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Chandramukhi box office collection (Marathi) | day wise | hit or flop & more


Chandramukhi box office collection (Marathi) | day wise | hit or flop & more: Chandramukhi is going to talk about Box Office Collection Day Wise Hit and Flop Chandramukhi is a Marathi language film which is released in India cinema halls on 29th April 2022. It is a Marathi language movie which is almost based on history. In which you people also get to see some old customs of India, its box office collection and budget of ₹ 7000000, the film has been prepared,

whose collection gets to see a lot more down in the initial days but Let us tell you that Chandramukhi movie, which is a Marathi language film, has been released only in Marathi language, due to which the collection of the film can be seen because there is a very small industry but not too small. that the film failed to make more money than its budget

Chandramukhi box office collection

Chandramukhi box office collection
Chandramukhi box office collection
Chandramukhibox office collection details
movie nameChandramukhi
release date29 april 2022
box office collection day 10.40 cr * may earn
total collection
budgets7 cr * approx
hit or floppending
directorPrasad Oak
castAmruta Khanvilkar, Prajakta Mali, and Addinath Kothare
Chandramukhi box office collection

The name of the film is Chandramukhi, which has been released on 29 April 2022 in the cinemas of India in Marathi language, whose box office collection is being estimated on the first day that a box office collection of Rs 0.40 crore can be made, whose total box No information has been released about the office collection so far,

while talking about the budget of the movie, the film has been prepared by investing around 7 crores and you can see any information about the hit or fruit of the movie. While the movie has been directed by Prasad and in the last of the movie, you guys have been acted in the lead role actors of the movie by Amruta and today Katha Malik and Adinath Rathore, then you guys are in sari above. All information is available for viewing

Chandramukhi box office collection day wise

DayIndia Net Collection
Day 1 [1st Friday]₹ 0.40 Cr * may earn
Total₹ 0.40 Cr
Chandramukhi box office collection day wise

Chandramukhi Box Office Collection Day Wise Data What according to the movie’s 1st day box office collection Zero Decimal ₹400000000 Box Office Collection from India is expressed where to book Chandramukhi movie tickets on bookmyshow and paytm. Through the medium, the tickets of the film are booked, let us tell you that here you will get to see the day wise data of every day, which you will get to see the updates day by day, then you will get the data of Chandramukhi’s box office collection. Day wise you will continue to get people here, so for this you can gain all the information about Chandramukhi movie from here.

Chandramukhi movie budgets

Talking about the budget of Chandramukhi Marathi Movie, the budget of the film is estimated to be around ₹ 7000000, where a film based on a good history has been prepared by putting a budget of crores of rupees with the movie, in which you will get good results. Khasi stories are also available to watch, anyway for your information,

let us tell you that Chandramukhi movie has been produced and directed by Prasad, who has given the film a very good direction in Marathi language for Rs 7 crore. Anyway, let us tell you that any type of Marathi language films are mostly made between ₹8 to ₹1000000000, while the maximum number of movies, if any, is 10 to 15 crore Marathi language films. If made, it is considered a very high budget film.

Chandramukhi movie hot or flop

Talking About Hits and Flops of Chandramukhi Movie Kari Tum Any information about the hits and flops of the movie can not be provided at present because the film has been released in theaters at the present time, due to which The budget is ₹ 7000000, if the movie collects from seven crores to 8 crores or slightly up to ₹ 100000000, that means if it collects more than its budget,

then the box office collection of the movie at that time becomes a hit and the movie It also proves to be a superhit, but if the box office collection of the movie is less according to the budget like 4 to 5 crores or below 7 crores, then the collection of the movie in it is very much down to see. meets and proves to be a flop in theaters

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