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watch Delhi Khabbar MX Player Web Series : Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Nikhil MX Player web series, let us tell you that we have been released on 3rd June 2022 on Max Player, let us tell you for information that in this drama comedy from Luv Rahman Shown, which people are very fond of seeing, do you also want to watch it, then you join us so that you can get all the information. Due to which people are proving a lot, people will watch it a lot because Hindi English has been shown about this film in both languages, through the information, let us tell you that if you want to know, listen and want to get more information. If you are, then you are connected so that you can get all the information, to know the maximum information, you join , which you read the post till further, so that you will get all the information and love romance comedy drama if you like to watch because people like more are made in the same type

Welcome to Delhi High, Delhi’s most elite college. Nearly every student is a rich spoilt brat, and the fancy college is best known for its wild parties, crazy scandals and a mysterious blog that follows the happenings of the crazy students. Ariana Rai Singhania known as the mysterious queen bee of the college is back after mysteriously dropping out of the second year. We get introduced to 4 other characters from the third year section. Each has a direct or indirect connection to re-entry causes a huge stir in the college. All the final year students are curious about where she went but what no one is aware of is the drama that lies in their final year of college. It’s going to be crazier than they could ever imagine.


Delhi Khabbar (Web Series)

Genre:-Romance, Drama
Original network:-MX Player
Original release:-27 May 2022
Last Updated on:-27 May 2022
Delhi Khabbar (Web Series)

Delhi Khabar Web Series If you want to see General Thriller Drama Movie on a student a certificate has been made to a movie if there is a certificate from April 18, the match of the original network is shown on April 1, the talk of the original released, it will be released on May 27, 2022 If you have done so, then talk about the last update on, then release it on May 27, 2022, to know the information, you can get all the information easily.

Delhi Khabbar MX Player Web Series cast

Delhi Khabbar | Episode 1 – Season 1 | 26 May 2022

  • Adeeb Rais.
  • Madhussneha.
  • Faizan Mir.
  • Neha Kanwar.
  • Puneet Brar.

According to the information, let me tell you about Delhi news MX Player web series cast, then 12 episodes of Delhi were wished on 1 January 26 May 2022 by all on the platform, after which Aditya Raj Bhai ji is in it. She is playing her character well in Hai Ji Beach, Faizan Mir is also playing her good character and Neha’s number is also doing her good job and Puneet Brar is also playing her good character because of which you episode is very super is going to be a duper hit because in this Hum student ok Hum student must see this

Delhi Khabbar MX Player Web series trailer

Delhi khabar mx player web series trailer if you want to watch then you must watch saturday and we have given video of taylor’s gender taylor can be easily seen so that you are going to enjoy a lot of interest you can see that we Shown on Max Player in stream 27, you can easily watch it on Maxville because you are a student of Delhi ride, tell the story that today Pallavaram answer will come in it, which you must not enjoy too much by watching this drama and this one from it. Do watch the bar, which you are going to enjoy a lot, you can tell us by commenting, thank you very much for moving forward this post of ours.

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watch Delhi Khabbar MX Player Web Series

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