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Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha movie ott release date : Hello friends, bring my name Santosh Kumar Tiwari among you guys, Nikhil movie and release date OTT platform digital writing, let me tell you about this movie, recently on June 3, 2022 a movie has been released which is Mohit Very good has become a very super hit as you know that the movie has come in a hurry, we were waiting for this movie for a long time, which Nikhil that too now if we talk about the OTT platform of this movie. If we do, there is nothing confirmed about it, but if we talk about the language, then this movie has been made in Punjabi language, if we talk about the country, then this movie has been made in our India and about 8 release dates. If we talk, as far as it can be guessed that by July 2022, there is a chance of coming on this movie, tell us that on June 3, 2022, this movie has come in our midst, the information gets to you guys from our side, I get that much information. I keep giving you people through my site and in future also I will keep giving you all such information to you people. Sing


Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha movie details

Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha was released on 3rd June 2022 in theatres and now, it will be officially available on the OTT platform after some months.


Coming Soon on OTT in Punjabi!!

Official Link will be added after the OTT release.

Expected OTT Release Date: July 2022

OTT Platform: Coming soon

This is the only legit way to watch the movie. Unethically, You can also download full movies from different websites but we don’t support Talking about it, it used to be deleted on release, it will be made in English like Saturday release will be released till July 2022, you wait for it on the OTT platform, we will give you all the details about the details below.

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Apart from Pukhraj, the movie will also star actors like Hashneen Chauhan, Jaswinder Bhalla, Karan Deol, Seema Kaushal, Anita Devgan, Honey Mattu, Ashok Pathak, Sukhwinder Chahal and more. 

While no details of the movie are out yet, the clapboard of the movie has revealed the fact that it’s being directed by Satinder Singh Dev and is presented by Ranjiv Singla Productions. The release date of the project is also not disclosed yet. But it’s title has surely made us think about the possible theme and plot of the movie. Since many details of this upcoming project aren’t available, we can’t make any random guesses, but wait for the team to release more information about the same.

According to the information, let us tell you that Ya Modi is a love romantic movie Laga Hai Punjabi movie released in Punjab Do you want to watch Punjabi movie now Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha Movie New release date, then it should be released till July 2022. OTT platform will be released, tell the information that you can wait for it, we will give you all the information about it through our website

Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha movie ott release date

Talking about Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha Movie Odditi release date or you will get to see the movie by, July 2022, let us tell you what Kariya movie you want to watch, then you can wait for it if you want to watch on the OTT platform. So man, by July 2022, you will get to see it on the Odditi platform, talk about its release date, then on June 3, 2022, it was released in all theaters of India, do you also want to see us too. So if you want to talk online then you Waiting for it If you want to watch it on OTT platform then definitely you can wait for this movie to watch Pyaar De movie easily

Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha movie digital rights

Talking about the digital rights of the movie Mahi Mera Nikka Jeha, we have told you that only those who buy Modi have the right to run the movie, being the owner of the cinema hall, they can run this movie in their cinema hall. After that, after earning a lot, when an online platform is making a heart out of such OTT platform online, if they are convinced, then they send it to the people of the OTT platform, after seeing that they earn a lot. Even after this, the digital rights were given to the policemen, those who buy this movie and play it in their cinema halls, only the people of the cinema house get the information, according to the information, let us tell you that on June 3, 2022, India’s Has been released in all theaters i.e. today

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