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Bangla sahayata kendra A free-of-cost service has been started by the officials of West Bangla, that is, a portal has been created by the government there to help the residents and people of Bangla, where you can go there and get an online account of your problems and problems. Solutions can be done through the platform. In this article, we will share information about the opportunity started by the Chief Minister there to help the local people of the Bangla region, we will explain everything to you step by step so that you can easily understand how to apply online for help in Bangla sahayata kendra read our article from start to finish to get the list of services available in these centres.

Bangla sahayata kendra
Bangla sahayata kendra

Bangla sahayata kendra (BSK) sahayata kendra Basically

Bangalore Help Center is a kind of institution or center that solves the problems of the local people, mainly for the local and regional residents, whether the problem is natural or man-made, this center is for all the citizens living in those areas. A support center for This scheme started by the Government of West Bengal can be easily availed by the initiative, for which there are some conditions and conditions. Or the entire project is run by the state government, for which people do not have to pay any fee, the main fresh scheme was started so that the welfare benefits of the schemes could reach the people of Bengal easily, this project is one of the very commendable projects. is one because its main objective is to promote humanity and friendship and to give a positive thinking and message in human society by helping people

(bsk) bangla sahayata kendra registration

Bangla sahayata kendra Registration How to Apply Online If you are going to talk about people, you have been told step by step below, from where you can easily apply online, although the help center changed in Mangal Sahayata Kendra. There is no scheme, but here you are told about all the schemes and its main objective is that all the welfare schemes for human beings started by the Chief Minister should reach the people of Bengal so that they can get maximum benefit and if development is possible. If you want to register in the Bangla sahayata kendra, then for that you must follow the people below at this time, although registration is not happening here at the present time, then you will have to look here.

step:-1 First of all you have to go to the official website of Bangla sahayata kendra

step:-2 Here you will see a link in the menu bar

step:-3 After that you have to click on registration

step:-4 Now a new page will open in front of you

step:-5 Here you have to enter your mobile number and fill up the captcha.

step:-6 Now an OTP will come on your mobile number

step:-7 After that, a new page will open in front of you where you have to enter this form correctly.

step:-8 After that click on submit button

step:-9 Your registration is complete

All the steps that have been told here are all imaginary because here let us tell you that no registration is being done at the present time alone, rather you are being provided information about all the schemes here. And you are also being given the details of the official website of those schemes, from where you can go and register separately for each scheme, so if you want to register, then for that you will get service options there. It will be visible in every scheme, if you want to bring it in any scheme, then click on that scheme, after that I will get the details in front of you that how to apply then you people will also get the official website there, copying and You have to open it in the browser, after that you can easily apply online from there and can also get the benefit of that plan.

bangla sahayata kendra (bsk) apply online

What are the documents required to apply online for any scheme in Bangla sahayata kendra

  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Passport Size Photo
  • Mobile Number
  • Pan Card
  • Income Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Residence Certificate
  • Ration Card

All the documents that have been told to you here, if you want to get benefits in any scheme, then all these documents should be complete with you, apart from this, other documents may be needed as per the requirement.

Bangla sahayata kendra (bsk) online apply eligibility

  • You must be a resident of Bengal state to apply online at Bangla sahayata kendra To apply online for this scheme,
  • you must have passed at least 12 or equivalent from any board.

You should have the necessary documents correctly, then you can apply online in it or you can also apply by visiting its center which has been opened to the Bangla sahayata kendra’s center from place to place and you can apply there. You can go and take help and whatever information you want to get, from there you will be provided with the right information about all the things.

bangla sahayata kendra login

Bangla sahayata kendra Login If you want to log in, then how can you log in, here you have been told step by step below, the complete way to log in from where you can easily log in to Bangla sahayata kendra Huh

step:-1 To login to the Bangla sahayata kendra, first of all, you have to go to its official website dst.gov.in

step:-2 Here you will see a login button, then you have to click on the login button.

step:-3 Now a new page will open in front of you

step:-4 Here you have to select your disk, whichever disk you want to get the URL of.

step:-5 After that, you have to enter your user id and password here.

step:-6 After that, you select the user type

step:-7 and fill up a captcha

step:-8 and click on the login button

step:-9 You can log in here

So, friends, you guys can log in in this way, here you can easily on the help centre portal.

bangla sahayata kendra (bsk) application form

Bangla sahayata kendra Application Form If you want to fill the application form and want to give any application, if you want to complain in the help center, then where to contact you people for that or if you want to contact for that And how to fill the form, all the information will be provided to you here, there have been 200 help centers where you can also complain and get help, for that you have to call 913322140027 of this mobile number. Using this, you can contact the technical team, apart from this, if you want to send a message or send a message, then for that you people have to go to such an official website and if you go to the bottom then you will get a message. The form will appear there, you have to enter your name and subject, but I have a message and delete the send message, in this way you will be able to contact Bangla sahayata kendra.

bangla sahayata kendra recruitment

Bengal Sahayata Kendra Requirement Aja you guys want to do any job through Bengal Sahayata Kendra want to charge job and if you are looking for a good vacancy wait for that then let us tell you how to check Can and will be able to apply online, for that you can easily check the vacancy in Bangla sahayata kendra and apply online later, how will you apply online, here we will tell you. Huh

In the Bangla sahayata kendra, first of all you have to click on the link given here to apply online to check the requirement i.e. you have to go to the official website of Bengal

  1. After that I will see you an option of vacancy
  2. You have to click on the option of New Vacancy
  3. Now a new page will open in front of you
  4. All the vacancies are available here to see the list of all those vacancies.
  5. And you will also get to see a lot of information related to them.
  6. So you guys will easily see the option to apply online from where you can also apply online.

