Dhagad Saamba box office collection | day wise | budgets | hit or flop & more


Dhagad Saamba box office collection ; Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Dhagad Saamba Movie Box Office Collection Day Wise Data Bus Hit and Flop, which we will provide you information about this through information table. Are you curious to know or know? If yes, then definitely tell us by commenting, we will definitely help you in Telugu language or the film was made in which fair romance drama action has also been shown, watching can be a lot of entertainment and action is also shown which is also shown. Seeing people are getting a lot of entertainment, the film has been released in all the theaters of India on 22 May 2022, we will talk about it today, we will give you all the information about it and to know more information, our full post read

It is visible because in the modern era Bollywood films are not being supported much because the public does not want to watch Bollywood films, while the films released in Tamil and Telugu languages ​​are running indiscriminately, its box office collection is also very high. More awesome is coming. The director of the dhagad saamba movie is NR Ready, who has given a very good direction in this film and talking about the main actors working in this film,


Dhagad saamba box office collection

Dhagad saamba movie
Dhagad saamba movie
Dhagad saambabox office collection
dayBox office collection
movie namedhagad saamba
release date20 May 2022
budget8 crore aprox
box office collection10 crore lifetime
hit or floppending
Film typeaction,comedy drama
directorN.R. Reddy
castsampoornes Babu, Sonakshi Verma, Jyoti Rana,Chalaki Chanti
Dhagad saamba box office collection

Dhagad saamba movie is released on 20th May 2022 and is in telugu language, its budget is around 8 crores or if it is made in India, talking about its box office collection, then 10 to karo life time is Arif’s hit of Loki Baat. Talking about the type of this film or the movie is still pending, then action committee drama is going to be full of entertainment, its producer BH SRINUKUMAR RAJU, by whom this film was presented, the director of this film is and R Ready ji and this film About the Cast of Your Who has played their role in this movie They have shown Drama and Action and Comedy in this movie Sampoornes Babu, Sonakshi Verma, Jyoti Rana,Chalaki Chanti

Dhagad saamba movie budget

Talking about the budget of Dhagad saamba movie, then the budget of this movie so this film dhagad saamba released in Telugu language has reached the box office and cinemas in the budget of 8 crores and if you are looking for this If you want to watch the film and like comedy and action scenes, then this movie is going to prove to be very good for you and in the coming time this movie is seen earning around ₹ 100000000.

Dhagad saamba movie hit or flop

Talking about the hit and flop of Dhagad saamba movie, we cannot say anything about this movie as well because this movie is also in pending, after running in theaters for a few days, we will give you information about this movie that this movie is a hit. Yes, you guys can not say anything about it too but if it is seen according to its budget and according to its box office collection, then the movie can prove to be a super duper hit.

Talking about, this movie has been able to do a box office collection of only ₹ 400 in 3 days. While this movie has been prepared in a budget of about eight crores, so far only half of the budget of this movie has been recovered, but for your information, let me tell you that if this movie crosses the earning of ₹ 100000000 then it The movie will be considered a superhit.


The information given in this post is approximate, so it may be more or less in the box office collection or budget of this movie, so if there is any deficiency in this post, then you must tell us by commenting so that I can rectify my mistakes. I can try

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Dhagad saamba box office collection

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