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Naagin Season 6 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update

Naagin season 6 30th July 2022 written episode, written update on

The episode begins with Pratha’s music. Mehak wonders why Shakti was saying that he wants to attend Dipika’s wedding. He learns that Pratha is Dipika for him. Rishabh recalls Inspector Vijay’s words and Rehaan’s words that the practice was innocent. Rishabh remembered the days gone by with the practice. The song plays…..he comes to Pratha. Pratha and Rishabh look at each other. Prath says I m sorry. Rishabh says I am also sorry, I could not understand your love and lost my love so easily. Pratha asks what? Rishabh does not say anything and says sorry. Rajesh Pratap comes there dancing and asks Pratha, is everything okay. He takes Preetha to dance. Rishabh thinks how to apologize to her, she went away. Pratha thinks why did she apologize to me. Rajesh Pratap’s sister-in-law asks Pratha to go and get ready for the wedding. Pratha says that she has to be dressed so that everyone can see her. Rishabh drinks alcohol while the song Main Tera Naam plays….

While she is getting ready, Shakti comes to her room. The custom says Rishabh… you. Shakti says yes, Deepika. I love you, have come for you. He says how to tell you, how much I love you and you are leaving me and marrying Ranveer. Pratha asks if you are wearing a wig, how did your hair grow. She says you are not Rishabh and asks him to say that. Shakti says whatever I am, I am only yours. She slaps him and asks how dare you? She says you cannot be Rishabh. Shakti holds him and says our face is the same, he says he is Rishabh’s brother Shakti, and tonight is our wedding night. Pratha thinks he cannot be Rishabh so how is he, who loves me so much. Urvashi comes there. Pratha says he wants to touch me, who loves me very much. She says that he cannot be Rishabh as he believes in giving. She laughs again and becomes Mehek. She tells Urvashi that she came to know that Shakti is coming and hence she took this avatar. He says that any girl can get him a ball over. Urvashi says but not Pratha. Police Inspector comes there. Mehak says sub inspector came to put her in jail and says how to take her out.

Pratha is getting ready and comes out with Divya. Rishabh looks at her. The song plays…….Mehak and Urvashi take Shakti outside. Mahek says she is much heavier than a stone. She says dinosaurs are difficult to take out. She says now I have come in my Naagin avatar and asks her to go out and divert the sub inspector till she brings him out. Urvashi comes out and follows Rishabh. Rishabh sees her leaving. Mahek takes Shakti into the room, thinks I want to cut you into four pieces and throw you out, but can’t, as I want to use you more.

Rajesh Pratap and Pratha come face to face. He thanks her for coming into his life and promises to support her always. Pratha says I will thank Raju. She looks at Rishabh. She says ever since you made me a part of your life, my life has become. Reem gets upset. Pratha and Rajesh Pratap sit for the wedding. Urvashi comes out. Sub Inspector asks why did Hina call me? Urvashi says Hina must be bringing dangerous man here. Mehak brings power in the form of a serpent and becomes human. Urvashi says she has come. Inspector asks how did you bring him here? Mahek asks her to handle it. Pratha sees her serpent coming. Rhea asks Reem about Urvashi and Hina. The wedding begins. Rishabh thinks of Vijay and Rehaan’s words and drinks alcohol. Naagin thinks that Rishabh, Party because this is your last celebration. She wonders what is happening there and sees Mehak and Urvashi taking the look of Rishabh. She thinks that Pratha was sure that Rishabh was innocent and feels that she is sure that Mehak and Urvashi did everything to this person. Gauri tries to leave and Mehek sees her. She follows him and knocks Gauri down. Gauri thinks that she will somehow tell the truth to Pratha, as she hates Rishabh a lot. She thinks that she cannot take Naagin avatar otherwise Mehak will get suspicious. Inspector tells Urvashi that he has closed his mouth now. Mehak tells Gauri that she is lucky that she died at the hands of Shesh Naagin and bit her. Gauri closed her eyes. Mehak says she is dead. Urvashi says there Shakti, And here this girl. Sub Inspector comes there and asks Hina what did she do and says you killed her. He says if you want me to say that I didn’t then you have to pay the price.

Pratha wonders why Gauri hasn’t come till now. Rishabh looks at Pratha from a distance and says sorry Pratha, I misunderstood you, I made a mistake. Pratha thinks that I will punish you for that mistake today. Gauri wakes up after sometime and thinks that I should tell Pratha that he is not Rishabh but his lookalike brother. Mehak gives money to the sub inspector and says that no one will know. He says your secret is mine, which is buried. He goes. Rishab is watching the wedding. Pandit ji asked Pratha and RPS to put the items in the Havan Kund. The custom puts things in the Havan Kund. Pratha thinks that the time has come for revenge, and makes the Havan Kund smoke with his eyes. Rishabh sees Pratha’s picture in the room. Pratha comes there and says the same custom which came in your life, who left his world to be yours, who was your child, The one you killed and loved. She says you killed her baby and womb and killed her soul. She says you have hit her again and again, so I have come to punish you. She says that she has come to avenge all her death from him. She shoots at him. Rishab is shocked. This is his imagination. Rishabh says you can be Pratha, which I loved a lot. Pratha asks why did you say so? Rishabh says that if he is alive, then I have no desire to live, and says that my only wish was to die and go to him. Pratha says ok, I will fulfill your wish and will try to stab her, but she could not stab him. She says I can’t kill you, because I really loved you and don’t want to kill you, But you killed my child in my womb. Rishabh says Pratha. Pratha says how to kill the person whom I loved very much. She goes. Rishabh says I did nothing. He falls and the curtain falls down and a fire breaks out.
He comes out.

Mehak sees the custom and asks where are you coming from? Pratha says I am allergic to this smoke so I left here. She comes back and sits on the mandap. Pandit ji asks someone to do his Ghatbandhan. Sister-in-law does her Ghatbandhan. Pandit ji asks them to take a round. Pratha and Rajesh Pratap started circling. Rishabh comes to the balcony and sees them. Maine tera naam bajata hai….. Rishabh looks up and sees that Rajesh is having an affair with Pratap Pratha. He feels that he has forgotten the picture of the practice inside

Naagin Season 6 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update
Naagin Season 6 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update
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