[Kanpur Violenc] Nupur Sharma news! One crore reward for biting Nupur Sharma’s tongue-who is satpal tanvar?


[Kanpur Violence] Nupur Sharma news! One crore reward for biting Nupur Sharma’s tongue-who is satpal tanvar?: Nupur Sharma’s statement has proved to be a very big statement, for your information, let us tell you that there will be a lot of panic about Nupur Sharma’s news, let us tell you that the founder of Bhim Army, he has given a statement here recently. It has happened that if whoever writes Sharma’s tongue, he will be awarded one crore rupees, for your information, let us tell you that Nupur Sharma has happened in Kanpur. She was seen giving a statement in which by telling you the people of the country who are Muslims, they are filling it completely and with this also tell you that all the Muslim countries like Afghanistan to many other like Saudi Arabia Big threats come from countries to see

Here in his own country, Bhimsen has said, but let us tell you that action has been taken on the first day itself, along with Nupur Sharma, he has been removed from his post and legal action is being taken till now. For your information, let us tell you that Nupur Sharma, who is at present time, you get to see the news here, I get to see a lot more of Sharma, which was a reward of one crore rupees. is being understood by you guys though


Whatever is being threatened, Nupur landed from Sharma’s side, in this way people are getting more and more afraid because as if many people were trying to hang them, many people were doing it to go to jail but tell Give that the Mumbai Government had also issued a warrant for them and maybe it is going to be seen behind the bars of the jail very soon for you guys to see because the violence that is there is not over yet. It has been and will continue to be in the report of Kanpur Violence, along with us, we will definitely tell you, here you have been provided with a video which has been released through ABP News.

Let us tell you that through Kanpur Violence, a reward of 1000000 rupees has been announced for biting their tongue, which will be honored. And all different types of people are threatening, someone is saying that they should be hanged, then someone is saying something, tell that the dispute about different religions has spread here and when will it stop. Don’t even know, although at the present time a very good prospect has been kept, but what will happen next, stay with us to get the latest updates.

Nupur Sharma news

Here you can see in the video that the way threats are being made, that video has been shown by ABP News, if you guys have more to see in the video, how Nupur Sharma is being attacked in many countries. Threats are being received from wherever there are Muslim countries abroad, they get to see a lot more threats and in this way, for your information, let us tell you that a lot of problems have already fallen on the present time. is Nupur Sharma and thus get to see all the things and information and statements of Nupur Sharma]

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