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New south action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Action Thriller Movie | South Movie In Hindi

New south action Hindi Dubbed Movie | Action Thriller Movie | South Movie In Hindi

Hello, and welcome friend let’s tell me about fighter 2021  new release South Indian dubbed movie. This movie included then an actor’notnothingthingg that is a very good actor in the south Indian film industry.  if I talk about this movie so this south Indian movie name is a fighter that released in 2021 on YouTube this is a news article, if you want to watch this movie so you can watch this movie on my site and gefufullntertainment, the movie is an action thriller movie if you keep the interest in a horror movie and thriller movie so this movie is very perfect for you.

New south action Hindi Dubbed Movie 

Hey, friend this movie available on my site and YouTube full HD. This movie is  YouTube official YouTube channel. The fighter movie story is very exclusive and interesting for you if you to read this movie story so sure, you can read this movie story on my site read next paragraph for fighter movie story. 

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FIGHTER (2021) South Indian Dubbed full movie story

Businessman and gold smuggler George Peter and his driver are killed under mysterious circumstances. Police investigators Muhammed Easa and Isaac discover that it was carried out with a surgical blade, causing them to think a doctor was behind it. They start investigating medical shops. At the same time, Marco JR, George’s brother, meets Davis and his sons – their rivals – to ask whether it was their work. Davis’s son Abraham starts speaking condescendingly, enraging Marco and causing him to shoot Alexander. During his funeral, Easa asks Davis if it was Marco. Davis does not tell him, thinking that he could seek revenge on his own. Some days after an unknown person shoots Patrick – the mid stander between the 2 gangs – Easa and Isaac take him to Star Hospital where he gets murdered despite being protected with maximum security. This solidifies Easa and Isaac’s theory that the murderer is a doctor.

Meanwhile, someone interrogates a pharmacist to know the truth about the murders. Both the gangs start believing that someone is after them. Isaac becomes suspicious of Easa since he earlier said that he had an informant but didn’t reveal anything about him. Isaac investigates on his own, discovering that Dr. Michael John, the casualty specialist of Star Hospital, is both the killer and the informant. He also understands that Easa is helping Michael since they had contacted each other several times. He tells Easa what he has learned in his investigation, forcing Easa to reveal everything to prevent the arrest of Dr. Michael. Easy explains that when Michael was 10 years old, he was involved in an accident that killed his father. Michael’s mother blamed him for his father’s death.

The only person whom he loved was his sister, Jenny. A student named Gerald was challenged to a karate spar in front of the entire school. Jenny defeated him, causing his friends and other students to tease him for losing to a girl. Depressed over the matter, Gerald jumps from the school terrace. Gerald’s father, George, snaps, and dec and tells Jenny to jump from the school terrace the same d had jumped or else he will kill her entire family. After Peter continuously disturbing and harassing her family, Jenny decides to jump off the school terrace. Right before she jumps, Michael suddenly arrives and saves her. She tells Michael about Peter; M

ichael files a complaint to the police, but the police beat him, as they are allied with Peter. Michael’s mother asks him to visit for Christmas but he refuses. Peter later kills Michael’s mother, causing an enraged Michael to burn Peter’s car. Peter and his forces catch him, beat him up, and leave him on a railroad track to die. Michael escapes, and eventually catches up with Peter and his driver and kills them both.

Easy also says that he was the one who ordered Michael to kill Patrick since he was a common connection between both teams and killing him will provoke a gang war. Meanwhile, Jenny goes missing; Michael eventually finds her at Davis’ place. They were kidnapped as revenge for Michael killing Patrick. But Michael can save Jenny; Davis and his son are arrested. Easy arrests Marco for killing Abraham but Marco is released on bail. Marco kidnaps Jenny and takes her to a building top and asks her to jump. Michael arrives and fights with Marco and is finally able to kill him, saving his sister and their family.

I hope you have read this movie story and feel fine. If you want to watch fighter full movie in the Hindi language so please look. If you are not like this movie so please search for another movie on my site because available on my site with 1000 plus movies for you. 

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Hello friends fighter full movie which is a south movie which you can watch in hindi language through youtube because it has also been uploaded on youtube but if you want to download it with very less MB With very little data, which can be seen in your layer and full HD format, then for this, you can download the movie by taking the help of many torrent websites available on the internet. People get to see many such websites, through which the movie can be downloaded. We can tell you that all these websites of friends steal the content i.e. steal movies and give it to people to watch for free and put very dangerous
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and device, which you do not know about anything and this puts your device in great danger, then do not use all these websites at all if you want to watch the movie. You can watch the movie on OTT platform using sites like Disney Hotstar Netflix Amazon Prime Video

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