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nallamala movie review & imdb ratings: Must watch telugu movie or not


nallamala movie review & imdb ratings: nallamala is going to talk about movie reviews and IMDb ratings here because in the days to come, you people get to watch movies and sometimes Telugu language films and sometimes Tamil language films. But the biggest thing is, should you guys waste your time and money, first of all you need to read the movie review, here we will give you nallamala movie videos and IMDb rating. We are going to provide information about how the professor of this movie has been in watching or whether the movie should be seen or not, you will get the answers to all these questions in this article, that’s why you need to know nallamala Movie Review IMDb Rating Please read the entire post for

nallamala movie review

nallamala movie review
nallamala movie review

nallamala movie review: Talking about nallamala Movie Review, nallamala Movie is completely Telugu Language Movie where you get to see very good opening time of the movie in which some animal skins are smuggled in the jungle and in this way The movie begins, tell that all the lead roles have been played in the movie, whichever actor has been kept in the main, his own voice is also not seen here, the biggest reason is that the movie seems to be sitting too much. In listening because you are going to hear all the voices almost dubbing but still the movie passes with a good story, from the camera angle of the movie to the people you get to see everything good, apart from this nallamala in the movie review The most important thing is that I will not share any wrong data with you guys at all because while coming here and your money is a matter of both you are wasted, so here if you want to watch the movie then we I would say this is the average movie that you guys can watch.

nallamala Telugu Movie is a one time watch film, whose budget is also very less, so according to the budget of the movie, the full film is also very good and if you people are not passing the time then you should go to this film. You can see that horror has also been shown in the film, where you get to see action drama and horror films, so if you like to watch this type of movies, then definitely watch this Telugu movie.

nallamala movie story line

The story line of nallamala movie is like this, the movie is smuggled into the forest illegally and animal skins are smuggled and some people from the city come to investigate and investigate this thing but their motive is not for any kind. Not to harm the animal, but to take revenge, now you have to take revenge on someone and how to take revenge, you have to watch the film to see all these things, that is, only then you can enjoy the full story of the movie.

nallamala movie imdb ratings

nallamala Movie’s IMDb rating is 6.1 out of 10 which is totally met by public to watch rating given here, tell that the movie is so good that you guys can watch it because of the movie’s rating. If seen according to IMDb rating, then more and more people have liked this movie and negative reviews and dislikes have been found to watch very few, all the ratings are available to watch on IMDb, all these ratings are public only. And the IMDB rating here keeps on increasing and decreasing due to public actions, so this thing should be taken care of.

nallamala movie details

Talking about nallamala Movie details, in this movie you will be seen acting in the lead actor role Amit Tiwari Bhanushree and Na sir and Tanikella and many other casts by whom have acted in the movie The movie is released on March 18 The movie is directed by Ravi Charan, director of the film, to be seen in cinemas in India on 2022 and this film has been produced. The movie is produced by RM

nallamala movie

Cast LeadsAmit Tiwari, Bhanu Sri, Nassar, Tanikella Bharani, Ajay Ghosh, Kalakeya Prabhakar, Shavar Ali, Chatrapati Shekhar, Kasi Vishwanath, Chalaki Chanti, Mukku Avinash
DirectorRavi Charan
Written byRavi Charan
DOPVenu Murali 
nallamala movie details

nallamala movie you should watch or not

If you talk about nallamala movie you should watch or not, then this movie is an average movie which you can watch, in which you have also been shown crime thaler, due to which he also makes his identity. A good suspense story is also available to watch, so if you are not passing people’s time or want to watch an average movie, then definitely watch this movie, to create excessive suspension, watch the trailer of the movie once. You can definitely see here I have shared my opinion

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