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Morbius Box Office Collection Day Wise Hit and Flop How much has the movie collected in India, this is a Hollywood language movie which has also been released in India, tell that Hindi has been released in English language in India. Available to watch in cinemas of India from April 2022, where Mori BF movie has managed to collect so much, you will get to see the report about it from India here, tell that this movie is more than 500 crores. The movie was made by investing more budget.

And world wide collection of movie and day wise collection hit and flop and also information about budget will be provided here which is hollywood movie in which action is shown to you in very good and tremendous way due to which movie’s collection In India too, it is found to be very good and special to see, due to this, many other films of India get to see a lot more impact on the box office collection.

morbius box office collection day wise

morbius box office collection day wise
morbius box office collection day wise
Day 1 (Friday)2.70 cr (approx)
Day 2 (Saturday)2.30 cr (approx)
Day 3 (Sunday)2.45 cr (approx)
Day 4 (Monday)1.55 cr (approx)
Total Collection9 cr
morbius box office collection day wise

Morbius Box Office Collection Day Wise Data Here you get to see India’s where the movie has been released in India on 1st April 2022, on the first day the movie did almost 2.70 crores box office collection from India by previous movie Apart from this, the second day’s collection was 2.30 crores and the third day’s collection was almost 243 crores and the fourth day’s box office collection is to see the 1.55 crores box office collection, out of which morbius movie has made a total of Rs. 9 crores has been collected

morbius box office collection wordwide

morbius Movie Box Office Collection World Wide Total Total Box Office Collection of Rs.632 Crore Where Modi has made all over World Wide such as America and India and Australia New Zealand including all other countries the movie has made a total of Rs.632 Crores. crores, which if seen, according to the budget of the movie, the movie has made an even better collection, where Modi’s budget is found to watch more than 500 crores, then the box office collection of the movie is total worldwide. The box office collection of Rs 632 crores has been done, which if seen, the movie is running in a profit of about Rs 132 crores and this movie gets a superhit to watch all over the world but if seen in India, this movie is almost a flop. proving to be equal

morbius movie hit or flop

morbius Movie Hit or Flop Many people are apprehensive about it, tell that morbius Movie has proved to be a complete superhit in the whole world wide but if we talk about India then that too within 4 days only 9 crore box Office collection has been done which can also be said that this movie can prove to be a complete flop in India. Talking about, Modi has earned a lot of money there, apart from this, the collection has also done more fiercely, where the total world wide collection is available to watch 632 crores, while the movie has earned Rs 9 crores from India only. If the collection is done, then in this way the movie shows that from the box office collection to the movie flop has also been proved in India.

morbius movie budgets

A budget of Rs 7.5 crore has been put in the budget of morbius Movie in US dollars, where it can be seen that if someone talks about the movie in India, then more than Rs 500 crore has been invested, tell that all Hollywood movies It happens that they get to see a lot more budget, which is seen in India, then somewhere if a movie is made in 500 crores, then it becomes very high budget, but in Hollywood, very expensive films are made. And there is less in the whole world too, if seen here, the budget of morbius Movie has been put in more than 500 crores according to India and the film has managed to collect more than its budget.

morbius movie details

Release date: 1 April 2022 (India)
Director: Daniel Espinosa
Budget: $75 million
Music by: Jon Ekstrand
Production companies: Columbia Pictures; Marvel Entertainment; Arad Productions; Matt Tolmach Productions
Distributed by: Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing

morbius Movie has been released in India on 1 April 2022. Where the director of the film is named, the movie is directed by Daniel Espinosa and the budget of the movie is $75 million, the music is provided by Jon Ekstrand and through the production companies Columbia Picture and Marble Entertainment. The movie has been produced and the distributor has also been distributed through Sony Pictures and distributed through Columbia Pictures, tell that the movie here is very good and there is a Hollywood level movie which has made a lot of tremendous It has also managed to earn in India and this film has earned its name all over the world.

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