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De Dhakka 2 Movie Reviews & imdb rating

After “De Dhaka”, revolutionary scientist Makrand Jadhav and his family once again embark on a delightfully joyous journey to a thrilling London.

After struggling to release the sequel for the past two years, Manjrekar’s De Dhakka is finally in theatres. To my surprise it’s as fun a joyride as ever.

De Dhakka 2 Movie Reviews & imdb rating
De Dhakka 2 Movie Reviews & imdb rating

After selling the engine part, Makrand has now become a very big businessman. Every car in the world now runs from Makrand side. He is called to England with his entire family to honor him for his achievements. But as the family land in London, the adventure turns crazy.

Shivaji Satam’s drunken personality will make you drowsy again. Siddharth’s different personalities are hilarious, especially when he tries to converse in English. Makrand Jadhav is the glue holding this film together.

It is a pleasure to see Lavani in London. Also, the songs are not that impressive. The era of slapstick comedy is slowly coming to an end. De Dhakha was one of the best Marathi slapstick comedies of its time. The tone it set was outright hilarious.

The sequel doesn’t feel drawn out at all and really lives up to the expectations. It might get unrealistic after a point but it’s fun and it works. Manjrekar’s De Dhakha 2 is a nostalgia ride for the fans of Makrand Anaspure. It’s still better than all the other sequels around. Definitely worth watching!!!


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