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HUNTER 2 – South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Full Action Romantic Movie

HUNTER 2 – South Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie | Hindi Dubbed Full Action Romantic Movie

Hunter 2 new South Indian dubbed movie. but you can watch this movie in the Hindi language. because this movie is dubbed in Hindi. movie release on YouTube. but you can watch Hunter 2 movie on my website complete HD. I talk about Hunter 2 movie credit HUNTER 2 movie directed by Hari Nath and this movie produced by m.v.v. Satyanarayana but I talked about this movie staring I mean Star cast to a friend whose name is Aadhi Pinisetty, Taapsee Pannu & Ritika Singh, friend this movie edited by Pradeep e.  Raghav  very nice editing this movie because only one time you can watch this movie and understand this person

Synopsis : 

Kalyan (Aadhi), a blind chef, owns a restaurant and is very successful. He has a loving family and is well respected by his workers. His usual daily routine includes spending time in his restaurant playing guitar after it closes and taking a walk back to his house. One night while he is about to close up and leave, Vennela (Taapsee Pannu) shows up in the restaurant requesting to help feed a homeless person.

Kalyan is impressed with her in their first meeting, and gradually starts to fall in love with Vennela and proposes to her one day. Vennela says that while her feelings are mutual, her dad got into trouble with people who lent him money and the goons are threatening to abduct her if her dad doesn’t repay them, and both she and her dad are planning to skip town to escape them. Kalyan assures that he will pay it the next day, however, gets hit in an accident while going back home and gets admitted to the hospital for 2 weeks, unconscious.

When Kalyan wakes up, he will not be able to find Vennela and fears that goons might have abducted her. Series of unexpected and shocking events follow. In the end, Kalyan finds out that Vennela is a con-woman and has been cheating on disabled people in the name of love and has been stealing money from them. Vennela is caught redhanded trying to cheat another person and is sent to jail.


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