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Chandramukhi Movie OTT Release Date (marathi) | platform | digital rights


Chandramukhi Movie ott Release Date The film in Marathi language has been released in cinemas of India on 29 April 2022. There are also talks about the digital rights of the film. Chandramukhi Movie is one of the very best movies we are seen acting in Chandramukhi Movie by Amruta Khanvilkar Ever since this film has been released in theaters,

people have been watching Chandramukhi Movie OTT since then. Eagerly waiting to watch on the platform, the possibility of releasing Puri can be expressed on the OTT platform Netflix and not on Amazon Prime Video because where most of the Marathi movies can be seen, most of the Marathi movies are available to watch on platforms like Netflix. And tell that all the films that come in Marathi are available in a new way and different types of movies for you to watch.

Chandramukhi Movie OTT Release Date

Chandramukhi Movie OTT Release Date
Chandramukhi Movie OTT Release Date
Chandramukhi MovieOTT Release Date
movie nameChandramukhi
release date29 april 2022
ott release datemay 2022
ott platformnetflix * expected
digital rightsnetflix
budgets7 cr * approx
directorPrasad Oak
castAmruta Khanvilkar, Prajakta Mali, and Addinath Kothare
Chandramukhi Movie OTT Release Date

The name of the movie is Chandramukhi, which can be expected to release on the OTT platform on May 2022, which will be released on Netflix in the last week of May. I can get it to watch on Netflix only The movie has been released on 29th April 2022 in Marathi language, Jio will be available to watch in theaters only for about 4 weeks,

whose budget is ₹ 7000000 to watch and very much The film has been prepared in a very low budget, the movie has been directed by the director of the film, Prasad and the casting in the movie has been done by Amrita Khan Kabir, acting in the movie and also by Prajakta Mali and by many other artists. Acting has been done in the movie which is a Marathi language film.

Chandramukhi Movie OTT platform

Chandramukhi Marathi Movie that the movie will be released on OTT platform Netflix in the last week of May 2022, where the movie Who is released in theaters on 30 April 2022 For information, let us tell you that Chandramukhi Movie can be seen through OTT platform Netflix. Maybe you will not have to face any kind of problem to watch the movie,

if you have subscribed on Netflix, then if you want to watch the movie Chandramukhi then you have to subscribe on Netflix because it is a type of movie. ki is a white movie on premium content where you people get to watch different types of movies, then to watch chandramukhi movie you will need to subscribe once or else you will get chandramukhi movie Will not get the facility to watch Netflix is ​​a good platform for watching a lot of public movies, which provides the service of digital showing.

Chandramukhi Movie digital rights

The digital rights of Chandramukhi movie can be found for watching available with Netflix. Where the digital rights of Chandramukhi movie is a kind of business deal, if you guys see, the budget of Chandramukhi movie is very less, whose digital ride price can also be found to watch less and it will be written on Netflix, which will come.

Any kind of information for the release of the film which has not been officially released by the tax, then Chandramukhi is a symbol of the understanding of the details and digital rights of the movie whichever OTT platform the movie is. buys the key right he can show modi only on his own platform how many platforms don’t give live stream

Chandramukhi Movie details

Talking about the details of Chandramukhi movie, it is a film based on the history of Jaaye, which has been released in Marathi language. This film based on Chandramukhi which is an Apsara and singer artist dancer is available for you to watch, after the release of the movie in theatres, many people want to watch it on the OTT platform because the rights of the movie through Netflix.

The movie has been directed by Prasad, where in the star cast of the movie you have been acted in by Amruta Khanvilkar and also acted in by Prajakta Mali. The language of the movie is that of Marathi. In this way, you people go to see the details of the movie, to see the movie you can book tickets through bookmyshow and paytm and after that you can see the advance booking report of the movie. get to see faster

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