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Kumkum Bhagya 27 June 2022 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 27 June 2022 Written Update: Hello friends, my name is Santosh Kumar Tiwari, I am going to tell you about Kumkum Bhag 27th June 2022 written update, I am going to give you complete information as you go to Kumkum Bhaag 27th June 2022 update madness Pallavi riya She tells that she didn’t give Riya any pregnancy gift from her so it is easy she gives Prachi to get Prachi out of the house

, she gets rid of Riya from Prachi forever. She says that she should not let Prachi stay in the house that very soon Wah will kick Prachi out on the other hand Prachi returns the fault home. She does all her best to respect Ranbir.Ranbir says that he only loves her, her Don’t say such harsh things to him. He hugs her to calm her down, but his touch makes her more hyper. She yells at him after pushing him away. She asks him not to touch him. Ranbir is shocked to see Prachi’

s anger at its peak. Pallavi and Aaliya plan to kick Prachi out of the house, while Prachi herself decides to walk out of Ranbir’s life. How will Ranbir, in a drunken state, justify his act of romancing Rhea? read on. Sir before this husband Mary or Aaliya says that Ravi has never even touched her Aaliya asks her just for fake progress e Riya tells that he doesn’t fake pregnancy for a long time Aaliya calls her just fake what tells about that stays for long

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2022 Madness Written Update:

Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2022 Madness Written Update:
Kumkum Bhagya 27th June 2022 Madness Written Update:

Hariya tells Liya that 1 day saw her fighting with Prachi and Ranbir. She further says that Prachi was really thinking of that madman from her belief, next she further says that Prachi was thinking of her real man, Kiran also loves her Riya. Finished elder tells Ranbir to leave if he never loves her. Hariya would have broken his heart. Broken Paya follows him and finds him drenched in alcohol. She asks him to make him stronger. is that she needs love

, not wine, he tells her that he has not found any love she is with him to see the love in her eyes she is with him she will love him so much she hugs him Do not want. He warns her to go away from him. He blames her for the problems he faces in his life. He tells her that Prachi left him, as he married Rhea. He asks Rhea to tell Prachi that he threatened her and forced her to get married. She tells Ranbir that everything happens for his own good,

she loves him a lot, Prachi leaves him but he is with her. Ranbir cries and hugs her. She tells that she is always there for him. Ranbir bursts into tears. She tells him that she loves him very much. Even if she starts taking the first look of her and apologizes that she is sorry for giving the kumkum to Riya and leaves the elder alone in misery or lies to her Prachi she tells him to ask her for it. He hugs Prachi. He sees Prachi in Korea and kisses her. He thinks tight rod. He remembers her night and Aaliya tells him that she is actually pregnant with Ranvir’s child. From Aaliya Ranveer asks her if she is mad, Ranbir starts imagining Prachi in her, and apologizes that he is sorry for giving Kumkum to Rhea, and leaves Prachi alone in grief. Rhea lies to him that she is his Prachi.

She says that he has forgiven her. He embraces her gratefully. He sees Prachi at Rhea and kisses her. They share intimate moments. Rhea remembers that night and tells Aaliya that she is actually pregnant with Ranbir’s child. Aaliya asks Rhea if she is mad, Ranbir will not love her, her mind and heart loves Prachi, this was not the time to get closer to her. Rhea tells that she doesn’t care even though Ranbir loves Prachi for life. She does not want Ranbir’s love,

but her control over Ranbir and his surname. She wants her child to rule her life. She says that she doesn’t care who she loves. Aaliya slaps him. She tells him not to lose like a loser. She doesn’t want Riya to do any melodrama. Rhea agrees that Prachi is always melodramatic. She tells that she will always be like that, she will use Ranbir’s child so that she will get Ranbir forever. She wants to celebrate her victory. Aaliya takes care of Riya, who runs to vomit. She tells that pregnancy is really difficult, there will be many problems in it. Rhea tells that okay, she will show these problems to make Ranbir win, Ranbir will leave Prachi forever

, he will give up his love. Alia learns that Rhea is right, this pregnancy will end Ranbir and Prachi’s relationship. Ranbir also reaches the old flat. He searches for Prachi, thinking that this is the house where they lived together and made beautiful memories, this house is like a temple for him where he finds peace. He can feel that he is around.

He hears her moaning voice and goes to see her. Prachi sits in the room and starts crying. She senses Ranbir’s arrival. She turns to look. Ranbir lacks courage and hides from her. She thinks Ranbir will not come to her, he has left her long ago, she is the one who moved on, and she is the one who kept hopes till now. Ranbir finally goes to her. He wants to console her.

He doesn’t want her to take stress in the event of pregnancy. He feels that he is so unlucky not to be able to tell her that he is with me, that he loves her. Meanwhile, Pallavi meets Aaliya and Rhea. She asks them to come downstairs and join the guests, even Ranbir has left for some work. Riya apologizes. She tells that she was vomiting. Pallavi understands this.

Aaliya tells that she is excited and also worried about Rhea’s pregnancy. Pallavi tells that Rhea will be fine. Rhea tells that she is feeling better, she will go to attend the guests. The guests congratulate Pallavi and Rhea. The woman asks Pallavi about Prachi, who is also pregnant. Pallavi tells that Rhea is pregnant.

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