Hyderabad Gang-Rape Victim, Minor Girl Gangraped Including Family of Some Politicians


Hyderabad Gang-Rape Victim, Minor Girl Gangraped Including Family of Some Politicians : Hello friends I am Mohd nizam today we are going to tell about dabad gang rape which is gang raped with a 17 year old girl and let us tell you what to do with these poor people We are giving you all the information through our website, let us tell you that people have come together to gang-rape them, there was some conspiracy, what was the conspiracy, we will tell you the information below. Know about them, how this gang rape happened, now told that the gang rape was a Hyderabad minor girl or a girl was a girl of politics, for the information, let us tell you that because of us, you got all the information through our website. We know that you got it because of us, so that you get all the information about this gang rape, you have been associated with our business and read the thinking till further

According to the information, let us tell you that all the accused are minors, it is believed that the son of an MLA is part of the group, but the police say that he may not be involved in the gang rape.


A teenager who had gone to a bus for a party in Hyderabad was allegedly gang-raped by a schoolboy inside a car in an expensive part of the city last Saturday. For information, we will tell you that the accused fell down, police say. Abhi and are class XII students and belong to politically influential families. Son of an MLA is believed to be part of the group but police say he may not be innocently involved in a rape. On Saturday evening, a 17-year-old girl had eloped with her friend who left early. The teen allegedly befriended a boy and left her with his friends yesterday as well. They had allegedly promised to drop her home.


For information, let us tell you that according to the police, the group had gone to the pastry shop before the attack. 5 boys allegedly parked the car at Jubilee which is one of the areas near the city and raped the girl in turn. did while others were giving mercury outside work

It is believed that the MLA’s son, whose name has come up in the case, allegedly got down from the car before the beating and ran away. When asked about her arrival, he reportedly told her that had attacked her after a party. Some boys had attacked her.

Police had registered a case of breach of seal based on the complaint of the girl’s father, Shivraj Singh. Later, when he gave a detailed statement, a case of rape was registered. His father contacted us, he told us what he told us. As per we registered a case of outrageousness and she has been booked under the Protection of Children of Offenders ho1 her was not the same but what happened the girl was not in a position to reveal anything police officer Joel Davis told NDTV

When the girl was sent to the women officers, she disclosed what had happened. Davis said he could not identify the accused as he had only one name. Based on the footage and technical evidence, we are looking for Sandeep to look into the matter. I am getting that the girl’s father said in his complaint that at around 5:30 in the evening he was thrown out of his car by some people. Later they misbehaved with my daughter and beat her. She has minor injuries on her neck. Since then my daughter is in deep shock and unable to reveal what really happened. Complaint Police is also investigating how to enter her minors yesterday

Hyderabad gang rape

According to the information, let us tell you that on May 28, a case has been registered against five minors for alleged gang-rape in the police station area from Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad. Complaint was lodged The complaint said that the girl was taken away by some boys in the car. In the CCTV footage, the victim is seen standing outside a pub with the accused. The boys offered to drop her home but Let us tell you for information that the Telangana BJP directed the Hyderabad Police Station regarding the Jubilee Hills rape case, after which the security arrangements at the post site, State Home Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali DGP and Hyderabad City Police Commissioner in the Hyderabad rape case immediately He has requested to take action, he has said that no person should be spared any person involved in this case, no matter who is, according to the DCP of West Zone, the MLA’s son has been accused of a lot in the media, the statement of the victim is based on the CDR and CCTV footage. according to that Wasn’t among those five. We’re still investigating more evidence.

We are standing with the family, we will definitely help them

According to the information, let us tell you that this matter is coming to the fore, is the Hyderabad rape’s TRCS leader K Kavita said that the tragic incident of rape of his minor will be seen, let us tell you that the Telangana Police will go till the women’s safety. When it comes to our fifth road talent card is a record, I have done it, you can see that the matter is getting serious in front of us very fast, now it is being looked after. It has not been confirmed but let us tell you that there is a lot of action going on about it as we will get the information about it, we will give it to you because till now we have given you the information we would have received like In the same way we get further information, in the same way we will share you through our website, you can get information about these poor people like you connected through our website and let us tell you what you want that both should be punished. Should it be or not, you must tell us by commenting, what do you want? Whether they should be hanged or not, you should also tell us by commenting so that we can understand your point.

Disclaimer : Let us tell you that this news was not written to hurt anyone by not writing personal after reading such a post, rather let us tell you the incidents that happen, we publish the incidents by writing them and for information. For, let us tell you that the things that we get from the Internet, we share on you, let us tell you according to the information that no one should take personal from it, this post has not been updated to hurt anyone. Give it or it is a fact This post has been shared to show the truth

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