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[updated] James Day 2 box office collection: 40% drop in second day collections


James Day 2 box office collection: The second day box office collection of James Movie has been collected around ₹ 12,000,000, which is seen to see a 40% drop in the previous day’s comparison, let us tell you that Rajkumar Puneet’s movie will be released in cinemas in India on 17 March 2022. Let us tell you that the film was released in many languages ​​in Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam language and that is why the collection of this movie is also very good in the initial days. The collection of the movie after that was found to be seen may be automatic down because on this day many films are going to be released in Bollywood too and after that, today most of the films which were released recently are the same. The trend of films is also going on, but James Movie is also no less than anyone, this film’s collection is also available to watch very well.

James Day 2 box office collection

James Day 2 box office collection
James Day 2 box office collection

The second day collection of James movie has been collected ₹ 12,000,000, out of which the film has seen a decline of more than 40% in the box office collection compared to the previous day. It cannot be said that the collection of James movie was collected on the first day of Rs 19.50 crores, where some advance bookings of the movie were also available to see, due to which the collection of the first day has got to see even more. Please tell that this is a mega budget film.

Where you people get to see a film with a good budget, not in a very low budget, Puneet Rajkumar is no longer in this world, but his movie is renewing his memories once again by releasing among you people. And this movie is an action drama film where you will get to see a lot of action and this movie has been released all over the world get to see the movie in different languages

DayIndia Net CollectionChange(+/-)
Day 1 [1st Thursday]₹ 20.3 Cr [Ka: 20.07 Cr ; Te: 0.2 Cr; Ta: 0.02 Cr; Mal: 0.01 Cr]
Day 2 [1st Friday]₹ 9.00 Cr * early estimates
Total₹ 29.30 Cr
James Day 2 box office collection

The second day box office collection of James movie was collected 12 crores and talking about the total collection, the collection of 31.50 crores has been done, in this way the collection of the film is available to watch a lot of hi-fi where the movie has earned Rs. Within 2 days, it has managed to do more than ₹ 300000000 box office collection, while no official statement was issued on the budget of the movie, the budget of the movie is available to watch anywhere from 50 to 60 crores. It is being told that the budget of more than 100 crores, now it depends not on how much budget the movie has, but the audience will decide whether we should watch this film or not.

40% drop in second day collections

James Movie’s box office collection has declined by 40%, in comparison to the previous day, it has almost seen a decline of 6 to 7 crores, where Modi had collected 19.50 crores in the first day’s collection. On the other hand, the film should have a collection of about ₹ 120000000 on the second day, tell that there is no official statement to be seen here, which is not a statement issued by the filmmaker, but you can get it here officially. Information and updates will be available very soon as soon as the update comes we will update our post soon and you will get the latest information

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