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Chupi Nazar Web Series Cast Actor Name with photo

Cast Actor Name Chuppi Nazar Web Series  I am also going to give information to you guys and will tell about the story of Nazar and will tell about it for information, so today you guys get information. We are going to tell you that you are going to tell people in a very good way so that information can be given. Let us tell you that this message has been released very soon, this web series will be released on 20 June 2022. You were waiting for a long time to see this drink so now your wait is over because now the body is also released and let you guys know for details. To see the trailer of the body, you can also watch it on YouTube when the trailer of the series is also available on YouTube and you can tell people that if we talk about this OTT platform, then you can put a fridge in it. p>

Which is OTT platform. But if you can see, friends, if you want to get complete information about A to Z web series, then please read this article completely. Friends of web series  If you are a crap actor, it is not fun at all to watch the website, so viewers think more important to know about the actress before visiting the website, so many viewers search< /p>

At last which actress is working in Holiday Nazar web series and what is her name, many viewers are searching for all this information and also visiting many websites but they don’t get any exact information. But now you have come to our website then you do not need to worry at all, we will give you complete satisfaction through our article and if you are also looking for Holiday Watch Web Series then you will definitely get through our article. Will provide accurate information. , If you want to get all the information about it, then please read this article completely, then only you will be able to get all the information, so let’s start without delay

Hidden Nazar Web Series Description

titleHidden Eyes
Release Date20 June 2022
Oat PlatformKookoo App
GenreRomance Drama
Star CastShreyoshi, Ruks Ravindra Yadav, Shivam, Monika Choudhary, Jaya Ehsan Joshi.

For information, let us tell you about the details of the short look web series, then for the information, let us tell you that this web series about the details of this ruin has been released on 20 June 2022 and you will tell people the holiday watch web series which But you can watch and watch the OTT platform, so you were also eagerly waiting to see the body that you guys were also understanding on which OTT platform to watch this series. If you watch from app then you tell people that you can watch this web series very easily from kuku app and you will also get to see romance drama about it, in this you guys wait for it in body. Ravindra Yadav ji will also be seen and also Shivam ji, who has played his Kedar very well, which you will like very much, you also must visit this country once.

Story of Chhupi Nazar web series

So for information, today we are going to tell you about the story of the small eye web series, what happens in the story of this web series. There is a girl who makes ₹400 beds, you guys will tell you Let us tell you that you will get to see people in that web series, he has worked with many boys in another and has worked with many boys for ₹ 400 and you tell people that many people make videos in it, then Later she comes to know that she also wants to take revenge, then she also does a lot to take revenge and let us tell you that to see the trailer of the short-sighted web series, you can watch it on YouTube, in this country. The trailer of this country is also available on YouTube, you guys must watch the trailer of this country once

Hidhu Nazar web series cast and actor name

छुपी नज़र वेब सीरीज़ के कास्ट एक्टर का नाम
  • Shreyoshi,
  • Ruks Ravindra Yadav,
  • Shivam ,
  • Monika Choudhary,
  • Jaya Ehsan Joshi.< ;/li>

If we talk about the cast of Chhavi Nazar web series, then today we will tell you which actor has played his role in the star cast in this hidden eye web series. Today we are going to tell you guys.  First of all let us tell you that the female CG has played her role well, now let us tell you that Ravindra Yadav and Shivam ji have also played their Kedar well. Idiots, you guys will like it very much. Once you must see this vestige, you guys came to see this other but see this message has been uploaded on Kuku and you tell people what happens in this story that you tell people that there is a girl who does 400 beds And his video also goes viral. There is a camera with a small eye,

Chhupi Nazar web series trailer

Seeing the trailer of Chhoti Nazar web series, you were also worried that where to watch the trailer of this beverage, then let us tell you that you can easily watch the trailer of this Jeffries to watch the trailer of Joe Please. The trailer of this web series is available on YouTube, from there you can easily watch the trailer of this Jeffries and tell people that you go to YouTube to watch the trailer of this bill and so is the fridge. You have to type the name and click in the search bar and many web series will come in front of you and you can easily watch the trailer of fridge on it.


About Morning Gaze web series, through the above post and table, we have told you from where you can watch this web series and where you will get to see the trailer of Fridge and you guys can watch it . When the bridge was released and on which OTT platform you can watch this country, then you have given complete information for this, although we have not promoted any website or any other platform, we are right for you. There is also correct information, although you should tell people that this bridge should also be seen by the common people, in this series you will also get to see comedy drama and romance, to see it more you can see people on this bridge but Uploaded

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