New south action movie (Kodiyil Oruvan) watch online hindi Dubbed South Movie| Vijay Antony

New south action movie (Kodiyil Oruvan) watch online hindi Dubbed South Movie

  • Movie (Hindi Dubbed):- Vijay Raghavan
  • Original Movie Name: Kodiyil Oruvan in Tamil
  • StarCast:- Vijay Antony, Aathmika, Divya Prabha, Sachin Khedekar
  • Music:-  Nivas K. Prasanna
  • Producer:- T. D. Rajha, D. R. Sanjay Kumar, Kamal Bohra, Lalitha Dhananjayan, Pradeep, Pankaj Bohra
  • Director:- Ananda Krishnan

Hello friends, here you people would love to watch Hindi dubbed movie of New South Indian, which has recently come up with a new film of Vijay on YouTube, where you guys have got the version movie of Vijay Raghavan whose name is  Hai Kudiyal and this film is a Tamil language film, which is being presented here in front of you guys in Hindi language, in this film you will get to see the star cast Vijay empoly and acting by Divya Prabha and Sachin Khedkar  Here, if we talk about the music of this film, then the music has been given to you by Prasanna of Niwas and the movie has been produced by producer DD Ranjha.  It has been directed, who has also provided a very good story to this film, so far this film has been seen by a lot of people on YouTube, within about 1 day i.e. within 24 hours, the film has been seen up to 3 million, which has been seen through YouTube.  You can also enjoy this movie from  But along with this you will also be able to watch this movie online through our website.

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