bhojpuri movie trailerEk Duje Ke Liye 2 bhojouri full movie

ek duje ke liye 2 bhojpuri full movie download full hd (2021)

ek duje ke liye 2 Bhojpuri full movie download full hd Pawan Singh 2021

Ek Duje Ke Liye 2 Bhojpuri Full Movie Trailer has been released on YouTube very soon, which you can watch, in this movie you will get to see good acting by Pawan Singh and Shehar Hafta. It is more good and very good movie as you know that in Bhojpuri movie almost every 1 month some trailer keeps coming and many superstars like these like Khesari Lal Yadav Pawan Singh and Nirhua like superstar you People get to see but here a new trailer of Pawan Singh comes almost every 1 month and a new song comes, so that’s why his song is very popular and the movie is also very fantastic, that’s why so much viral If we talk about the movie, then their movie is played on Bhojpuri cinema TV serial channel, from where you can also watch 2 Bhojpuri full movie trailers if we talk about it, then you will be there. People’s starcast will be seen Pawan Singh Madhu Sharma Saharsa and Maya Yadav and Di You will be seen acting here by Pika Sinha. Talking about the printer, this film has also been uploaded on Private Limited YouTube channel, meaning Fit has been presented from the same name, the name of the producer of this movie is The movie is produced by Abhay Sinha and Prashant Jammu Wala and Sameer Aftab. The movie is directed by Parag Patil. It is here that the same scene is seen in the love story and after that in the last, which is seen in every single moment, although here you will not get to see anything different, the way the story of a normal Bhojpuri film lives in the same way. Here too you will be shown the story.

new bhojpuri movie 2021 download full hd 

  • Movie – EK DUJE KE LIYE 2 
  • Star Cast – Pawan Singh, Madhu Sharma, Sahar Afsha, Maya Yadav, Deepak Sinha
  • Presenter – Yash Films Pvt. Ltd.
  • Produced By – Abhay Sinha, Prashant Jammuwala, Samir Aftab
  • Director – Parag Patil
  • Co-Producers – Zabawa Entertainment – Madz Movies
  • U.K. Team Producer – Vipul Sharma 
  • Director of Photography – Mukesh Sharma
  • Creative Head – Pankaj Tiwari
  • Executive Producer – Anil Kumar Singh, Md. Osamu Shaikh ‘Sonu’
  • Production Executive – Prabhav Chaturvedi
  • Associate Director – Kumardev Singh Jyoti
  • Chief Assistant Director – Anil Kumar
  • Music – Chhote Baba
  • Singers – Pawan Singh, Tripti Shakya, Priyanka Singh
  • Lyrics – Prakash Barood, Ritesh Singh
  • Music Arrangers – Shishir Pandey, Sonu Punjabi
  • Editor – Gurjit Singh   
  • Promo Editor – Umesh Mishra 
  • Choreographer – Sanjay Korver, Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
  • Story & Dialogues – Rakesh Tripathi
  • Screenplay – Parag Patil, Rakesh Tripathi
  • P.R.O. – Ranjan Sinha, Sarvesh Kahyap 
  • Director Of Photography – Mukesh Sharma 
  • Designer – Narsu (Shakti Arts) 
  • Background Music – Shekhar Singh 
  • Art Director – Ajay Maurya, Munna Maurya
  • Customer – Madhur Designz, Sunita Kavita Creations, Bhakti Joshi, Niyaz Ahmed
  • Mixing & Mastering – KRISHNA VISHWAKARMA (3 Studios)
  • Music Arrangers – Shishir Pandey, Sajan Mishra
  •  Supervising Producer – Sanjay Sinha
  • Still and Making Photographer – Kuber Behera
  • Assistant Production Executive – Sagar Sogale
  • Production – A Particle Pictures Limited Production
  • Company Makeup & Hair Stylist – Bablu Biswas, Sheetal Kamble 
  • Production In-Charge – Dheeraj Gupta, Bhola Shah, Dinesh Mandal
  • Yashi Films Team – Anil Kumar Singh,Hasamu Sheikh (sonu), Ramprasad Haldar, Prasad Sawant, Vinayak Solanki, Awadhesh Kumar, Amey Sawant, Subhash Singh, Deepak Thakur, Lalan Kumar Pasawan, Aman Chauhan
  • Project Head – Kumar Saurav Sinha
  • Digital – Anil Kumar Singh 
  • Digital Head – Vicky Yadav

ek duje ke liye 2 bhojpuri full movie download

Ek Duje Ke Ke Do Bhojpuri Full Movie Download If you guys want to download Bhojpuri full movie Pawan Singh’s movie for each other, then for that you guys have been given the link below from where you guys can download a lot of movies for each other. You can download Bhojpuri movie, although we will not download any on our website, but all the information about downloading you guys is provided but friends here we can tell you any movie. When it is released, only torrent websites start providing it for free to download the movie and friends, that is the whole website, it keeps on being sister again and again if you guys also download Bhojpuri full movie for each other. If you want to watch or want to watch, then you have been given a link here, by clicking on it, you can go to our second page where you will get people to watch the movie.

ek duje ke liye 2 bhojpuri movie release date

Ek Duje Ke Liye 2 Full Movie Bhojpuri Movie Release Date 2021 has been released, the date of the movie has not been done by any friends but it has not happened yet, let us tell you that the film for each other has been released by a lot of people. I am liking the trailer of this and people are also eagerly waiting for this film, people are also searching a lot on Google for two Bhojpuri movie, so if you also want to see this film So you guys will have to wait a little bit and by December this film will be released where you can go to theaters and enjoy.

ek duje ke liye film bhojpuri

The name of the film is Movie Ek Duje Ke Liye in which you will be seen acting by Pawan Singh, Madhu Sharma, Sahar Afsha, besides Maya Yadav and Deepak Sinha, in which the present company is presenting the movie by Yash Films Pvt Ltd. Apart from this, the movie will be produced by Abhay Sinha and Prashant Jammu Wala and Sameer Amitabh. Talking about the director, this film is being directed by Parag Patil and produced by Java Entertainment. Money is being spent Talking about the director, here the director of photography is done by Mukesh Sharma and the creative head is Pankaj Tiwari Production Executive Prabhu Chaturvedi and the name of Chief Assessment Director is Anil Kumar Jin. People have done a good job in this film, due to which the film is attracting people to its side, so if you have not seen this movie yet, then you can definitely enjoy it once.

एक दूजे के लिए २ भोजपुरी मूवी

Its trailer has been released in Ek Duje Ke Liye Two Bhojpuri Movie 2021, in which you will be seen acting Pawan Singh, Modi will be hair-led in the theater, which will be a nearby Bihar theater, the first to release the movie in the same. Will be given from where you can enjoy watching and watching the movie Modi will be released in 2021 as you know no release date of Bhojpuri films is fixed in this film And the movie is rated in this, if you people will ever see it on any website on Google, then you will not get any fixed date to watch, then friends, if you guys like Bhojpuri movie for each other, you guys have liked the trailer. And if you guys want to watch then you can also wait for that the trailer of the movie has been given above for you guys to watch from where you can enjoy watching the trailer of the movie.

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