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imlie written update 27th june 2022

imlie written update 27th june 2022: Hello friends my name is santosh to tell you guys found enough of 27th June 2022 saw tamarind sleeping and going close to him let him leave his anger and to settle the differences when to avoid when Sundar lay down in English his Frightened after hearing the voice, friends, you are going to get a lot of information about all such things,

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let me tell you that this is a very good and very good super-interest tamarind. asked to reconcile their differences. Lying in the guise of Tamarind, Sundar is horrified to hear her voice. Tamarind returns to the room and enjoys the drama. Sunder prompts him to manage the situation. Aryan apologizes to Tamarind and tries to hug her. Beautiful falls off the bed. Tamarind quickly crawls on her stomach under the bed and stands in Sundar’s place.

imlie written update

imlie written update
imlie written update

Friends, talk to you guys about the Tamarind Brighter update, then its last of the 27th June 2022, you guys got to see about Emily’s sleeping, the last update was done on 27th June, 27th June Later, it just doesn’t get updated for some reason. Aryan emotionally apologizes to him again and says that he was at the police station on allegations of trying to burn down Madhav’s house

. Tamarind says she trusts him, but couldn’t find evidence for him. She doesn’t need any proof anymore and asks if she can spend time with him and have breakfast with him.

She agrees and hugs him. After sometime, Keri/Tamarind gets busy cooking in the kitchen when Jyothi comes in. Carey wished her a good morning and said that she was about to bring her lemonade to cure her hangover, remembering last night’s incident. Jyoti asks if she is so worried for him.

Carrie asks why she shouldn’t when they are friends now. Jyoti says she remembers everything and asks if she can do anything for him as a friend. Carrie says that she can do anything for him. Jyoti tells him to kill Imli and cut it into small pieces, then she will gift him gold bangles of her own weight. Carrie chews out of panic. Jyoti asks what is she doing. Carrie says that she is tying up to gain weight.

Jyoti leaves. Jyoti orders Harry to kill Tamarind today. Harry says that Tamarind is pregnant. Jyoti asks if he is Imli’s brother that she is worried for him and says that instead Kairi will be blamed. During breakfast, Carrie tells Jyoti that she killed Tamarind and cut it into 55 pieces, so Jyoti will have to give her 55 tola of gold. Jyoti excitedly opens the bowl and finds tamarind/tamarind pieces in it.

imlie written update 27th june 2022 story

Narmada asks what happened. Carrie says that Jyoti ordered her to cut tamarind into small pieces. Jyoti angrily orders him to go out of her sight. Kairi leaves to dress up as Tamarind and has breakfast with Aryan. Jyoti next orders Harry to kill Tamarind as Carrie fails. Harry leaves. Tamarind returns to her normal avatar, forgets to remove Carrie’s wig, and Sita prays to Maiya to protect Aryan. She then removes the wig and folds Carrie’s clothes when Harry enters her room through the window and is shocked to learn that Tamarind is Carrie. Tamarind gets stressed.

Harry walks up to her and asks why she was acting as Carrie. Tamarind says that she knows her and Jyoti’s intentions. He tries to attack her. She calls Aryan. He holds her and tells her that she has to die or else Jyoti will not spare her. Tamarind pushes him away and says that he will kill 2 people. He says cannot kill anyone, but has to kill Jyoti to save himself.

Aryan gets worried for Tamarind and heads towards his room. Jyoti works to fall down to stop her until Harry kills Tamarind. She says that she must have broken her leg and asks Aryan to take her to the hospital. Aryan asks Sundar to take him to the hospital. Jyoti says she feels fine and wonders how to stop her until Harry kills Tamarind.


10 So we are going to tell you the disclaimer that tamarind episode written on 28 june 2022 you still received on date runs towards tamarind’s room and gets shocked for sometime read online 27 june 2022 written episode today ka navneet navneet ab new old episodes Real Star Plus India Drama Series Emily Complete Show Complete Written Update Tamarind Ki Written Out From 27th June 2022, you will get all the updates from our website, I tell you about all these updates, then all the updates will be given to you. You will continue to meet on behalf of the website, just read our updates, complete information, complete information so that you can give all the information to the people.

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