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Kamalika Chanda All Web Series List & Watch Live Online 2022

Kamika Chanda

Kamalika Chanda     is an actress, known for Miss Teacher (2016), Red Panty (2019) and Rosgulla (2019).

 He is famous for his boldness roles in films like Miss Teacher, Red Panty, Rosgulla    and many other bold scenes in Bengali films and short films.

kamlika chanda all web series list and watch live online 2022

1. Miss Teacher

Miss Teacher - Kamalika Chanda Movie

Miss Teacher Lead Role Actress – Kamalika Chanda

There are new teachers at Rose Day University. She is very attractive and is a nymph. Rose meets Tanvesh at the university and an affair begins.

This movie has given a message……….is movie me ritu ki koi galti nhi thi sab kuch hua uske husband ki vajah se agr uska husband usko divorce paper nhi ​​deta aur na uski vo dost usko book k bare me bata ti to kabhi bhi , kabhi bhi Ritu……..Rose nhi banti …….I don’t think ki isme uski koi galti hai..

Rose Day is striving to give good education to the students by giving tuitions.

Miss Teacher is easily available on YouTube.

Miss Teacher Review

  1. The act of the woman (the one who misses). Really well done. she act amazing
  2. great acting…good movie..i like it…reminds me of Havasi’s point
  3. A film like Miss Teacher is the reality of our society.
  4. 100% Miss Gulab is a Bengali actress! Such is his pronunciation.
  5. Wow Kya Baat Hai Amazing, Fuzzy, I love this very good movie.

2. Red Panties

Red Panty is a thriller web series which tells the story of an Indian housewife taking revenge on her husband.

red panties kamika chanda


  • Kamika Chanda
  • Dipanita Debnath

3. Rasgulla

It contains some unusual stories from Kolkata on a Bengali theme. The first episode KLPD is the story of a housewife who arranges another man for her husband so that he can lead a happy married life. The second episode is the story of a husband who cheats on the housewife and sets a trap to get her an unconditional divorce.

Rasgulla - pretty girl


  • Smita Bhowmick
  • Kamika Chanda
  • strong

4. Mastram

Mastram Kamalika Chanda Series

Meet Mastram, the quintessential 80s writer who explained the literal meaning of the Hindi-speaking region. Mastram’s passion stories in 10 episodes are linked to turbulent scenarios from real life in day to day life.

In the first episode of this series, Kamalika played the role of a secretary.

5. My Darling

The Indian neglectful housewife has a love affair behind her boring husband’s back, which sparks a passionate brawl. Now, a dash of infidelity awakens his dormant enthusiasm for her; However, is his newfound interest too little, is it too late?

My Darling - Kamalika Chanda
  • Director
    • Arpa Khan
  • Author
    • Arpa Khan
  • Stars
    • Kamika Chanda
    • Deep Kumar Singh

6. Pathshala Part 2

Kamalika Chanda Played Role of Malai Bhabhi in Pathshala Part 2

Kamalika Chanda Played Role of Malai Bhabhi in Pathshala Part 2

Pathshala Part 2     is the story of a rural woman who is a teacher by the name of Malai Bhabhi    . A woman named Malai Bhabhi does private tuition in her own house

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