Kurup Movie Box Office Collection first day to till now, world wide, total


Kurup Movie Box Office Collection, first day to till now Kurup Movie Box Office Collection will be talked about here, how much was the first day earning of Kurup Movie , apart from the box office collection, how much was the world wide collection and IMDb rating will be talked about here because friends in this Kurup There is a type of Malayalam movie which is keeping its full hand at the box office, that is, it is becoming very viral and is also getting a lot of likes, but what are you thinking that how much did Movie box office collection earn and To get information about all these things, how much was the budget of this film, people and fans of this film keep searching on many sites. Where people understand Malayalam language, this film has been put there, apart from this, it has been released in all theatres. The movie has become very viral for this film, on 12 November 20 Has been released on 21, here we will talk to you first about the Kurup first day box office collection, how much money this movie earned on the first day.

Kurup Movie Box Office Collection
Kurup Movie Box Office Collection

In the film I will be seen acting by you guys, Dulquer Salmaan, Shobhita, Manoj Bakpayee and Suresh Oberoi have acted in the film, so this film becomes even more and more suspenseful and chiller movie. People will get to see the action and the action scene has been shown in a very tremendous film, so this film is setting the box office collection on fire in India and people are also liking this film very much. We are waiting to come but let us tell you that very soon you will be able to watch this movie on Oddity, after waiting for some time, we move on to our topic that in the end how much we have earned on the first day of the movie.

kurup full movie

movie kurup
release date12 nov 201
castDulquer Salman as Sudhakara Kurup /
Gopi Krishnan / Alexander Gotmoshy · Sobhita Dhulipala as Sharadamma /
Sharadha Kurup · Indrajith Sukumaran …
budget₹35 crores
director12 November 2021 (India)
producerDulquer Salmaan
release platforamcinema hall
imdb rating8.6/10
storyJithin K. Jose
total box office collection₹100 crores
kurup full movie

Kurup Movie Box Office Collection

first day box office collection₹ 6.50 Cr
2nd-day box office collection₹ 6.60 Cr
3rd-day box office collection₹ 6.90 Cr
4rth day box office collection₹ 3.50 Cr
5th-day box office collection₹ 2.90 Cr
6th-day box office collection₹ 2.45 Cr
7th-day box office collection₹ 2.05 Cr
1-weekday box office collection ₹ 30.90 Cr
world wide box office collection 66.5 Cr
box office collection IMDB8.6/10
kurup movie total collectionIndia Net Collection ₹ 32.25 Cr
Kurup Movie Box Office Collection

kurup first day box office collection

Box office collection of the first day, here we are going to talk to you here, let us tell you that Kurup is a type of Malayalam language movie which became very viral, on the very first day it had earned 6 crores and fifty lakhs. The film was earned by the film, here you will get to see in the chart below how much it was earned from which state, which let us tell you that there are many states in Uttar Pradesh or many other states where Malayalam The language is not understood, that’s why except other states, this movie has run so much in its own local states, apart from this, the Hindi double of this film will come, then you will get to see something different, so here you guys see the chart. which is the first day earnings of the Kurup movie.

StateKurup box office
Karnataka₹ 0.45 Cr
AP/TG₹ 0.65 Cr
Kerala₹ 4.60 Cr
Rest Of India₹ 0.20 Cr
Tamil Nadu₹ 0.60 Cr
fist day total box
officice collaction
₹ 6.50 Cr
kurup first day box office collection

kurup world wide box office collection

Kurup film’s world wide box office collection is 66 points 5 crores, which was a very good collection and the budget of this movie was around ₹ 35000000, according to the cost of which here we tell you that Movie was made but this movie The movie has earned a lot, that is, Movie business has grown tremendously, along with those people who have worked in this movie are also being praised a lot because the action scenes here are to be seen. Apart from this, you also get to see a lot of Attitude in the movie, that’s why friends Malayalam movie went viral and if you guys want to see the 8th and 10th day collection, then you also have to see it below. given in the table

kurup movie total collection

Talking about the total collection of kurup movie, let us tell you that there is such a type of film in the Kurup which was a Malayalam language film i.e. a very local language movie which has earned around several crores of rupees. Here the total net collection of this movie is about ₹ 3200000000 of India and talking about the world wide collection, then 66 point 5 crores has been done by the world wide collection, then you people can understand how much more Movie earned. So here you get to see the total collection, rest if we talk about the IMDb rating of this film, then you will also get to see it below from where you can see the IMDb rating.

kurup box office collection IMDB

Kurup Box Office Collection IMDb rating is 8.6/10 which is very tremendous here it is given by public, apart from this the IMDB rating that happens is up to the movie how much viral it is and or what is the rating of the movie The box office collection and IMDb rating are very strong on the basis of what people like, here we tell you that the box office collection has also earned about 5 crores, you can understand that this film The budget of the film was approx and the film has earned a lot of money.

kurup release date

Kurup Full Movie which has been released on Friday, 12 November 2021, this film has been released on Friday, it has been about 10 to 11 days since Friday and this film has earned a lot of good and strong. We have given the table of all these above where you can understand how much Movie has become viral and how much people have liked this film but if we talk about TET release then this It may also take a long time for the film to come on OTT because friends, whenever any film is released on the OTT platform, when that film is taken out of the cinema houses, only then the movie will go on the OTT platform.

kurup release platform

If we talk about the Kurup release platform, then the Kurup movie has been released in theaters where you can go to your nearest theaters and watch the rest of the film if you want to watch it on the OTT platform. Will have to wait for a while, after that it will be available to see where this film is taken, although there is no news money yet that confirm news that this film will be taken on which OTT platform Amazon Prime Video and This movie can be released on platforms like Netflix, apart from this it can also come on DD Hotstar, so you guys must watch once and enjoy.

kurup movie review

As you all know that Kurup is such a type of movie which is a Malayalam language film which has been made to Movie over a regional language Malayalam language movies are very attractive and much more forceful than Hindi. Version is Hindi version in whole of India i.e. world wide but people of whole India understand Hindi language and if this film is released in Hindi language whenever you will like it even more because I saw me in the Kurup so i don’t like it at all but still we saw this movie by looking at the background music of this movie and because you guys get to see what you get you guys won’t get to watch any other at all That’s why if you guys haven’t seen it yet, then definitely watch it once, don’t waste it at all because this movie doesn’t come in theaters again and again, all the movies are not so attractive and so good, that’s why you guys once Must watch Kurup movie and inge yes take

kurup movie trailer

kurup movie trailer

What is the earning of Kurup movie on the first day

The film’s first day earnings were 6 crores fifty lakhs in India.

Kurup movie total box office collection

Kurup Movie Total Box Office Collection is around 100 Crore Rupees

When was Kuroop movie released?

Kurup movie is on Friday 12th November 2021

Where was the Kurup film released?

Kurup movie released in theaters from where you guys can go and enjoy

Kurup Movie release date on OTT

Kurup movie has not received any news of arrival at present time, it may come after few days on any OTT platform where you guys can enjoy watching

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