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jersey day 1 advance booking – First day collection is very down


jersey day 1 advance booking: According to the advance booking report of the first day of Jersey movie, very less advance booking has been found to see where KGF Chapter 2 movie was found to see a lot more advance booking, while the advance booking of Jersey movie will start from 8th April 2022. It has been done from where you can book movie tickets in advance, tell that the booking of movie tickets is being done in advance through BookMyShow and Paytm, where the advance booking of the first day of the movie is 1 in total. An advance booking of Rs 80 crore has been done, according to this, if we talk about the selection of box office collection, then the movie can start with a total of seven to eight crore rupees on the first day, where you will see Shahid Kapoor in a movie like You will get to see a movie based on a biography made on a cricketer, for you to see people, you will be seen acting and even more good romance-filled story.

jersey day 1 advance booking

jersey day 1 advance booking
jersey day 1 advance booking

According to the advance booking report of the first day of the movie like 1.80 crores advance booking has been done which have been collected through bookmyshow and paytm soon Modi will be released in cinemas of India on 22nd April 2022 which is KGF Chapter 2 Exactly 1 week after the release of the movie, this film is being launched all over the world apart from cinemas in India and you will get to see people everywhere, in India, the film will be launched only in the Hindi belt, where The movie can be successful in making a good collection in the Hindi belt, let us tell you that according to the advance booking report of the first day of Jersey movie, the movie will be able to collect very well, along with it due to the competition of movie KGF Chapter 2. Had also changed its release date, where the movie was earlier scheduled to release on April 14, 2022, but due to the competition of the film’s current total box office collection, its release date was pushed back by 1 week.

Jersey movie is going to do the highest collection from Mumbai and Delhi NCR, where it can be found to see the highest occupancy there, tell that the collection of Jersey movie will be available to watch the most from there.

RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai27.05 Lac8%457219
DelhiNCR37.15 Lac9%523035
Pune7.65 Lac9%14801
Bengaluru8.03 Lac11%15607
Hyderabad16.72 Lac15%183753
Kolkata4.30 Lac4%15601
Ahmedabad8.04 Lac11%200024
Chennai4.11 Lac29%48323
Surat4.10 Lac10%10601
Jaipur4.37 Lac11%6202
Chandigarh2.11 Lac6%6601
Bhopal58.63 K4%3000
Lucknow3.91 Lac8%8901
Kanpur1.79 Lac13%2800
Nagpur1.83 Lac5%3800
Vadodara1.86 Lac4%11600
Ludhiana1.39 Lac8%3401
Agra71.93 K15%1101
Nashik75.05 K6%1900
Varanasi1.06 Lac9%1500
Rajkot2.54 Lac23%1601
Jabalpur35.96 K3%1300
Jamshedpur9.56 K2%800
Prayagraj (Allahabad)83.33 K13%1000
Amritsar36.10 K3%2800
Indore2.50 Lac8%6206
Raipur2.13 Lac10%4200
Bhubaneswar83.70 K6%2800
Aurangabad45.23 K2%3900
Solapur19.87 K4%1100
Ranchi1.30 Lac10%2400
Guwahati27.38 K6%900
Gwalior55.87 K7%1500
Jodhpur54.20 K9%1400
Dehradun62.53 K5%2400
Jalandhar1.35 Lac8%3403
Kota45.32 K5%2300
Patna98.80 K18%1003
Gandhinagar49.33 K4%3000
Bhavnagar1.84 K0%1300
Jamnagar45.87 K7%1600

The highest occupancy of Jersey movie is available to watch in Mumbai where more than 2700000 advance booking has been done and Delhi NCR occupancy is available to watch 9% where 37 decimal 1500000 advance booking has been done like this From Bangalore Hyderabad Kolkata and Ahmedabad Chennai Surat Jaipur Chandigarh Bhopal Lucknow Kanpur Nagpur Ludhiana Agra Nashik Varanasi Rajkot Jabalpur Jabalpur has been booked in advance of 9.56000 and in Prayagraj Allahabad, advance booking of 83.3 30000 has been done as you know. It is that the IPL is going on at the present time and you are coming in the middle of the people, due to which the movie can get the maximum viewing.

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