Major movie review & imdb rating report


Major movie review : Hello friends, today we are going to talk about Major movie review and IMDB rating report, today we will provide all the information about it to you through our website, we will give you all the information we will tell you. Let this Modi eye mean me, you know that Major means a head like you know that you will see in many films in films that our Indian Army has a Major in the same type, so we do not know you But if you are going to write this sister, then only then you will understand all the things, we want to tell you that you should post the whole post so that you can understand about the major movie review IMDB rating, read the post further and Love romance was also shown in the major movie, if you watch this river carefully and know, then in this movie you will also get to see love romance and you can also take entertainment from me in which love romance is shown and action is also shown. Seeing can be a lot of interest download entertainment

Major movie review

Hey friends, let us tell you that when we talk about the release of a major movie, people are giving their reviews very well in this movie, let us tell you that good sister is coming from public, people are giving good reviews and saying. It is said that this movie is a very good movie, very good comment is coming from the people, you can still see it even by going to the comment, people are reviewing very well and they should tell that this is a very good movie and this movie People are commenting very well about this, people are saying that no one can stop this movie from being a super duper hit. Gaya because of which or the movie is going to be a super duper hit because it is shown above the Indian Army or it may be super duper, people say



  • Adivi Sesh as Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan
  • Saiee Manjrekar as Isha
  • Sobhita Dhulipala as Pramoda
  • Prakash Raj as K. Unnikrishnan
  • Revathi as Dhanalakshmi Unnikrishnan
  • Murali Sharma

After the cast of the movie, you will get to see the cast of the movie, we have given through the list, he played his character and role very well in this movie, about which the chances of becoming a super duper hit are being seen. Let us tell you that this movie is going to be a lot of fun or you must watch the movie because it has shown me love romance and much more, you can enjoy the words more by watching what we tell you, you must watch this movie and about which you can get all the information

Major movie & imdb rating report

Talking about the story of Major Movie and Modi’s IMDB rating and its report, we are giving you information about its IMDb rating, we are giving 4.5 dedicating, for information, let us tell you that people have 4.5 goddess meeting also, it means It is clearly visible that people have liked the film very much and if we talk about its report, then let us tell you in our language, man, it is very good, which report is being seen right now, let us tell you that this movie is definitely going to be seen. Watch and play the information, then did you start getting entertained again to see me that love will show romance in this movie, about which the movie also cuts, the movie has been released on June 2, 2022, for the information, let us tell you to watch the movie.

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