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Bullet Train Telugu Dubbed Movie Review & Ratings | Hit or Flop?

Bullet Train Telugu Dubbed Movie Review  : Brad Pitt is one of the stellar actors in Hollywood as his latest action drama ‘Bullet Train’ enthralled the audience with the trailer as the Deadpool director helmed the film, Doubling the expectations However, the novel “Maria Beetle” by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka, served as the inspiration for the film “Bullet Train”. The film is getting some solid response from the audience and critics as well, so without further delay let’s delve into the in-depth review of Bullet Train and find out if the film is worth watching or not.

bullet train telugu dubbed movie review


Bullet Train depicts the story of Ladybug (Brad Pitt), the world’s most talented killer as she decides to quit her job due to the massive death toll, however, before leaving the job, she is called up for another job. , which requires him to pick up a briefcase from a high-speed train from Tokyo to Morioka, but things get complicated on the train when he finds 4 skilled assassins who, in the end, will collect the briefcase. The story is

cast Crew

Brad Pitt, Joy King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, Benito A. Martinez Ocasio and Sandra Bullock, and the film was written by Zak Olkewicz and directed by Deadpool fame David Leach. While the cinematography is by Jonathan Sella, the music is composed by Dominic Lewis and produced by Kelly McCormick, David Leach, Antoine Fuqua.

name of the moviebullet train
DirectorDavid Leach
music directorDominic Lewis
the creatorKelly McCormick, David Leach, Antoine Fuqua.
Styleaction drama
ThrowBrad Pitt, Joy King, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon, Benito A. Martinez Ocasio and Sandra Bullock
editorElisabeth Ronaldsdottir

Film Verdict

Watching train background movies always excites us as we have seen Train To Bhushan, which was one of the well made thriller thrillers though Bullet Train is not like Train to Bhushan. Well starting out with introducing the protagonist’s world, the film seems flat until the protagonist gets on the bullet train after getting on the train, the audience will experience multiple genres, which means the story Often turns one mood into another, sometimes it’s good to watch the scene when it’s fun and suddenly turns into a serious mood but it’s good to watch it for a while and watch the whole movie for the audience It’s a tough job.

It has an exciting plot, but David Leach fails to engage the audience from start to finish as it is partly punctuated with some funny moments and innovative action blocks, however, a film like this demands a quiet script , but it ended with a drawn out screenplay, however, there are some funny things in the movie that worked out pretty well, however, the world’s finest assassin snatching a briefcase, seems silly at times but a It gets interesting after facing many conflicts.

Brad Pitt as Ladybug shows his mettle in his acting, as he shines quite well in most of the scenes, however, Aaron Taylor got some stuff to perform and the rest did well according to the film.

David Leach is known for Deadpool, he managed to captivate the audience partly, his writing is good but he failed in execution and what i found didn’t land the emotional point well as he was on it could work.

Technically Bullet Train looks over the top as Jonathan Sella’s cinematography is the film’s major asset, his use of colors in every scene helped put the audience in that mood and Dominic Lewis’ background score is good but could have been better. Tha and editor Elisabeth Ronaldsdottir could have cut out the gruesome scenes at the beginning and the rest of the technical department did their best.

Lastly, Bullet Train is a fun movie with a mix of some action blocks, and this movie is totally for the action movie lovers.

Rating: 3.5/5

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