KOKKA movie review & imdb rating


KOKKA movie review & imdb rating: Here we are going to talk about the review of Coca movie and IMDb rally, for your information, let us tell you that in this movie you are going to get to see Punjabi language and was released in cinemas of India on 20th May 2022. Where Punjabi language is preferred, only you can watch this film in all those cities, this movie has not been made available in all places of India, for your information, let us tell you that in this Punjabi movie you will get tremendous love story. You will also get to see a lot of romance together and it is a love story film.

The film has been released with a very good and funny story, so do you guys want to see this film, if yes, then definitely read the review given below so that you people must know that the movie acchi nahin hai ya FIR acchi hai ki nahin hai sabhi chijon ke bare mein aap logon ko jankari pata chal sakti hai. How can we tell you that this film is very good and one of the attractive films, then definitely read the information given below, you will get a lot of knowledge along with the story to see about this film.


KOKKA movie review

KOKKA movie review
KOKKA movie review

Talking about coca movie review, this movie looks very good in punjabi language, after watching the movie, i only understood that if you guys want to watch a love story movie then definitely watch it once because it In the movie, you get to see a lot of love story along with comedy drama. Talking about its story, its story is a simple one of a young boy who lives for his love i.e. to like it, to his partner. looks for

Now this is how its life goes, tell me that later on, you get to see a lot more suspense, where that boy falls in love with a woman older than him and now both of them fall in love with each other a lot. Will he now fight with this world or will they both get separated according to the old customs, to know the suspense of all these things, you will have to watch the whole film because here you have been given a little hint. If you are told the whole story, then the interest of watching this film is over, due to which you will not have much interest in watching the movie.

In the film of Ko, which in the Punjabi film, in the star cast, you have been acted in the film by Neeru and Gurnam. Apart from this, many other artists have also worked in this film, if we talk about the camera angle, then here you get to see the camera angle very well, the budget of this film has not been given any specific reason but not so much. A good film has also been produced in a very low budget.

Which also serves to provide you a social message somewhere, so if you are a young man or a young man, then definitely watch this film because in this you have been shown stories related to a love story, then this Punjabi film You can book tickets by going through bookmyshow and paytm and the movie is very good I hope you guys have liked the post.

KOKKA movie IMDb rating

What is the imdb rating of coca movie. That’s a lot more you guys can get, let us tell you that the IMDB rating is provided in 10 ms, now let us tell here that till now no public has come and offered their views on the IMDB rating because there But go to the public and donate on IMDb rating, let us tell you that IMDb rating is a very good way of judging the good and bad of films, where if the IMDb rating is high then the movie is good because people there have very good IMDb Rating is given but if that film is not good there, then it can be seen at that place that the IMDB rating of the movie is found to be very high, that is why we talk about the meeting of this film. I give about 8 out of 10 IMDb ratings from the side but officially we don’t get you guys to see the ratings on the IMDb website at the moment

Rating: 3 out of 5.

must watch coca movie or not

If we talk about whether Koca should see or not to see the movie, then you guys must watch this movie once because it is a one time watch movie and its IMDb rating can also be found to be very good to watch. Let us tell you for your information that the IMDb rating of KOKKA movie can also be found to be very good to watch and if you guys see its film once, then I guarantee that your time and money will not be wasted at all. But if you people like to watch a love story film and a simple film then only you can watch this film, in this you will not get to see action or drama, then you can go to your favorite movies and theaters near you. Can enjoy at present time

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