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jug jug jeeyo day 2 advance booking report

jug jug jeeyo day 2 advance booking report: According to the advance booking report of the second day of Jug Jug Jio Movie, here we are going to provide information to you if you tell people that this movie is a type of Bollywood movie film which was released on 24 June 2022. The advance booking of the first day of this movie was found to be very good to watch and if we talk about the present time, then the advance booking of the second day can also be found to see much better, where this movie did 5.39 on the very first day. Did advance booking of Rs. and in advance booking of second day this film is going to do box office collection of Rs. 6.05 crores.

Let us tell you that the advance booking of this movie is available for the best viewing, where this movie has got more advance booking of the second day than the first day for you to see at the present time, then if you If people have not seen it, then you can easily watch the film, which you get to watch this movie not in different languages, but only in Hindi language, which you can easily see in this film. can enjoy in hindi language

jug jug jeeyo day 2 advance booking

  • Day 1: 5.39 Cr
  • Day 2: 6.05 Cr

Advance booking of 6.05 crores has been done in the advance booking of Jug Jug Jio movie on the second day, which is available only in Hindi language to see the booking in advance. The booking was done to see the advance booking of 5.39 crores, where as per the previous day, I can see the increase in the collection of the second day as well and in the advance booking report of the second day, you people also got somewhere. If you are going to see the increase, then how can we tell for your information that a lot of advance booking is being done which was released only and only in Hindi language.

JugJugg Jeeyo (Hindi) (2D) day 2 Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

JugJugg Jeeyo (Hindi) (2D) day 2 Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)
JugJugg Jeeyo (Hindi) (2D) day 2 Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)
RegionGrossOccupancyShowsAlmost FullFilling Fast
Mumbai1.10 Cr13%102728119
National Capital Region (NCR)1.31 Cr13%103235137
Pune27.46 Lac10%339712
Bengaluru32.16 Lac17%2231147
Hyderabad25.65 Lac17%1872861
Kolkata20.01 Lac7%31053
Ahmedabad21.03 Lac13%378753
Chennai11.08 Lac49%621929
Surat8.96 Lac8%20712
Jaipur13.89 Lac13%15414
Chandigarh6.90 Lac11%100310
Bhopal1.74 Lac4%9600
Lucknow10.80 Lac7%20217
Kanpur6.71 Lac12%8626
Nagpur3.90 Lac3%9800
Vadodara5.42 Lac6%21800
Ludhiana4.43 Lac14%57011
Agra2.72 Lac4%8004
Nashik2.77 Lac7%4801
Varanasi3.16 Lac8%3600
Rajkot4.66 Lac15%4103
Jabalpur1.81 Lac10%2900
Jamshedpur87.42 K4%2800
Prayagraj (Allahabad)3.22 Lac17%3836
Amritsar1.83 Lac12%4102
Indore9.45 Lac10%143712
Raipur4.30 Lac9%7710
Bhubaneswar2.37 Lac6%6300
Aurangabad1.74 Lac4%7800
Solapur50.95 K3%2100
Ranchi2.32 Lac8%4600
Guwahati3.44 Lac7%6925
Gwalior1.76 Lac9%4000
Jodhpur1.64 Lac8%4100
Dehradun2.51 Lac5%6800
Jalandhar2.67 Lac11%4602
Kota1.19 Lac6%4100
Patna6.09 Lac29%40514
Gandhinagar1.58 Lac5%6300
Bhavnagar8.60 K0%2500
Jamnagar22.74 K1%2500
JugJugg Jeeyo (Hindi) (2D) Second Day Advance Booking Reports (Main Regions)

Here, let us tell you that Jug Jug Jio is available to see the second day’s advance booking report in Hindi language of the movie, where the maximum advance booking is available to see in Mumbai, followed by National’s NCR ie. That is available to see in Delhi NCR and much more advance booking has been done in Pune and Bangalore Hyderabad Kolkata all these places Jaipur Chandigarh Bhopal and Lucknow and many more cities like Kanpur and Nagpur to see more advance booking And let us tell you that according to the previous day, an increase of up to 25% in advance has also been seen.


The data provided here has been provided to you people by searching through the internet, for your information, let us know that if you people see any kind of error in the data provided here or you have any problem. If it happens then you can contact us or you can tell in the comment, things will be updated within 24 hours.

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