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new bhojpuri movie Sasura Bada Satawela download full hd 720p

new bhojpuri movie Sasura Bada Satawela download full hd 720p

  1. Movie: Sasura Bada Satavela
  2. Starring: Pradeep Pandey Chintu, Kajal Raghwani, Sanjay Pandey, Manoj Tiger, Prakash Jaish , Vinit Vishal, Akansha Dubey, Ayesha Kashyap, Gopal rai
  3. Special Appearance: Anjana Singh, Amit Shukla
  4. Producer and Director: Rajkumar R. Pandey
  5. Co-Producer- Krishna R Pandey , Antara Pandey, Arna R Pandey
  6. Music & Lyrics:  Rajkumar R. Pandey
  7. Trailer editor: Bande Prasad
  8. BGM & MIXING: Priyanshu Raj
  9. Sound Designer: Pinky Jha
  10. Production Manager: Mukesh Tiwari
  11. Writer: Santosh Mishra
  12. Super Vision Editor: Gurjant Singh
  13. Editor: Pankaj Sao
  14. Music Arranger :Shishir Pandey, Saajan Mishra
  15. Playback Singer: Pradeep Pandey “Chintu”, Indu Sonali, Priyanka Singh, Pawan Pardeshi
  16. Cinematography: Firoz Khan
  17. D.I. Rohit Singh
  18. Action: Pradeep Khadka
  19. Dance Pappu Khanna
  20. Art: Naazir Sheikh
  21. Production Head: Ashish Dubey
  22. Costume-Vidya Vishnu
  23. Publicity: Sonu Nigam, R. R. J Media
  24. Publicity Designer – Narsu
  25. Accounts – Deepak Pandey
  26. CA- Vivek Jalan
  27. Special Thanks: Film Bandhu Uttar Pradesh, Dr Aziz Khan, Hotel Millennia residency, Kasaya   inn
  28. Production: Sai Deep Films Present
  29. Music On- Enterr10 Rangeela

Sasura Bada Satavela Bhojpuri Movie Song has been released recently, which is being watched by a lot of people by the trailer of the movie on YouTube. Has been released in which you will be seen acting as Pradeep Kumar Pandey i.e. Chintu. You know that the movie Vivah came is Pradeep Kumar Pandey’s same type of film, which is much more tremendous and much more, which you can enjoy by watching it once. And Sanjay Pandey Manoj Tiger Vineet Vishal Akanksha Dubey And And Gopal Rai Acting Who Are The Main People, You Want To See People You Will Have To Wait Until The Movie Releases You People Songs In The Movie Too Much Will get to see well, apart from this fire And if we talk about the star cast then you will get to see Anjana Singh and Amit Shukla about the special appearance and the name of the director and pollution is the movie is being produced by Rajkumar R Pandey. If we talk about music and lyrics, it is also being given by Rajkumar R Pandey and the trailer has been edited by the trailer editor Prasad and this work was done by BGM i.e. background music and mixing by Priyanshu Raj. The sound has been designed by Hai Sound Jha, apart from this, if we talk about the production manager, then his name is Mukesh Tiwari and this story has been written by writer Santosh Mishra, which is not for you to see in the story movie. It is done by Gurjant Singh by Super Vision Editor Gunjan Singh and talking about Music Arranger, his name is Shishir Pandey and Sajan Mishra Music has been arranged by Playback Singer Pradeep Pandey Chintu and Sonali and Priyanka lion and wind By Pardesi As you guys know that we have told you here the name of many star cast from where you can know all the information Bhojpuri movie trailer which is liked by a lot of people. Is

Sasura Bada Satavela Bhojpuri Movie Release Date

As you guys know that no release date of any Bhojpuri movie is fixed but friends Sasura Bada Satavela Chintu Pandey’s movie can be released in 2022 because as you guys know that movie trailer is in the month of November. If it has been released, then no release date of Bhojpuri films is fixed, may come in 2022 or the film may be released by 2021 i.e. last December, better than the trailer of the movie. And people are also liking the trailer of this movie very much, in which you are seen acting Chintu and Kajal Raghavan.

Sasura Bada Satavela Bhojpuri Movie Download

Want to download Sasura Bada Satavela Bhojpuri Movie somewhere, let us tell you that this movie has not been released on time because as you know that only a trailer of Sasura Bada Satavela Modi has been released so far so you can watch the trailer. You can download from anyone through the torrent site but you do not get the facility to download the movie here, the movie can be downloaded only when it is done, then you will be able to download it easily.

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