So as you guys are able to see that we have told you that you can check your vacancy and requirement through the center and if you people want to do then you can come for that and here you can also tell the requirement to the people. If given, you will be able to apply for jobs easily through this.

bangla sahayata kendra (bsk) logo

Bangla sahayata kendra people are looking for a lot of people, friends, its place has been opened in the place where people can go and tell their problem and maybe can get you means if you do not recognize people then you will recognize people In order to save you people, first of all you can recognize those people who have been given the photo here and whenever you say this photo, you will understand that you are the logo of Bangla sahayata kendra.

Bangla sahayata kendra

scheme nameBangla sahayata kendra
DepartmentDepartment of Personnel and Administrative Reforms and e-Governance
aimProvide free services to the public
ObjectiveInformation about government schemes smoothly
beneficiaryresidents of west bengal
the profitGet information about all schemes at once
Bangla sahayata kendra Contact Number+91 3322140027
Bangla sahayata kendra Official Sitebsk.wb.gov.in
Bangla sahayata kendra

Bangla sahayata kendra Service Department

  • Agricultural Marketing Department
  • Agriculture Department
  • Animal Resources Development Department
  • Backward Classes Welfare Department
  • CMO Grievance Cell
  • Co-operation Department
  • Consumer Affairs Department
  • Finance Department
  • Fire and Emergency Services Department
  • Fisheries Department
  • Food and Supplies Department
  • Food Processing Ind. and Horticulture Department
  • Health and Family Welfare Department
  • Higher Education Department
  • Home and Hill Affairs Department
  • Housing Department
  • Information and Cultural Affairs Department
  • Irrigation and Waterways Department
  • Labour Department
  • Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation
  • Law Department
  • Mass Education Extn. and Library Services
  • Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and Textiles Department
  • Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department
  • Panchayats and Rural Development Department
  • Personnel and Administrative Reforms Department
  • Power Department
  • Public Health Engineering Department
  • School Education Department
  • Self-Help Group and Self- Employment Department
  • Technical Education, Training and Skill Development Department
  • Tourism Department
  • Transport Department
  • Tribal Development
  • Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Department
  • Water Resources Investigation and Development Department
  • Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department
  • Youth Services and Sports Departmen

All the lifts you are seeing here, all these departments are entered here, you can get information about all the schemes and you can register for the schemes for free.

Main Services of Bangla sahayata kendra (bsk)

  • Kanyashree :- Kanyashree scheme has been started by the Government of Bengal for girls who belong to a poor family and are disabled, are in adolescence or their economic condition is very weak. It is promising to give up to ₹ 25000 from 30 hundred to ₹ 25000, to apply online, you can apply online by visiting the official website of the office or you can also apply online through Bangla sahayata kendra. To get the benefit, your annual income should not be more than ₹ 120000, but if both the mother and father of the girl have passed away or not, then if she has come more than 120000 to her house only then she is eligible for this scheme. To bring in the scheme, the girl should be unmarried, she should be a resident of Bengal, apart from this there are other things which you can read through the official website where you will be provided all the information.
  • Rupashree :- Roop Shree scheme has been started by the government in Bengal, which is for poor families whose annual income is not more than ₹ 800000, they will be given the benefit of this scheme, under this scheme when you will marry your daughter. ₹ 25000 will be given by the government, for this you will have to register, you can get your development done by going to the video and district level, it is very important for you to be a resident of Bengal state to get benefits in this scheme, only then you can take advantage of this scheme. will find
  • Sabooj Saathi :- Under this scheme, the Bengal government announces to provide cycles to class 10th class 12 students, which you can apply online and to like, you will have to go to this website here which is Its official website is www.wbsaboojsathi.gov.in of the government.
  • Swasthya Sathi: – Through Swasthya Sathi scheme, people can get treatment up to ₹ 500000 per year, which the government will fill. To get the benefit of this scheme, you can apply online by visiting Swasthya Sathi website which is its official website. To do this, you can also take Aadhar Card, Bank Passbook, Passport Size Photo, Mobile Number and Documents.
  • Yuvashree:- Yuvashree is a financial assistance scheme for unemployed youth of West Bengal. Its objective is to provide employment assistance to the unemployed youth of West Bengal to enhance their employability and skills.
  • Khadyasathi:- The purpose of this scheme is to fulfill all the nutrition and ration letter supply in the state, the government has covered about 90 percent of the population, so you can register online to get this, for more information. You can go to the help center for this, apart from this, you can also check on the official website.
  • Krishak Bandhu: – Under this scheme, farmers get a lot of benefit because in this you are given ₹ 5000 per acre and grants are given up to a maximum of ₹ 10000 if you want to get as much fair as this. So you can apply online by visiting Krishak Bandhu Racer site, click here for more information
  • Gatidhara:- This is a type of scheme which is started by the Transport Department to get the benefit of this scheme, you can go to Banga Sahayata Kendra official site from where you will get more information about this scheme.

So friends, as you guys are able to see that we provide you with very good information here about Bangla sahayata kendra if you people have any other information about Bangla sahayata kendra or any information. It was missed here, you can tell in the comment box below that we can give you more good articles, if you want to get the latest news related to schemes and related to education, then go to the official website of UP Result for that. Where you will get to see all kinds of information.

What is (bsk) Bangla sahayata kendra

Banda Sahayata Kendra has been started by a department whose main objective is that the benefits of each of the schemes can reach every citizen, so this scheme has been started and an online portal has also been created for this.

How to Apply Online in Bangla sahayata kendra

To apply online in the help center, you people will first have to go to the official website of Bangla sahayata kendra, after that you will be able to apply online from there, where you will get to see the link.

What is the main purpose of Bangla sahayata kendra

The main objective of Bengal Sahayata Kendra is to reach a citizen of Bengal for free of cost the benefits of the schemes which he is entitled to.

official site (bsk)click here

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