Imlie 23th June 2022 Written Episode Update – report


Imlie 23th June 2022 Written Episode Update – report: Hello friends, today we are going to talk here that we are going to provide you the update of Mili’s writing episode of June 23, 2022, where you want to tell people about the whole incident of Mili and it Let us tell you about tamarind that here we will display all the information related to you, where you tell people that you get to watch about 1 crore people, 21 to 30 minutes episode to watch all the episodes. Out of which total you get to watch 11 episodes, for your information, let us tell you that there is a very good serial here.

Whose 11 episodes are available to watch, so if you people watch the serial on TV serial, then you can easily find out about its writen update, here tell that you are shown on Star India TV channel. Where one episode of this is available to watch in Hindi and it is a type of TV serial and in the name of B stream, you can also watch online for people to watch which can be seen through Disney Plus Hotstar


If we can see it on Star India, let us tell you that if we talk with this at present time, then it is available to watch a kind of selling Hindi Episode 1 which is also available to talk about star cast here. and which people have acted in them and which people will be seen acting, which we have provided you to the people by displaying the complete information in the table below. Which you people can see that will be easily available for viewing, let us tell you that the writen update has been provided here, you will get the tamarind to see.

Imlie 23th June 2022 Written Episode details

Imlie 23th June 2022 Written Episode details
Imlie 23th June 2022 Written Episode details

Here let us tell you that the right one update episode of 23 June 2022 to Tamarind is available to you to see its details here, where the episode is doing 10 episodes, the name of the 10 episodes is Tamarind and you guys Let us tell you that in this you people get to see a lot of family drama things which has been created by Gul Khan who has prepared and developed it in a very good way by Leena Gangopadhyay. Who has developed it in a very tremendous way and talking about writing, it has been written.

Whatever dialogues or other things have been written by Aparajita Sharma and Nidhi Sharma and the original lyrics have also been provided by these same people to the dialogues and take the lyrics, which is being liked by a lot of people and even at the present time. It can be seen that those who are watching it are also liking its writing very much, so if you people want to get more information about its item, then here you have been done.

Written EpisodeImlie
Created byGul Khan
Developed byLeena Gangopadhyay
Written byAparajita Sharma (Dialogues)Divy Nidhi Sharma (Dialogues & Original Lyrics)
Screenplay byVera RainaSonakshi Khandelwal
Story byVed RajAakriti Atreja
Directed byAtif KhanRahul TiwariAjay KumarPawan Kumar Jha
Creative directorMuskan Bajaj
StarringSumbul Touqeer KhanFahmaan KhanGashmeer MahajaniMayuri Deshmukh
Theme music composerTapas Relia
Opening themeImlie
ComposerNishant Raja
Original languageHindi
ProducersGul KhanKarishma Jain
Production locationsFilm City, Mumbai,
Ramoji Film City
CinematographyNidhin Valanday
EditorsShashank H. SinghRakesh Lal Das
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time21–23 minutes
Production company4 Lions Films
DistributorStar India
Original networkStarPlus
Picture format576i1080i(HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Imlie 23th June 2022 Written Episode details

Let us tell you here that the Tamarind serial TV channel that you get to watch on Star India, if we talk about the things, then tell here that it has been screenplayed as Vara Rehna Sonakshi. By Jahan where its storyline is seen tomorrow that Ved is provided by Raj Aakriti and it is directed by Atif Khan Rahul where Tiwari is directed by Ajay and Kumar Pawan and Kumar Jha

And creative director Muskaan Bajaj has done the work of creative director in this, if we talk about it, you get to see in the staring that the work of staring has been done by Sambhal Khan and many other people whose work has been done in it. The name is Sumbul Touqeer KhanFahmaan KhanGashmeer MahajaniMayuri Deshmukh who has acted very well in this, tell that the theme music here is done by composer Tapas Rally and talking about the opening theme, it was done by Tamarind. Hai composer you have been composed by Nishant Raja

And in Virgin Language Hindi language you get to see or stream it, which has been inspired by the producer Gul Khan Karishma Jain and talk about the production location, then Film City Mumbai where you guys get to see Rama Ramoji film. City is available for viewing and cinema photography is done by Nidhi Balade and it has been edited by Governance Now with multiple camera setup you get to see people

Where its running time is available to watch from 21 to 23 minutes, it has been produced by the production company Online Entertainment and it has been distributed by Star Plus where its picture format allows you to watch 1080p full HD format. And tell that the audio format that is available to watch here is available to watch Doll Baby Digital, which is being liked by a lot more people at the present time and I definitely hope I hope you guys must see it too

Imlie 23th June 2022 REVIEW

Talking about the review of Tamarind 23 June 2022, then let us tell you that the Ravi which is available to see here, is to be seen in such a way that the people living in Tamarind are very much belonging to very poor families. That we get married in a rich family, due to which we can go to see people that you tell people that it is very much available to see a big episode where its tamarind’s health deteriorates, due to which he has to be in the hospital. It is also taken and you tell people that tamarind is kept in the hospital for a long time, due to which tamarind is not conscious, then they understand the doctor.

That here the tamarind is dead, that is, when the tamarind does not sense, the tamarind thinks that the tamarind is dead, but Aryan must have seen the tamarind’s hand here because you can tell the people that the tamarind’s hand here is the shroud. I remain open and at the present time also it can be seen that he comes moving towards tamarind, in this way you people get to see the drama, Joke gets to see very good, tell you people does she die in the hospital or not is it true that is a lie

You will also get to see the information about this here, as well as tell that tamarind is also taken to the crematorium by filling it in the car, let us tell you that the hand of Aryan Ali, who lived there, saw Because he will tell you when it is open here and in this way what is true and what is false about tamarind at the present time, you people must know somewhere, then you people will know tell you Let us tell that in the episode which is available to watch here, everything has been exposed in a much better way, where the name of Tamarind falls from the side of the girl.

On the other hand, hope that you people will definitely like it, from the background music to the acting of the people, let us tell you that you can watch the latest episodes through Disney Plus Hotstar. Will also get it for you, where if you people have not seen it yet, then you can go and see it, let us tell you that it is very good and which people are also liking it in a much better way at the present time. you get to see people

That those who have got sufficient amount of information about this show because let us tell you that there is a regular here whose new episode keeps on coming every day and people also very much like the episodes provided here. Like it very much, which is being distributed by the distributor Star Plus and you get to see people on it too, for your information, let us tell you that if you people have not seen the tamarind season yet. If yes then you guys can also enjoy coming in Tamarind Season 2 Latest Online I hope you too

That you people would have liked the information provided here very much and let us tell you that people have liked its review very much, then the review of Tamarind which is of 23 June 2022 has been provided to you here. And if you people have liked it very much, then you can enjoy on this website of ours, and the latest information and information of many types of entertainment is shared with you.


The information provided here has been provided to you through the search of the Internet, where you tell people that the information has been provided here through your own research, in this if you people have any doubts. If yes, then you can tell us in the comment, apart from this, the post has been written here only to promote your information and to write support here.

We do not have any responsibility in this, so you can go and watch this serial easily with the help of the official site where you can watch it through official platforms like Disney Plus Star for people to see, where you People will need to subscribe then you will get to see people

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