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Kgf 2 box office collection day 14: 20% drop in 14 day collection

Hello friends, my name is Ramashankar, today we are going to talk to you about KGF Chapter 2 Box Office Collection 14 Days, how much more box office collection movie has done in 14 days if you want to get information about it below you Given in the table where you get to see the complete day wise data of KGF Chapter 2 Movie, apart from this, all the day wise data given to you here or given only of India and not of world wide If you guys tell that in the total world wide box office collection of KGF Chapter 2 movie, more than 800 crores box office collection has been done, where most of the 14 days box office collection of the movie has also seen a decline.

Overall, according to the table, more than 20% decline is seen in the collection of 14 days, apart from this, KGF Chapter 2 movie was doing very good collection in the initial days because in the initial days of the movie people got more There was a wait and at present time movie has done 800 crores in the whole world wide. Has collected more than crores of rupees and has managed to collect 673 decimal 40 crores from India, here you can see the official report of the movie till 13 days box office collection.

Kgf 2 box office collection day 14

Kgf 2 box office collection day 14
Kgf 2 box office collection day 14
DayIndia Net CollectionChange(+/-)
Day 1₹ 116 Cr [Ka: 22.85 Cr ; Hi: 53.95; Mal: 4.9; Ta: 7.9; Te: 26.4]
Day 2₹ 90.5 Cr [Ka: 14.41 Cr ; Hi: 46.79; Mal: 4.1; Ta: 8.2; Te: 17]-21.98%
Day 3₹ 81.9 Cr [Ka: 11.7 Cr ; Hi: 42.9; Mal: 5.3; Ta: 8.5; Te: 13.5]-9.50%
Day 4₹ 91.75 Cr [Ka: 13.5 Cr ; Hi: 50.35; Mal: 5.4; Ta: 8.5; Te: 14]12.03%
Day 5 ₹ 50 Cr [Ka: 8.23 Cr ; Hi: 25.57; Mal: 3.95; Ta: 5.35; Te: 6.9]-45.50%
Day 6₹ 37.8 Cr [Ka: 6.06 Cr ; Hi: 19.14; Mal: 3.2; Ta: 4.7; Te: 4.7]-24.40%
Day 7 ₹ 30.9 Cr [Ka: 4.75 Cr ; Hi: 16.35; Mal: 2.5; Ta: 4; Te: 3.3]-18.25%
Day 8₹ 24.9 Cr [Ka: 3.97 Cr ; Hi: 13.58; Mal: 2; Ta: 3.3; Te: 2.05]-19.42%
Week 1 Collection₹ 523.75 Cr [Ka: 85.47 Cr ; Hi: 268.63; Mal: 31.35; Ta: 50.45; Te: 87.85]
Day 9₹ 23.35 Cr [Ka: 4.34 Cr ; Hi: 11.56; Mal: 1.7; Ta: 3.5; Te: 2.25]-6.22%
Day 10₹ 36.45 Cr [Ka: 6.25 Cr ; Hi: 18.25; Mal: 2.2; Ta: 5.9; Te: 3.85]56.10%
Day 11₹ 45.35 Cr [Ka: 8.47 Cr ; Hi: 22.68; Mal: 2.4; Ta: 7.3; Te: 4.5]24.42%
Day 12₹ 17.1 Cr [Ka: 3.12 Cr ; Hi: 8.28; Mal: 1.2; Ta: 2.85; Te: 1.65]-62.29%
Day 13₹ 14.9 Cr [Ka: 2.77 Cr ; Hi: 7.48 Cr; Mal: 0.9 Cr; Ta: 2.45 Cr; Te: 1.3 Cr]-12.87%
Day 14 ₹ 11.9 Cr [Ka: 2.15 Cr ; Hi: 6.25 Cr; Mal: 0.7 Cr; Ta: 1.85 Cr; Te: 0.95 Cr]
₹ 672.8 Cr [Ka: 112.57 Cr ; Hi: 343.13 Cr; Mal: 40.45 Cr; Ta: 74.3 Cr; Te: 102.35 Cr]
Kgf 2 box office collection day 14

The 14-day box office collection of KGF Chapter 2 Movie is estimated to be around 12 decimal ₹ 500000000. Where the movie’s 13-day box office collection had a box office collection of Rs 14.9 crores, out of which it can be clearly seen here that KGF Chapter 2 Movie got to see a lot more decline as per the previous day. Where the film has collected 14.99 crores within 13 days, out of which C movie has collected 2.77 crores in Kannada language and 7.48 crores in Hindi language and 0.9 crores in Malayalam language. And there is a collection of 2 point 45 crores in Tamil language, while the collection of movie in Telugu language has been collected at Rs 1.93 crores, in this way to see a huge drop in the 14 days of the movie’s books election. Which you get to see all the things in a saree

KGF Chapter 2 Movie did a collection of 523 decimal 75 crores in the first week itself, apart from this, in the box office collection of the whole world wide, the movie had collected more than 700 crores in the first week itself, tell that you are in the movie. Star Yash and many other actors are seen acting, out of which you will get to see Raveena Tandon and Sanjay Dutt and many other Bollywood actors here, tell that in KGF Chapter 2. The casting that has been done seems to be seen by a lot of tremendous people and their acting has also been liked by the people, due to which the movie KGF Chapter 2 is becoming more famous.

20% drop in 14 day collection

Movie KGF Chapter 2 Directed By Prashanth Neel is Released On 14th April 2022 And Today In 14 Days Box Office Collection Report Almost As Per Last Day Means More Than 20% In 14 Days Collection According To 13 Days More decline has been seen, where the movie had collected ₹ 140000000 in the 13-day box office collection, while the 14-day box office collection of the movie is estimated to collect Rs. 12.50 crore, which is kgf. 2 There is a lot of alarm bell for the movie, tell that the movie can be kept in theaters for almost a month, after that on the reverse platform of the movie, you will get to watch it on Amazon Prime Video, although the movie’s The box office collection is it has got to see very good even in the initial days where the budget of KGF Chapter 2 Movie is 100 crores to see due to which the box office collection gets to see even more increase. And the movie is also in huge profit

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