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Dangal Box Office Collection Day Wise Budget and Collection is available here to see that the Dangal movie in which you see Aamir Khan acting or the movie is a complete blockbuster movie and proved to be an all time blockbuster where the movie Total Box Office Collection of India was collected from ₹ 387.38 Cr, which is considered to be a very high collection according to that time, for information, let us tell you that the world wide collection of the movie was more than 21 hundred crores box office collection. In this way, the collection of the movie is found to be very strong and that is why this movie is also considered as an all time record.

That there have been many such films of Aamir Khan in Bollywood, which have broken the links of big films, one of which is the movie Dangal Dangal Movie, you must have seen it, tell that according to the movie Dangal, in the movie You people are shown related to wrestling and girls do it Aamir Khan who is from a poor family and you get to see stories, you are shown a very tremendous story, the movie is directed by Nitesh Tiwari, the movie is directed by was done and the film was released 23 December 2016 The movie was released in India and the movie has been ahead in earning a good name along with doing very good box office collections.

dangal box office collection

dangal box office collection
dangal box office collection
DayIndia Net Collectionchange
Day 1 ₹ 29.78 Cr
Day 2 ₹ 34.82 Cr+16.92%
Day 3 ₹ 42.41 Cr+21.80%
Day 4₹ 25.69 Cr-39.42%
Day 5 ₹ 23.09 Cr-10.12%
Day 6 ₹ 21.46 Cr-7.05%
Day 7₹ 20.29 Cr-5.45%
Week 1 Collecion₹ 197.54 Cr
Day 8 ₹ 18.59 Cr-8.38%
Day 9 ₹ 23.07 Cr+24.10%
Day 10 ₹ 32.04 Cr+38.88%
Day 11 ₹ 13.45 Cr-58.02%
Day 12 ₹ 10.46 Cr-22.23%
Day 13 ₹ 9.23 Cr-11.76%
Day 14 ₹ 9.12 Cr-1.19%
Week 2 Collecion₹ 115.96 Cr-41.30%
Day 15 ₹ 6.66 Cr-26.97%
Day 16 ₹ 10.80 Cr+62.16%
Day 17 ₹ 14.33 Cr+32.69%
Day 18 ₹ 4.35 Cr-69.64%
Day 19 ₹ 4.03 Cr-7.36%
Day 20₹ 3.21 Cr-20.35%
Day 21 ₹ 2.97 Cr-7.48%
Week 3 Collecion₹ 46.35 Cr-60.03%
Day 22₹ 1.94 Cr-34.68%
Day 23 ₹ 4.06 Cr+109.28%
Day 24 ₹ 4.24 Cr+4.43%
Day 25 ₹ 1.37 Cr-67.69%
Day 26 ₹ 1.27 Cr-7.30%
Day 27₹ 1.16 Cr-8.66%
Day 28 ₹ 1.04 Cr-10.34%
Week 4 Collecion₹ 15.08 Cr-67.46%
Day 29₹ 1.19 Cr+14.42%
Day 30 ₹ 2.10 Cr+76.47%
Day 31 ₹ 2.83 Cr+34.76%
Day 32 ₹ 0.94 Cr-66.78%
Day 33 ₹ 1.01 Cr+7.45%
Day 34 ₹ 0.34 Cr-66.34%
Day 35 ₹ 0.54 Cr+58.82%
Week 5 Collecion₹ 8.95 Cr-40.65%
Day 36 ₹ 0.28 Cr-48.15%
Day 37₹ 0.42 Cr+50.00%
Day 38₹ 0.50 Cr+19.05%
Day 39 ₹ 0.17 Cr-66.00%
Day 40 ₹ 0.15 Cr-11.76%
Day 41 ₹ 0.15 Cr
Day 42 ₹ 0.13 Cr-13.33%
Week 6 Collecion₹ 1.79 Cr-80.00%
Week 7 Collecion₹ 1.02 Cr-43.02%
Week 8 Collecion₹ 0.43 Cr-57.84%
Week 9 Collecion₹ 0.19 Cr-55.81%
Week 10 Collecion₹ 0.05 Cr-73.68%
Week 11 Collecion₹ 0.02 Cr-60.00%
total₹ 387.38 Cr
dangal box office collection

Box Office Collection of Dangal Movie First Day Collection From India, the movie started the collection of 29.84 crores. For information, let us tell you that the film’s opening day has been very tremendous in India, after that the film made a box office collection of Rs 197 crores in the first week itself, which became very viral, this movie became very viral in the hearts of the people. And was completely covered in the mind and that’s why the movie is so much famous today that people still get lost about the box office collection about it in the second week the film collected 115.96 crores and in the third week Collection of 46 decimal 30 crores in

Where if seen, according to the last week, more than 60% box office collection was seen to decline in the third week, in this way the collection of the movie started going down from the third week in India and its Later that too was kept on the box office collection of India for almost 11 weeks where as the movie Nahi did a total box office collection of Rs 387 crores in 11 weeks which is 17 as of 2016 at that time. If you go, it was a very big amount and tell that almost every single film of Aamir Khan earns a lot of record breaking, out of which Dangal is also one such movie which has made a tremendous collection.

dangal box office collection wordwide collection

Talking about Dangal Movie Box Office Collection World Wide Collection Modi made World Wide Collection 21 hundred crores Box Office Collection The movie had world wide collection where if the budget of the film is seen then the budget of the movie is only ₹ 75000000 Budget movie means that the producers of the movie, whose name was produced by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rai and by Siddharth Rai Kapoor, were invested in the movie, where the money was invested where it is seen. Since Aamir Khan has acted in the lead role and has also been produced by him in the movie, due to which he got to see a different style in the movie and at that time the film earned a lot of money. The movie was directed by Nitesh Tiwari who gave an important role to the film and the movie proved to be an all time blockbuster all over the world.

dangal movie hit or flop

Talking about Dangal Movie Hits and Flops, Dangal Movie is an all time blockbuster movie which has made a tremendous collection in India as well as in many other foreign countries like China, that is, all over the world, which is a complete all time blockbuster. There is no chance of it being a flop because in this movie, the way you people have been shown everything, Aamir Khan broke the entire record, at that time, after the release of Dangal movie, tell me. That even the producer of this film was produced by Aamir Khan, who had earned a lot of good and strong through this film and himself appeared in the lead actor, let us tell you that here you are very Got to see a tremendous film, then proved to be a blockbuster all over India and all world wide.

dangal movie details

Release date: 23 December 2016 (India)
Director: Nitesh Tiwari
Produced by: Aamir Khan; Kiran Rao; Siddharth Roy Kapur
Production companies: Aamir Khan Productions; Walt Disney Pictures India
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, The Walt Disney Company India, UTV Motion Pictures

The movie Dangal was released on 23 December 2016 was released in cinemas in India, where the movie was released in India as well as all over the world, let us tell you that the movie was directed by the director of the movie, Nitesh Tiwari Who had tried to give a lot of good motivational things in the movie and people were inspired by the same that the movie was sitting on their heads so much, they told the production companies of the movie in the name of Aamir Khan Production Company. There is a company which in addition to that the movie was produced by the name of Walt Disney Picture India and distribution was also done through Walt Disney Studio Motion Picture and apart from this there is Company India and many such pictures through which But still you will see people whose name is Aamir Khan, who is his name in all the films and in the matter of earning money too, his name is connected to a great extent.

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