Nikamma movie review & imdb rating! You will get full entertainment in Nikamma movie


Nikamma movie review & imdb rating! You will get full entertainment in Nikamma movie: We have to talk about the review of Nikamma movie. You should see or not watch the movie because tell us that Nikamma movie which is a Bollywood movie released in Hindi language on 17th June 2022, should you guys watch or not to see this movie also tell us about it. Let us tell you that the film is found to be very good to watch, its trailer has also been presented very well, but somewhere it is going on in the minds of more and more people about its life. You people should not watch the film, tell that this movie is a Telugu language film where you people get to watch this movie in the first version Hindi dubbing language on YouTube, but if you Nikamma Movie Want to watch a movie

So you guys can go to the theaters and enjoy with ease, let us tell you that in the movie Nikamma, you see people acting like Shilpa Shetty and Kritika and Abhimanyu, here you guys can talk about the star cast. Gone but now let’s see which characters are seen acting in it in the end, how was the acting and if you watch the movie with background music then how are you going to feel or if you have so much time and Money should not be wasted, for which you people must read the review given below once on a useless movie somewhere, after that you can go to theaters to watch this film.


Nikamma movie review

Nikamma movie review & imdb rating
Nikamma movie review & imdb rating

Nikamma movie starts with a boy who is seen acting Abhimanyu, tell that this boy enjoys very much in his life and lives the life of his choice which is completely useless. Meaning you people understand in the same way as not understanding any kind of responsibilities, not doing any work, just eating, drinking, enjoying with friends and being useless from home does all these things but here you people Will tell that Shilpa Shetty comes in the form of a super hoon man female and works to improve it, when she works to improve them, tell the boy here that you guys have many funny elements to see too Where you get a lot of action along with comedy

At the same time, it can be seen that when there is a problem with his family in the last, then only a useless boy comes in handy and then slowly he starts to understand the responsibilities of his family and in the last of the movie, you will get a lot more. The action scene has been shown in a tremendous way, so if you want to see the action scene, then you can watch the movie here of Nikamma. For your information, let us tell you that this movie which you people get to watch.

He gets to see a lot more negatives, let us tell you that most of the people are not going to the theater to see the film, where they get to see that this movie is a kind of remake film, due to which people Have already seen virginal in telugu language, although the entire virgin script has been picked up here, but a little bit of twitter and changers have been inserted here which can let you guys get a great experience. In this way, let us tell you that the useless movie that you get to watch is very good, if you see people in very big positions, then there is no special movie other than this.

In this, only you people get to watch a normal film, while talking about acting, Shilpa Shetty’s acting and Abhimanyu’s acting also looks very good, for the time being you should not watch this movie if you people Are getting bored if you want to do entertainment or if you don’t want to watch Nikamma movie then you can watch its virgin movie which was released in telugu language and you guys also dubbing in virgin Hindi language If you get it to watch on YouTube, then you guys can watch all the MCD movies there which have been done a long time ago but have brought Bollywood at the present time.

Apart from this, if we talk about background music, then because of the background music that is available to watch this movie, the movie plays a very important role, which is involved in attracting people towards it. In the movie, you have been shown many other things along with the benefits and friendship and action, which has been presented by a good entertainment director Kabir by making a combination of all the things, tell that he has a better direction than said. But due to this movie being a remake, many people shy away from going to theaters and tell that it can be seen with most that it can be very difficult to play this movie.

Nikamma movie imdb rating

The IMDb rating of the movie Nikamma is 5.5 out of 10 to watch, where the IMDb rating is officially assigned to the public by the public. On the other hand, let us tell you that if the IMDb rating is not good then people do not like to watch this film at all, but here what you people get to see the rating, it is not an officially presented one. Because the IMDb rating is not specified immediately after the release of any movie, while you tell people that you will wait a bit. If for a week, you people get to see that the IMDb rating of the movie which is useless, you will get to watch it through the official website, where it can be seen that you people The IMDB rating which has been given here is 5.5, it is an estimate which is yet to be officially confirmed.

Nikamma movie rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Nikamma Movie Show or Not

Nikamma movie should not be seen, if we talk about it, then let us tell you that if you people are free then you can go and watch Modi, otherwise we never watch such films. For because tell us that a lot more remix movies are coming in Bollywood, although it is good, still you can go and watch it, but if you guys have seen virginal, have already seen that telugu movie, then you people also find it very much. It’s going to sound ridiculous because let me tell you that I won’t find you guys to see any other type here and at all so you guys might have to wait a bit

Here you get to see different types of information, apart from this, it depends on whether you should watch this movie or not, or the total depends on you, let us tell you that if you people are useless movie. Do not want to see, do not want to go to theaters, then you can watch its Hindi dubbing movie on YouTube, which can easily be done in Telugu language film but for your information, tell that but if you guys want to watch You can enjoy this movie by going to the theaters because there you are going to get a lot of experience to watch.

Nikamma Movie details

Release date: 17 June 2022 (India)
Director: Sabbir Khan
Distributed by: Sony Pictures Releasing
Based on: Middle Class Abbayi (2017); by Venu Sriram
Music director: Amaal Mallik, Javed-Mohsin, John Stewart, Vipin Patwa, Gourov Dasgupta

Nikamma movie has been released in India on 17th June 2022, whose director Sabbir Khan has directed the movie, so you get to watch it here and you will tell that the distributor of this movie is through Sony Pictures. The movie has been distributed from which the film has been made based on the middle class family, let us tell you that the music directors who get to see it are Amaal Malik and Javed Mohsin and Johan Stewart and Vipin fifth. The music has been directed very well in the movie, let us tell you that the background music that is available to watch here.

On the basis of that, this movie is more and more successful in attracting towards itself. If you want to enjoy the movie, then you can watch it with Shani, in which you people get to see a film with emotional drama and a lot of fun, I hope that you will definitely like this film somewhere, then you guys can watch the movie. You can easily watch the movie at present time available in theaters, you can book tickets through bookmyshow and paytm and then watch the movie.

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