पंत
bhojpuri actress tanu  gunjaN PANT
Ritu Singh/रितु सिंह
bhojpuri actress tanu  ritu singh
Yamini Singh/यामिनी सिंह
bhojpuri actress tanu yamini singh
bhojpuri actress tanu nagama
Monika Batra /मोनिका बत्रा
bhojpuri actress  monika batara
Divya Dwiwedi/दिव्या द्विवेदी
bhojpuri actress  divy dwiwady
Rashmi Deshai/रश्मि देसाई
bhojpuri actress  reshmi desai
Rakhi Tripathi/राखी त्रिपाठी
bhojpuri actress rakhi tripathi
Sambhavna Seth/सम्भावना सेठ
bhojpuri actress sambhavna seth
Priti Jain/प्रीति जैन
bhojpuri actress preeti jain
Pratibha Pandey/प्रतिभा पांडेय
bhojpuri actress paratibha panday
Seema Singh/सीमा सिंह
bhojpuri actress seema singh
——- ——
Mohini Ghosh/ मोहिनी घोष
bhojpuri actress mohani ghos
Nisha Dubey/निशा दुबे
nisha duby
Kanak Yadav/कनक यादव
bhojpuri actress kanak yadav
Roopa Singh/रूपा सिंह
bhojpuri actress ru8pa yadav
Kalpana Shah/कल्पना शाह
bhojpuri actress kalpana shah
Neha Shree/नेहा श्री
bhojpuri actress  neha shree
Debasmita Banerjee / देबस्मिता बनर्जी
bhojpuri actress  debismita  banrji
Priyanka Pandit/ प्रियंका पंडित
priyanka pandit
Dimple Singh/डिंपल सिंह
bhojpuri actress dimpal singh
Payas Pandit/पायस पंडित
bhojpuri actress payas pandit
Kanak Pandey/कनक पांडेय
bhojpuri actress kanak panday
Kajal Yadav/काजल यादव
bhojpuri actress kajal yadav
Mani Bhatacharya/मणि भट्टाचार्या
bhojpuri actress mani bhattachaya
Richa Dixit/ऋचा दीक्षित
bhojpuri actress richa dikshita
Sonalika Prasad/सोनालिका प्रसाद
bhojpuri actress sonalika prasad
Sunny Singh/सन्नी सिंह
bhojpuri actress  sunny singh
Sahar Afsa/सहर अफ़सा
bhojpuri actress  saher afsa
Sanjana Raj/संजना राज
bhojpuri actress  sanjana raj
Sanchita Banerjee/संचिता बनर्जी
bhojpuri actress  sanchita banarji

bhojpuri actress kajal raghwani 

Kajal Raghavani is a very famous actress of Bhojpuri industry and also very famous, she works with Khesari Lal Yadav Nirhua Pawan Singh and many other stars, but let us tell you that Bhojpuri has come, who is related to Gujarat. A very famous actress who has been seen among you people in Bhojpuri industry, because of her beauty and acting, she is popular among people and also became famous among many people. Talk about Kajal Raghavani. If they do, they are almost only with famous actors and in the same way, they have become a memorable one in Bhojpuri. Bhojpuri language films are seen by about 40 crore people and due to being very famous in this, they have appeared in many films. Kajal Raghavani, who is related to Gujarat, has been getting work too, if you want to see her photo, then you can go to her Instagram, you people can see this apart from the village and her good photos keep updating on social media like Facebook. there you can follow and Then you can see Kajal Raghavani is a very good actor

bhojpuri actress Madhu Sharma/मधु शर्मा

As you guys know that Madhu Sharma is one of the famous actress of Bhojpuri who has worked in many other things before coming in the film industry but since she came in the film industry she became very famous and after that she Have worked with a lot of big and famous actors, here let me tell you that he has worked with actors like Ravi Kishan, Dinesh Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh and also with a very good production house by Madhu Sharma. Work has been done Madhu Sharma has become very famous due to her beauty and acting, people have liked her a lot, although you get to see more of her in songs and in movies, Madhu Sharma, you people have to click here You people join the Instagram profile here, after that you will also get to see the latest photos.

bhojpuri actress Monalisa/मोनालिसा

Monalisa is one of the Bhojpuri actresses who used to work in some of the famous videos and due to being very famous, she started getting roles in the film too and she worked with a lot of good actors that almost He has worked in more than 100 films and people have also liked his acting very much, at this time he has got work in a TV serial in Star Plus, in which the work of playing the lead role has been done in the witch and the movie is very much. You are famous, Monalisa’s dance is very famous in the beginning, if any new song was released in Chal, then she was given a role for dance in it and she was very famous along with her. I also started meeting everyday and have worked with his good and famous actors, then you can also watch his films, Anil can follow his Instagram profile to see the latest photos, from there you can see the latest photos of Monalisa. will get to see

bhojpuri actress Anjana Singh/अंजना सिंह

bhojpuri actress Anjana Singh, who has worked in 70 to 80 films, is one of the most famous actresses of Bhojpuri industry who has worked with famous actors like Khesari Lal Yadav Nirhua, besides her 70 to 80 films have got a lot of enthusiasm and Anjana Singh has also worked in many such romantic songs, due to which he has got a lot of enthusiasm. Anjana Singh has worked with very good actors and all his films have become super duper. Anjana Singh has also become a memorable one for the Bhojpuri industry, although she has yet to come with new films and for that you will have to stay updated with Bhojpuri’s latest photos to see her latest photos. For this, you have to follow their social media profile account, after that you can see the latest and best photo of Anjana Singh, because of its beauty and goodness, it has made its place in Bhojpuri industry and people too much in between If you have become famous then you must see them once.

bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterji/रानी चटर्जी

Rani Chatterjee is one of the most famous actresses of Bhojpuri, who has hit a lot of films in Bhojpuri almost on the strength of her batting and has managed to make her mark at the national level, where she has recently appeared in other big films. Preparations are also going on very well to go in, talk about his movie, Tum Modi, there are many such films in which he has worked and all those films have become super hit, he has worked with many famous actors like That Rani Chatterjee has worked with a famous actor like Arvind Akela Khesari Lal Yadav, recently, due to being a new actress, many of her films have stopped coming, but she has given you many TV serials and dangers. She has been seen in thinking including the player, due to her very good acting, she has worked in many places and has also worked with big actors and actresses, so Rani Chatterjee has made a good place in the Bhojpuri industry. and have a place in the hearts of the people It has become a bit of a memorable one.

bhojpuri actress Amarpali Dubey/अम्रपाली दुबे

You must have known Amarpali Dubey because she has done many such famous films with Nirhua such as Amarpali Dubey became very famous through Nirhua Hindustani and most of her films have come with Nirhua and a lot more. Amarpali Dubey is one of the famous and famous actresses of Bhojpuri, which is almost number one or number two, she has worked in many of her films, apart from this she has also worked in many songs. And it has become famous among a lot of people, among the 40 crore people talking about Bhojpuri, the name of Amarpali Dubey will be known by almost everyone. Talking about, let us tell you here that she has become very famous on the strength of her beauty, so if you want to follow her on film and social media, then for that you should check her Instagram profile and there But you guys also get the latest photos of Amarpali Dubey. You will be able to see in which there are many good and best photos.

bhojpuri actress Akshra Singh/अक्रा सिंह

Akshara Singh is one of the very famous actresses of Bhojpuri cinema who has worked in many good films, here let us tell you that Ritesh Pandey has done a lot of work by Khesari Lal Yadav Pawan Singh, many songs of Pawan Singh. Akshara Singh has worked in this too and has become a huge hit, due to her good acting and good romance, many people have liked it, so people have known the name of Akshara Singh as well as almost everyone will know about her photo. You will also know about them, to see their latest photos, you should follow them on Instagram and there you will get to see very good latest and romantic pictures, talk about their songs, mostly as much as Pawan Singh. Even the song keeps on coming about it, Akshara Singh has also acted there and has done a very good job, talking about other things of Akshara Singh, her parents are also an artist, which is from a very good family. Belong does a singer artist with Akshara Singh There are others who have also acted in many songs i.e. sang the song and sometimes do it all on live and you can also follow instagram to see photos of people who can also see

bhojpuri actress Pakhi Hegde/पाखी हेगड़े

Talking about Pakhi Hegde, she is one of the most famous actresses of Bhojpuri industry, who has done a good job with Dinesh Lal Yadav. Dinesh Lal Yadav and his pair used to accumulate very well and people too. I used to like a lot but here let us tell you that at present, at this time, films of Dinesh Lal Yadav are not coming together but there are many films of Pakhi Hegde which are amongst you. Coming soon, you will have to stay updated with Bhojpuri to see this, then you will be able to see his films, if we talk about Pakhi Hegde, then he has worked in films in Hindi and Marathi language. Apart from Bhojpuri and in Bhojpuri, he has worked with actresses like Manoj Tiwari, Khesari Lal Yadav, Pawan Singh Ravi Kishan, Dinesh Lal Yadav and their pair, they used to accumulate well a long time ago and the movie is very good, very early. Many of his films are going to come, so to see them You guys have to click here, let us tell you that to see the latest photos of these, definitely follow Instagram.

bhojpuri actress Shubhi Sharma/शुभी शर्मा

Shubhi Sharma is one of the famous actresses of Bhojpuri who has worked with many famous actresses, here let us tell you that Shubhi Sharma has worked with Khesari Lal Yadav Pawan Singh Ravi Kishan and Nirhua and Pradeep Kumar Pandey. And a lot of his films have been a hit and people have liked him a lot. Shubhi sarma also keeps on doing stage shows in between and more people also like her in her, so if you guys like to watch her films. If you do, then soon his films are going to come amongst you, let us tell you about Shubhi Sarma, to see the latest and best photos of Shubhi Sharma, you should follow her Instagram profile and from there you can see people. Will get to see their latest and best pictures

bhojpuri actress Nidhi Jha/ निधि झा

Nidhi Jha has become very famous by the song Lulia and there you must have heard Pawan Singh’s Luliya Mange Le Luliya Ka Mangele, through this song, Nidhi Jha became very famous and after that she started getting one to one film. He worked in many films together with Pawan Singh and Arvind Akela, after that his name and fame started spreading among many people and it became very famous Nidhi Jha One of the most famous actress of Bhojpuri industry. Whenever a song is released, if it is good, then there is definitely a rose in it and Nidhi Jha will be seen acting in it, Nidhi Jha acts very well and you will be seen in Bhojpuri industry from there. If you come to know about this, then you must see about Nidhi Jha once, to see her latest photo, you must check her Instagram profile and you can see it from people only.

bhojpuri actress Tanushree Chaterjee/तनुश्री चटर्जी

Tanu Shree is one of the best actresses of Bhojpuri industry who has earned a lot of name in Bhojpuri industry. Talking about his films, he has worked with Pawan Singh Khesari Lal Yadav, Manoj Tiwari and many other actors. So if you guys want to see then you can definitely watch it once because this modi is very good and very tremendous in this if you guys want to see good latest photo of Tanushree Chatterjee then you can follow her Instagram profile for that. and you people will get to see good photos from them.

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