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Ishq par zor nahin serial cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki full details

Ishq par zor nahin serial cast, Timings, Story, Real Name, Wiki full details

Hello friends, if you guys want to know about Ishq Pe Jor Nahi Serial Cast and Ishq Pe Jor Nahi Serial Timing and other directors and producers because friends this is the most popular Ishq Pe Jor Nahi serial which you guys like to watch more on TV. Although more women of the house and almost maidens also like to see it, then whatever you can see, although after watching this, it arises in the minds of people that in the end, who is not the emphasis on love, who is in the cast of the serial. He is a hero and what is his real name, you will get to see about all these things in this post, from where you have been provided good information about the cast of the serial, not the emphasis on love. You can get very good information pradhan here, if we talk about the cast of serial, then here you get to see people in the cast, Prem Singh and Akshita Mughal acting in it. 
And the editing that is done is done very well. If you know, the name of the editor is Satsang, it is edited by Harendra Singh and Krishna Kumar, apart from this, talking about the producer, the movie has been presented by Gul Khan Karishma Jayanti Kalvani, who spent all the money in this movie. This TV serial has given the ability to invest all the expenses and people are almost provided salary by them, we have talked about the producer, if we talk about the director, then in this you people get to see the director. He is Lalit Mohan, who is a very amazing director, if we talk about the project head, then the work of the project head is being done by the BJP, apart from this, if we talk about the TV serial location, then on the present time. Due to popin, its location is Mumbai and from where you can see the production house which is being produced from there, you can definitely read and watch it once.

ishq par zor nahin serial cast

Ishq Par Zor Nahin cast
Name Ishk Par Zor Nahi!
Main Cast Param Singh and Akshita Mudgal
Editor Shashank Harendra Singh Krishna Kumar
Producer Gul Khan Karishma Jain Dipti Kalwani
Director Lalit Mohan
Concept Gul Khan
Production House 4 Lions Films
Project Head Vijay V Shetty
Costume Stylist Anuradha Khurana Nidhi Kurda Khurana
Background Music Elvis Valentine
Theme Music Tapas Relia
Dialogues Divya Sharma Aparajita Sharma
Screenplay Harneet Singh
Story Sudhir Singh
DoP Raju Gauli
Theme Music Tapas Relia

As you guys are able to see that all the things have been explained to you very well through the table here, from where you people also get to see a good information because here the director is the producer. Ishq Pe Jor Nahi has provided good information about serial cast if we talk about cast then here you get to see director Lalit Mohan and talk about creative director then Nidhi movie by JK Jha This TV serial has been directed by Divya Sharma and Aparajita, the screenplay is done by Harneet Singh and the writer of the story is named by Sudhir Singh of this TV serial. The story is written talking about the theme and music, then Tapas is given by Railways, which is quite tremendous.

ishq par zor nahin ishq real name

real name cast
Param Singh Ahaanvir Malhotra
Akshita Mudgal Ishki Malhotra (Ahaanvir’s wife)
Rajat Verma Kartik Malhotra (Ahaan’s cousin brother)
Jaswinder Gardner Savitri Malhotra (Ahaan’s mother)
Shagun Sharma Sonali Malhotra/Sonu (Ahaan’s sister)
Kapil Soni Ahaan’s Uncle
Mamta Verma Ritu Malhotra (Ahaan’s aunt)
Abha Parmar Preeto Malhotra (Ahaan’s grandmother)
Lakshya Handa Raj (Sonali’s husband)
Beenna Malje Sarla (Raj’s mother)
Shekhar Gill Mayank (Ahaan’s best friend and Ishki’s ex-fiancée)
Akash Gupta Mayank (replaced by Shekhar Gill)
Preety Arora Sharma Suman (Mayak’s mother)
Kimmy Kaur Ishki’s aunt
Neha Rana Riya Mehta (Ahaan’s fiancée)
Hetal Yadav Riya’s Mother
Jaideep Singh Riya’s Father
Arundhati Bandyopadhyay Ginni (Sarla’s assistant)
Rajiv Kumar Suraj

Hello and welcome Hello friends, as you know, we have not emphasized on love here, we have tried to provide information related to timing and other things to you people, here you will get to see the real name where one On the one hand, suffering has been written and on the other hand you will get to see them everyday, which is very strong and very good, then you can see their role and know their real name, to know their real name. So in this side, you people have been given on the left side from where you will get to see the real name and their real name is this and if there is some other name in the TV serial then you must have understood how Tv serial fund remains from

ishq par zor nahin riya timing

Ishq Par Zor Nahin timing
Channel Name Sony TV
Show Timings Monday to Friday at 9:30pm
Running Time 20-25 Minutes
Starting Date 15 March 2021
Country India
Language Hindi
Opening Themeb Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe [1]
Final Episode 20 August 2021
Here the timing is given to you guys and the timing is being provided to you in such a way that love is not emphasized, to see its time, let us tell you what its channel is on Sony TV. It is shown live from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM, apart from Ishq Pe Jor Nahi TV serial, its starting date means when it was released, then it is shown on 15 March 2021 and running time is 20 to 25 minutes. Till the score is shown, talking about the country, it has been launched in India itself and language original Hindu which is spoken Hindi in Latin language, it will be seen in Hindi language in the same language and about the opening theme. If I talk about it, let’s go at risk which means initially its name was something like this and the final episode was shown on 20th August 2020, then you can understand that you can also watch to see this. If we talk about this, then here you will get good information about many things apart from timing. Which you guys can see.

