nupur sharma viral video, statement, comment on muhammad


nupur sharma viral video , statement, comment on muhammad: Nupur Sharma Viral video and her statement and comment On the comment you have made in your mouth on Mohammad Ann, we are going to show your views here, let us tell you that Nupur Sharma, who is a very big member of a Bharatiya Janata Party, has more than her. Let us tell you that despite being a member, he has got a place in Delhi too and he recently shared a video on social media which was against Mohammad and released some statement about his prophet, about which There has been a lot of ruckus about the present time, for your information, let us tell you that some Muslim countries have also threatened them.

And are targeting India that it has targeted only one religion, so here Nupur Sharma is getting threats in many different ways, then tell that in the coming days social media is nowadays. It has become a very big platform in the era, which never leaves anyone at all, let us tell here that Nupur Sharma has also been suspended by the BJP, was removed from her post and she also had to apologize. Let’s go and know about the complete details, what is the matter in the end and whether you people get to watch that video or not, tell that many news channels have also covered this coverage and this going viral very fast


nupur sharma viral video

nupur sharma viral video

Let us tell you that Nupur Sharma had uploaded her viral video on her profile, but let us tell you that it was removed from her social media, yet many people had shared it on their profile too, due to which it happened now. Till now it is being streamed by the people but as far as efforts are being made to remove that video from the social media platform as soon as possible, let us tell you that here you have to watch a video from India Today. gets to

Where Nupur Sharma’s statement is available to see about the statement and his comment, he has made a very strong comment on Mohammad, which has done some evils about the Prophet, due to which some Muslim countries have also done India is warning and threatening and has received death threats. For your information, let us tell you that Sharma is a very famous BJP spokesperson and his place remains his place in the Delhi Parliament House. But after the ruckus at the present time, what is their position?

They have been removed from it, along with this, many people have been removed from BJP and the BJP has apologized to the people of these religions and religions and very soon tell that the ministers of the country of Iran come here to meet. Due to which India is feeling even more embarrassment and in this way India has also apologized and by tweeting which she has clearly said that we do not talk to any country on the basis of violence or religion. If someone does this, then he is not supported by the Government of India or by the Government of India, here you have been given information by the Government of India.

nupur sharma viral video statement

No one gets to see any open information about Nupur Sharma’s viral video statement that has been issued, even the news people are not telling any open information about it, but tell that they have completely failed in Violence Kanpur. It has been spread from here to tell that while commenting on the Prophet and Mohammedan, he has taken a direct target and about this, the video became very viral on social media in the blink of an eye and people were very much For your information, let us tell you that a dispute has arisen in many other Muslim countries regarding this.

That a famous leader in India has taken too much target for the religion of the Muslim, because of this, when money started coming from all around, the Government of India did not support it and tweeted about it. Did and also took action against them that there, let us tell that an apology was also apologized here by the BJP by the Government of India that we are not in support of them at all, they have been removed from the post, so very much in this way. strict action has been taken

nupur sharma viral video comment on muhammad

In the viral video of Nupur Sharma, what has he commented on Mohammad An, on the basis of that, let us tell you that he has raised the question directly on the Prophet and in this way he has also shared a lot of information there which is Let us tell you that a lot of violence and violence is spreading in Kanpur and many other Muslim countries are also spreading controversy about such a thing.

For your information, let us tell you that in Delhi, he used to get a lot of recognition and tell that he is one of the biggest leaders and he gets to see a lot more viral about this thing for your information. Let us tell you that Nupur Sharma has become very viral in the country and abroad recently and after the video goes viral, a lot more discussions are also available to see.

Which he had joined BJP at the age of 18 and tell that today his age has turned 30 and he had also adopted it in Delhi, in this way he has been canceled from his post in the Parliament House and now She is also apologizing to the country which happened at the time of K and has also asked from all other places, it is possible in such a way that there is no information about what will happen in future but to see whatever is needed at the present time. On the basis of what is received, all this information is available to see

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