eMudhra Limited IPO GM | good or bad | Sher price | review


eMudhra Limited IPO GM ; Hello friends, today we are going to talk about eMudhra Limited Company and whether this company is good or bad, should share in this company or not, what is the price of the company and its release is not known about its website. Will reach you through the medium, after getting all the information, you can join the company here, what kind of company is you, you can buy this company from this company, however let us tell you that you can share in any company without thinking. Do not take it because let us also tell you that in today’s time, many such companies keep coming to India, which takes our money in it and it is not known at all when it will go, this company keeps on coming but all the other companies Even after knowing in detail the complete information about you buy from there and you get all the information through the table

eMudhra Limited IPO GMP

eMudhra Limited IPO GMP
eMudhra Limited IPO GMP
eMudhra Limited IPO GMP
Fresh Issue: Approx ₹161 Crores
 Offer for Sale: Approx 9,835,394 Equity Shares
 Face Value: ₹5 Per Equity Share
 eMudhra Price Band: ₹243 to ₹256 Per Share
 eMudhra Listing on: BSE & NSE
 Retail Quota: 35%
 QIB Quota: 50%
 NII Quota: 15%
eMudhra Limited IPO GMP

Here we are going to talk about eMudhra Limited IPO and other things, which according to the latest news, the share of about 161 crores has been , where more than 98 crore 33 lakh shares have been marketed for the offer sale. If you talk about its face value, then you will have to pay about ₹ 5 on top of the equity share and if you talk about its price band, then you have to pay the share from ₹ 283 to ₹ 256. While this company has been listed in both the places, BSE & NSE, from where you can buy your city through these two companies, apart from this, if we talk about its retail quota, then it is 35%. And UIT quota is available for viewing up to 50% and Anil quota is available for viewing up to 15%, so you have got all this information to see in the above table as well, so in this way you get limited IPO of GM. Get to see full information about


eMudhra Limited good or bad

We are going to talk here about eMudhra Limited Good or Bed, tell that which is this company, if you want to invest your money in it, then it is necessary for you to find out somewhere how this company is. How is it and how is it not, if you invest more money in the company and the company goes down tomorrow or leaves and runs away, then you incur a lot of loss in this, in this way you have to be the first person of the company. It is necessary to do a good search and research about it, after that you should invest your money in any company, that’s why no information has been provided about this company about good and bed and you people have to know about it manually. You should look at its past records, after that you will definitely know whether the company is good or bad because according to its past records, it can be ascertained whether the company is of the company for the last 7 years or on the basis of how many years old the company is. Considering the value of the share price, you should invest money along with it. You should do this, you can get a good profit return

eMudhra Limited Sher price

Talking about the share price of eMudhra Limited Company, its share has been launched recently, which is about 20 to 23 May 2022. Its shares have been launched among the entire public, where if you If you look at its price band, then you get to see the city at ₹246 to ₹256, while if you see its face value, then you get to see the equity shares at ₹5, so in this way if you people see its city If you want to buy then you get to see its shares up to ₹ 250 which is starting from ₹ 246, if you buy its share, if its price increases further then you can earn a lot of profit by selling it but If the share price goes down and you send it, you will have to face a loss somewhere, after that you will get your invested money back, that too with a loss, that’s why when to see the increase in its price. Then if you sell your price, you sell your city, till then you will be able to see good profits for people. will get

eMudhra Limited IPO GM review

Here we are going to talk about eMudhra Limited IPO review, or how the company is or how it is not, by the way, let us tell you that the price of its share which has been launched is very high. You can get to see, according to the way you know about this company, for your information, let us tell you that the share price here is very high, which is available to see. That is started from about ₹ 246 and its face value is available to see the face value of the share at about ₹ 5, for your information, let us tell you that it is a new company or not, the company is the fastest Moves forward or the new company sinks fast, so you people have to invest your money keeping in mind a lot more.

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