ishq par zor nahin serial cast salary

Talking about the serial, all the cast members in this serial have a fixed salary for their role and they charge a lot of money for that, but let us tell you that I don’t have any of my own. Whether salary or how much money they charge, all these things are never talked about openly and even if there is talk, these people are as actors as they are, they do not even tell us openly that we have to watch this TV of this film. How much money has been received for the serial, that’s why there is no emphasis on love, such serial TV serial which has become very popular, the actor who is in it, would have taken money from it too, because their money depends on their acting, how their acting lives. And how popular it is, that means if once he becomes more famous, any of his movies become more viral and people become more friends floor of him then he will charge more money but if we talk about this there is any guy who is not famous. If you give him the amount of money, he will start working, that is why there is no emphasis on love if it is on TV. The serial is very famous, so all the actors in it, iliyas and all other people are very popular and live and anyway they charge a lot and their salary may also be fixed or their money is given. It must have been given according to the role, because in this you people get to see a lot of tremendous scenes, so you guys can see.

ishq par zor nahin serial wikipedia

Ishq Pe Jor Nahi Serial Talk about Wikipedia, then this serial is directed by Lalit Mohan and the name of the common director is creative common director’s name is directed by Nidhi Jha if you guys according to wikipedia other If you want to know things, then read the entire post here, you will get to see the complete information, which is very good and tremendous information is given here, which you can definitely read once.

ishq par zor nahin shooting location

Talking about the shooting of TV serials, because of Kovid-19, because of Kovid-19, these people could not go anywhere to shoot for the shooting of TV serials, that is why the production of these shoots. Whatever it is, it is from South Dil only from Mumbai, so if you want to know its location, then you will have to visit it in Mumbai itself because the production house that is there starts from there and friends are on time now. It is possible that these people would have gone to some other location, meaning to shoot a TV serial to shoot a movie, but at the moment, at the time of Karo Na, it was shot in Mumbai itself in South Delhi and showed you people live. Used to go to Sony TV which used to be a very tremendous TV serial, although the women of the house and other people like to watch it a lot, then you guys can also watch it Mumbai, South Delhi

ishq par zor nahin serial director

Ishq Ishq Pe Jor Nahi Serial’s director’s name is Lalit Mohan and Creative Common Director’s name is Nidhi Jha, by whom Ishq Pe Jor Nahi serial has been directed. There are many good directors who have directed the movie Ishq Pe Jor Nahi, which is a tremendous serial, so you can definitely watch this serial once.

ishq par zor nahin upcoming story

No emphasis on love Upcoming story If we talk about the story, then in this you people do not get to see the upcoming story at all, not only on Google, but wherever you people search, although people search on Google No emphasis on Ishq Upcoming Story, so here you people will not get to see its upcoming story, although if you already know or read the school story, then what will be left of the satsang in it, then you will not be able to see the serial. It will not be fun to watch at all, but if you do not know it and watch it, then it always remains in your mind that what will happen next, due to which your interest in watching it also remains and you people do not insist on love. Likes to see the story in a very good and good nature

ishq par zor nahin written update

Ishq ko jor nahi writen update if we talk about update then man all these things you guys can’t get update at all because all these things off so people don’t launch at all and shouldn’t even launch if you If you want to see the promo, then you can watch the promo, which will create a curiosity in your mind that you must watch the serial not on love, that’s why people show the promo, if you like to watch the promo, then below you have been given the promo here From this you can see the promo, you will get to see a lot of great and very good main ones, but if we talk about the written update of love, then you will have to go to the official website to know that. Apart from this, on the website, there is no emphasis on love, for which you can see the timing for that when you people will get to see it, it is a very good and love story drama comedy serial that you guys can definitely watch once.

Ishq Par Zor Nahin TV Serial all Episode

Ishq Par Zor Nahin TV Serial Trailer & Teaser promo

Ishq Par Zor Nahin TV Serial Title Song

Ishq Par Zor Nahin TV Serial on Sony TV live watch 

Ishq Par Zor Nahin live sony TV Serial
Serial Name Ishq Par Zor Nahin
TV Channel Sony TV
Repeat Telecast Monday to Friday at 11 AM
Running Time 20-24 Minutes/Episode
Timing Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM
Final Episode 20th August 2021
Original Airing 15th March 2021
Genre Romance Drama
Online Streaming Platform Disney+ Hotstar

Ishq Par Zor Nahin TV Serial on Sony TV Official Account/Page Links

sony tv official link
Instagram Page
Facebook Page
Wikipedia Page
Official Website
Timing Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM

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